Will you please check out this behbeh "Matschies Tree" kangaroo. All powsched-up, on his way around town. I’ve never actually seen a behbeh in a powsche before, so this is a head-tilt-"ahn!" moment for moi.


Unique submishe, Jill-e-b!

//THIS PHOTO is from Yahoo! Photo of the Day//



  1. Suzanne says:

    bleen? Too, too cute! He’s all “Mom…Mom…Mommy…Mom…Over to the left Mom…NO…THE LEFT!”

  2. pinkwerewolff says:

    looks comfy.

  3. He is definitely NOT CLEAR!

  4. Tina Rhea says:

    Now THIS is cute.

    Some gals in biology class liked the idea of being a marsupial and giving birth to a teensy baby. The instructor pointed out that the baby gets pretty big while still spending a lot of time in the pouch, and if they get out and something scares them, they come running back and JUMP in and then SQUIRM around so they can look out…. So maybe being a placental mammal isn’t so bad, once you get past that giving-birth part.

  5. I agree, that pic is MEGACUTE, but it’s not that unique, since the same picture (along with another picture, story, and credit for the photos) was featured over at Cutest Thing Ever 3 days ago…

  6. Franniecat says:

    Look at that baby’s tahny, tahny mouth!

  7. HeidStar says:

    Marsupial!!1! Do the Original Pocket Pets deserve their own category? I vote YES!

  8. Peek-a-boo!

  9. ahhh. now that is adorable.
    makes me smile….

  10. I love the smile and the cute ears folded over just so because of moms tummy and that cutest nose just waiting for a beep!

  11. cbf, “not clear”!! LOL

    how cute.

  12. I love that gleam in his eye!

    “Hey! Looks what’s out there!”


  14. [offtopic]
    Pygmy Panda Pygmy Panda Pygmy Panda!!!!
    Just imagine how cute it would be:

  15. Me loves the teeny smile and the beady beady eyeballs!

  16. I’m suddenly reminded of one of the last scenes from the movie “Knocked Up”.

  17. Anyone else suddenly having flashbacks to Aliens, or just me?

  18. I worked in a zoo as a volunteer before getting my VMD…and those pouches smell horrible!

    Very cute tho

  19. OMG THAT IS SO NOT COOL. It’s going to suffocate and it looks painful ANIMAL CRUELTY.

    hehehe. put an iPod on it’s ear.

  20. Honey-colored belleh fur and a smiley little joey. And is that somebody’s blonde paw there, to the left of baby’s head? How many roos are in this picture?

  21. Oh wait! Now I get it! Mama Kanga is on a branch … duh, tree kangaroo … sorry. Misto not yet kicked in, obv.

  22. spanglish says:

    Mello–great!!!! hehehehe

  23. Lazy little ‘roo. Typical pouch potato.

  24. Between Mello’s and Theo’s comments… I’m still having issues with hilarity from the icatpod pic!

    Nice pouch…. even if it does wiff…

  25. “pouch potato”…. ahhh please my ribs, my ribs……

  26. It’s reassuring to know that, even in these chaotic times, there is still some constancy in the Universe: the sun rising and setting…the eternal turn of the seasons…Aubrey’s groan-worthy puns… 😉

    And sheesh! I wish someone would carry ME around in a pouch sometime!


  27. Really? You’ve never seen a bebeh roo in the powsche?
    (That was taken in a neighbourhood here in Qld where roos hang out in people’s front yards. Saw lotsa big bebehs hangin’ outta powsches like this guy.) Here’s a cute mother/child moment (with a much bigger child!)

  28. Andi — those are really good shots…

  29. Shannon Johnson says:

    Wow, that is awesome. I love seeing little baby animals up close like that before.

  30. New Baby Roo-Head Medalion!

  31. so cute ‘roo!

  32. Thanks Theo! That means a lot coming from you 🙂

  33. You’re welcome.
    It might’ve been a hint, actually.

  34. furbabies says:

    This little sweetheart looks like he/she is smiling. So sweet.

  35. okay, email sent 🙂

  36. leah b. says:

    I want the remote control momma I want to go the other way, cool theo you rock

  37. Carlisa says:

    How many HPGs (hops per gallon)?

  38. Carlisa, it would depend on what kind of marsupi-fuel they use.

  39. book_monstercats says:

    Aubrey!!!! What time of the day is it where you live? It’s too early here to think of anything even remotely clever(well, it isn’t, but the caffeine hasn’t kicked in)but I couldn’t even start…

    Anyway, great puns. Keep ’em comin’ lad (I take it)

  40. redbone says:

    I look at that, and all I can hear in my head is a Tone Loc-like voice saying, “sup, mama?”

  41. sundriedbagel says:

    awwww, what a happy looking baby kangaroo 🙂

  42. A thing of beauty is a joey forever.

  43. elliottsmommy says:

    mello, you’re my hero, already making me laugh out loud this morning. Pouch Whore! Yeah, baby! 🙂

  44. Carlisa says:

    Aubrey—“Fill er up with marsupi-fuel, check our toil, and wash our faces pleaze!”
    This might be the answer to gas prices guys!—Sporty, too!

  45. ThreeCatNight says:

    That adorable little face peeping out! Too preshus!
    What a life – free room and board, warm and comfy, all the food you can eat, and the safest way to travel – Mom never has to worry about where you are!

  46. Dale, I warn you…you keep stuff like that up and you’ll provoke Aubrey! *hint hint*

    *grabs popcorn*


  47. TwoDragons–you koalled?

    *pokes Aubrey*
    *runs and hides under couch, snacking on dropped popcorn*

    [shoos Dale out from under Teh Blue Couch]

  49. *Munches on ample store she has saved in her muzzle pouch* (I ain’t named after a chipmunk for nuthin’)

  50. Hello, peeps!

    Aubrey is having a bad day. Aubrey is having a bad WEEK.

    And Dale, although you have your Faltz(ing), Untilda next post I can get to, I will leave you alone.

  51. BrianMPLS says:

    popcorn? puns? pix?

  52. We keep these guys at our zoo and are trying to breed them. They’re super endangered! only about 50 in the United States….Makes me glad to see that someone’s gotten them to breed sucessfully!!!

  53. omggggggg……….. how *(#$*A&^^($!! CUTEEE!