Will you please check out this attempted glurpitude

OK, first, the B.E.F. draws you in. you can practically SEE your OWN REFLECTSHONS in this ham’s black eyes. Then [wait for it] some beyond-cute Japanese person attempts to feed the ham a sunflower seed, and you can almost see a soft kronsche and look back at the camera. Hello! PRICELESSSS [singsong]

Way to scour YouTubage, Annie M.! Directed by はむろぐ



  1. Suzy's Mom says:

    I love the hams look at the end. It seems to say, “Hey! Give me the $%&* sunflower seed already.”

  2. Super cute! But the soft kronsche should be rewarded….

  3. How do you know it is a beyond-cute Japanese person? Or is there something I’m missing???

  4. Beth, likewise…?

    He’s ready to be steeped in a cup for hammie tea.

  5. i thought it was not real but then it was…real…no blinkage…give the po critter the treat durn it! So many emotions to deal with I’m overcome.

  6. The ham is all, if I don’t move AT ALL maybe the weird glass-eyed monster will go away…

  7. WHAT is that ham sitting in? Some beyond-cute Japanese gadget?

    The awesome Pinkitude of the Nose… gaaargh.

  8. Was there blinkage? If there was, I missed it. Holy shmokes. I started thinking, “Maybe hammies aren’t really animals. Maybe they’re incredibly sophisticated robots designed by aliens to infiltrate our homes and spy on us. You know, to find out how susceptible we are to Cute. Very. Very susceptible. Sneaky aliens.” Then I remembered it was time for my meds.

  9. mjr chapin says:

    How could they tease such a cute and serious(!) critter? Give heem the treetz already!

    You have to click on the other little vid links under the main one. The one where he eats the sunflower seed. I’m hyperventilating.

  11. !!

  12. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    I think the movie ended right before the hammie bursted out crying!

  13. I love the final look at the camera. He’s all, “Can you believe this sh*t?”

  14. Are we sure this isn’t one of those uncanny valley robots made in Japan? Like these?

  15. OH MY GOD! I needed this so bad tonight! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  16. *ROFLMAO!!*


  17. OMG.. TwoDragons.. that was hilarious!!!!

  18. D2D’s link is hilarious!! I’m usually pretty immune to laughing at work, but that had me LMAO for sure. (And so wrong… why didn’t they help the little hammie right itself sooner?)

  19. AuntieMame says:

    How do you know it is a beyond-cute Japanese person? Or is there something I’m missing???

    Posted by: Beth | Jun 18, 2007 at 01:38 PM

    The Japanese always kick our asses at cute, so it’s bound to be! 🙂

    The hammy on the keyboard was hilarious until it fell off, and that worried me a little. It seemed okay, though.

  20. beep on him nose.

  21. hrh.squeak says:

    AaaaaaH!!! Check out “Hamster and Seeds”, same poster as the hamster on the keyboard – I think the Italian title actually reads Hamster Vacuumcleaner. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  22. hammie’s all like “wtf?”

  23. Just a warning to anyone else who tends to shop around a bit in the videos displayed below the one you just watched—DO NOT WATCH THE ONE LABELED ‘OUR NEW LITTLE HAMSTER’—it is sick & cruel & any animal lover would be very upset after seeing it! (Like I am right now!)

  24. “Can you believe this sh*t?”

    LOL!!! That’s right, J.Bo! And all with cute beady eyes. 😀

  25. Why you takes away my sun-seed? I wuz gonna eat that…

  26. CuteOverload has never upset me before…
    That video of the spider eating the mouse just did it for me though…


  27. D2 – ROTFLMAO!!! I was laughing so hard my kitty came over to see what was goin’ on! *snort* ‘scuse me…! 😉

  28. Kat —
    Did I miss something? What spider eating what mouse? On cuteoverload…???

  29. Karebear says:

    OMG, I watched this video too of a different ham.

    It’s so cruel. Mom’s please don’t let your kids do this!!!

