Pup Tech Support

[shuffling from office cube to cube]

OK, who’s next? [annoyed]

Aw geesh, I gotta crawl under the desk again. Listen—Ethernet goes in the RED port, your phone goes into the YELLOW port.

I swear these people are like, 5 Megs short of a Gig [snort]


Alice L., back to work! You think I pay you to look at pictures!? Here’s another one of the pup above!



  1. Cutest papershredder EVAH!

  2. YIKES!!! Toe pads!!

  3. gooeyctr says:

    Ohhhh…a perfect pic for the start of the week! Thank you, Meg!

  4. Does anybody see the darling-ness of the chubby areas on this puppy? Do you see it? Do you? Now I’m not going to sleep tonight. The cute – it’s got me.

  5. BumbleBee says:

    The ruckles of belleh skin!
    Too much

  6. Saw one of these pups being plopped in a west side doggy pool. Tiny plump thing stood in the water with that look on his face like.. “what now?” SO cute

  7. I love that the name is Elmer:) Lol, so cute.

  8. Best yawn pic evah.

  9. Faekitty says:

    WAHOO! Today’s Mah Birthday people!!
    Huzzah for cute pics!

  10. Why can’t you humans get thes things right ? geeze !!! cute puppeh!!! can I have one direct mail ? LOL

  11. Happi Birthdey for Faekitty !!!

    Yaaay for Faekitty!

    The puppi needs a kiss – nooooowww !!!

  12. Fuzzybutt says:


  13. Pup seems to be new to the field. If it were me, there’d be a tool pouch clipped to that belt… er, collar… and there’d be a mug o’ mocha close by, working against that yawn, too.


    Yes I’m SHOUTING!! *dies of cuteness chubby wrinkly overload first thing on monday morning*

    bless you, CO… I start every work day with you.

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    Nose chub!

  16. I love boxers!

  17. supercuteboymom says:

    Luv the perfectly pink paw pads, wrinkly muzzle . . . ooooooh! (even the boys are squealing!).

  18. But Theo, to be the resident computer guy, really all you need is a super smug expression and to sound like you know what you’re talking about and nobody else does. This pups got that going on in spades. C’mon you know it’s true… Oh and you need a paper clip bent outta shape to reset stuff, but I’m sure someone with opposible thumbs could get him one.

  19. OMG, his belly!! *kisses*

    I think he should visit our office, too. Anytime!

  20. guineapiggin9 says:

    Ahhhhhh! He is soooo cute…I think my head just exploded, but I’m wondering what breed he is…???

  21. HB! Faekitty!!!

    puppeh does have the arrogant tech guy here what did you morons do….

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    I just love those little chubbeh legs and puptocks!
    Is it wrong to want to cuddle and snorgle him?

  23. This is EXACTLY what I needed to see before heading of to my exam.

    Thank you, Tech Puppy!

  24. Yayy!! My pictures are getting some CO love 😀

    Thank you, Meg for posting it!!!

  25. guineapiggin9, he appears to be a Bulldog. Love them meaty feeties!

  26. The shnozz-roll…so cute it hurts.

  27. I is dead. DEAD I TELL YOU!
    Cuteness has killed me.

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    I love the name too! Elmer!! perfect!! And.. don’t tell him I said this .. but our tech guy at work looks somewhat like this.. bald, sleepy looking, a few chub rolls … yep, remarkable resemblance!!

  29. HEHehe. Thanks Meg I love these pics with the captions. This is so me at work. I am Tech Support in our office, One of many hats, and I can’t even tell you how many desks I’ve had to crawl Under.
    I especially love the last pic where he is Doggie Laughing (actually yawning) The hilarity.

    Theo, he needs one of those cool extender wands with the magnet at the end for picking up lost screws.

  30. Theresa says:

    You haf to go Flickr to see the profile shot. Totally OOC!

  31. For the record, I think “faekitty” is the best screen name ev-ar. Happy Birthday!

  32. (Tech dog one to tech dog two) SO I get this help ticket from Schaunhower, Salesman in Building B. Says his computer won’t turn on.
    So I head over there thinking “VIRUS”

    The Idiot had his cord unpluged. Never even Checked. Harharhar Snort.. Ha ha ha

    (Tech dog two to Tech Dog One) THese salesmen never learn do they. snicker hehehe

  33. ELMER?? And this redonk amount of chubbulence? And his lil’ Harley-Davidson collar?

    I’d be unplugging all my cables twice a day to get this pup at my cubicle.

  34. Oh gosh, I just noticed the Harley Davidson collar! Thanks lurkertype. He’s just so, so, so…SQUEEEEE!

  35. brittany says:

    soooo adorible:P

  36. Annie — real techs have no need of magnetic wands. We use The Force.

  37. looks like an american bulldog puppy. too cute!

  38. Theo, I hope you are talking about THE force and not that you have gone over to the dark side. ;p

  39. What a cute dog!
    I sooo want him.

  40. *collapses, gurgling incoherently about teh chubses*

  41. The force, my eye. I live with one of you computer guys. The secret is on your key ring where you keep a couple of jump drives that have back ups for every thing, and tiny little screw drivers and multi-tools. And the paper clip- whenever I gotta clean out cutebabydaddy’s pockets, there are always a few. It merely looks like a flick of the wrist, but we know better. The Force! Puhleeeze. (CBD insists it is Spidey senses, because he is a web crawler.*rolls eyes and gags*

  42. That’s so adorable!

  43. CBF, ROFLMAO HEhehehe

  44. Faekitty says:

    eeeeee.. 22….chubby.. cuteness…boithday…eee….*ploink*

  45. [hides 4GB keyring behind back]
    NO idea what you’re on about.