Happy Father’s Day!

Oh Man!

I was so busy with my own Father today, I didn’t git to postin’ until NOW!


To the best Paddles ever XOXO


Please get a load of C.S.O.’s God dogs; Monty and Bozie, care of Blythe J. Ahnngh.



  1. Heather says:

    What a couple of cuties!

  2. bearlet says:

    That’s a perfect picture for Bark Magazine’s “Smiling Dogs” feature!

  3. Awwwww! Holding paws! What a nice pair o’ doggies!

  4. They are the BEST Goddogs EVER – always act excited to see me! Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Monty and Bozie!!!!!!!!!

  5. SlaveToThreeFelines says:


    I miss my neice and nephew goldens. My evil-step-sister took them in the divorce. We don’t even get visitation rights!

    These puppers look so happy! Of course, most goldens are.

  6. SlaveToThreeFelines says:

    Evil-step-sister-in-law. Geesh, she has me so mad, I can’t even type!

  7. See dad I got you a toy warmed it up for ya and all and I am holding hands and they say men don’t show affection well I have just proved them wrong !?!?!

  8. These guys look JUST like my Goldens.

  9. Hey leah b. only the really hot guys show affection easily:

  10. Theresa says:

    Yay! A Daddy’s Day Post!

    In the immortal words of Baseball Hall-of-Famer Ralph Kiner:
    “On this beautiful Father’s Day at the ballpark, we’d like to wish all you fathers out there a happy birthday!”

  11. Just to make sure you didn’t miss it: “Paddles” is Meggie Moo’s pet name for her Dad.

  12. Happy belated fathers day to all the Dads on CO

  13. These are seriously beautiful dogs! I want to put them both in my pocket and take them home…

  14. Golden retrievers! Awwww!
    Tewtally schweet doggies!!!

  15. Alert, alert, alert! Alert!
    Cute OVERLOAD! Hee hee!

    Awwww.. Shweet doggies, dude.
    Happy Father’s Day everyone!!