  30. Kat — PKeli’s right. Nothing even close to what you describe has ever been posted here.

  31. zeldapie says:

    Okay, I should be working, and instead am watching endless clips of HAMMIES!! OMG,the pinkness and fluffiness is too much for me!!!
    Did you see the one of the hammie cleaning himself (herself)? Very thorough. Should be shown to school children on Personal Hygiene Day.

  32. Un-BEAR-ably cute. It’s a bit agonizing to watch that poor little ham being tempted by the offer of a sunflower seed only to have it snatched away, though.

    In other comments, I can’t believe how still that ham sat.

  33. In the robot chick video someone posted… the robot cat/dog looks like it’s taking a robo-dump!

  34. i have a theory as to why japanese cute things are all so super-cute

    it’s because the japanese are all cute

    and because everyone likes cute things, if the japanese had to carry around the rest of the world’s not-as-cute things, they’d realize they could do better just carrying each other around

    which could get socially dicey in their super-polite culture

    so they don’t settle for the merely cute

    they hold out for the super-cute

    and a hamster in a strainer basket breaking the fourth wall and giving attitude for being teased?

    i shall asplode now

  35. Martha in Washington says:

    Even his whiskers didn’t move! How is that possible?! Is that a little bicycle basket he is in? I feel sorry for the teasing.

    D2D video-ITALIAN HAMSTERS!! C’e’ fantastico!

  36. ADifferentPaula says:

    The basket appears to be moving….see the lines on the road. Perhaps a cute Japanese motorbike/moped or bicycle?

  37. ADifferentPaula says:

    Also, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kawaii for the theory on Japanese cuteness

  38. Fuzzybutt says:

    Can someone take a screen capture of the look on hammie’s face at the end?

    It’s how I feel everyday of my life! 🙂

  39. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is funny. I thought the little guy was cute.

  40. Theo—the disturbing videos are not actually posted on cuteoverload, but they are part of the youtube selection under the video of the hamster-just be careful what you click on!

  41. nonnymouse says:

    Suddenly I have the urge to buy a slingshot….

  42. I’m the only one who watched that thinking
    ‘It takes the hamster from the basket. It rubs the hamster on its skin.’

    I am, aren’t I.

  43. Well, you *were*, PupMom.

  44. Fuzzybutt says:

    Hamsters are odd l’il fellers. Sometimes they can be still for several minutes at a time; it’s almost like they are in a trance. I’d often have to check my little hammie Gilbert to make sure he was okay.

  45. Theo, Regarding Kats comment it was a snake eating a hamster. not a spider. and it was on youtube not Cuteoverload.

  46. NO… it was a SPIDER eating a MOUSE!

    Sorry if it was Youtube… it just appeared after this video of the hamster stopped so I thought Cuteoverload put it on there… my mistake! It just upset me a lot.

  47. Cutest hamstar EVAR. I love how he’s completely motionless (even the ever-moving whiskers) untill he catches site of the seed…. adoooooorable!

  48. Cat Feral says:

    Why the hell did the person with the sunflower seed keep pulling it away when the hamster tried to bite it? That doesn’t seem terribly cute to me!

  49. Fuzzybutt says:

    That’s ok– hamsters don’t hold grudges. They have the attention span of a ficus.

  50. Sorry Kat the one I saw was a snake eating a hamster.

  51. rememberer says:

    “Japanese” and “cute” don’t always go hand in hand, depending on your ancestry. :X



  52. uh-humn.

    Anything else unspeakably horrible and off-topic you’d like to bring up, Rememberer? Like the Salem Witch Trials or the Spanish Inquisition? How about genocide in Rwanda? Or how about those atomic weapons we dropped on Japanese civilians? Twice? DDT might be fun… or Ancient Roman bloodsport… AIDS is always good for a larf… ooh, I know a good one: Bovine spongiform encephalopathy! How’s that sound?

    Or maybe you could just shut your &#@%ing pie hole and take it to some other forum that isn’t, say, a humor blog full of cute pictures? ‘Cause that’d be OK.

  53. fluidstatic says:

    *nom?* … *nom?*

    …I thought that was for me?

    SO cute. <3