I told you not to follow me here!!!

My cover is blown!

I TOLD YOU not to visit me here!



You are tewtelly busted, Nathan W. 😦


  1. Shifty the Squirrel says: “BLEEN!!”

  2. omg seriously this pic made me LOL
    that guinea pig is looking totally ‘busted!!’

  3. violetgreen says:

    It’s blowing their little minds, seeing how the other half lives.

  4. The CAPTION made me laugh out loud…but the picture reminded me of when my parents would go out and leave us at home, and we’d lock our PIA little brother outside, he he he…

  5. Peg of Tilling says:

    “No, honey, the squirrel and I are just friends! Why are you looking at me like that?”

  6. Somebody get NMTOM over here- we need a spy story, stat!

    I’ve got the most adorable ground hog eating mah weeds right out side mah window, but the camera batteries are ded. *sigh*

  7. Gasp! It’s interspecies Romeo and Juliet!

    O Skwerleo, Skwerleo, wherefore art thou Skwerleo?
    Deny thy acorns and refuse thy game;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my snorgle,
    And I’ll no longer be a Pigulet.

  8. Something very shifty is going on there.

  9. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Shakespearian (sp?) snorgle. Awesome, Redzilla!

  10. Dammit, indeed!

    The guinea pig is like OMG, LEAVE! NOW! And the squirrel just doesn’t get it and is all like WHAT?! LET ME IN! YOU SAID YOU LOVE ME!

    Mrs Guinea Pig from the backround: HON? WHO’S THERE?

  11. that squirrel is clearly in love.

  12. guineapiggin9 says:

    Piggy: No, my love, we can never be seen together again…leave while you still have the chance!!! I’ll be fine here.

    Squirrell:But I cannot…My love for you is too great.*throws self at screen* Now, we’re blowing this joint!


  13. LOL Sandy! That’s exactly what’s happening there.

  14. Redzilla you have made me ‘splode!

  15. THEO _ MEG help….fix the RECENT COMMENTS….

    BTW does anyone have a guinea pig I can snorgle its an emergency…

    [the issue is larger than the “Recent Comments”; I have a ticket open & TypePad is working on it – Ed.]

  16. ThreeCatNight says:

    Next on “The Insider”:

    “Squirrel Stalkers: When Squirrels Obsess or – Going Completely Nuts!”

    Not suitable for young children!

  17. “Going completely nuts!” – – LOL!

  18. weensicka says:

    Okay, so which one is Francesca Fiore and which one is Bruno Ponce Jones?

  19. squirrel holds his head and screams “STELLAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

  20. michellemybelle says:

    OMG weensicka, that’s great – I just hope Bruno doesn’t play his little game…

  21. Theresa says:

    RRO = Rodent Restraining Order

  22. Squirrel Marx, singing to his love…

    Wherever you go
    Whatever you do
    I will be right here waiting for you
    Whatever it takes
    Oh, how my heart breaks
    I will be right here waiting for you

    [speaking of stalker songs: “Oh can’t you seeeeee, you belong to meeeee… and my poor heart breaks, with every step you take” – Ed.]

  23. Awwwwwwww cute chocolate guinea pig 😀

  24. The squirrel WILL NOT BE IGNORED!!! I hope there aren’t any bunny rabbits around.

  25. Lillith says:

    Hee. Cute critters and Kids in the Hall references, what more could a gal ask for?

    Is the Piggeh Bruno? Because he should be wearing a leetle white fedora.

  26. It’s the rodent version of “The Graduate.” Elaine the Pig is all confused as Benjamin the squirrel pounds on the glass at the church, “ELAINE!ELAINE!”

  27. Kritter says:

    We need to get the telenovela prairie dog involved here, too–a triangle of rodent love!

  28. Skwerl: Piggalette! Give it up, they’ve known all along you weren’t a Guinea Bleen.

  29. brittany says:

    sooooo cute 😛

  30. kayte beat me to it.

    But I really think Sandy has it right.

  31. Red-eye piglet is looking a tad demon-possessed-EVILs. One of Satan’s critters for sure.

    Run Mr. Squirrel! Run!

  32. Mr. Squirrel, did you know that this guinea pig is only three years old?

    I only came by to… ask for directions. Honest.

  33. donutbill says:

    No WONDER my guinea pigs are always trying to steal my nuts!!