Complimentary camp snacks will be served at dusk

Chipmonk: Try dees delicious salted peanut. I foraged eet just for you. [Places tempting peanut on lips]

The Raccoon, she will bring dee Chardonnay—it complimaynts the peanut so nicely. I get you another peanut, non?


Wine just shot out my nose looking at this pic. Cheers, Cristen L.



  1. But who is feeding whom here? I’ve never seen a chipmunk, so would like to volunteer as a feeder.

  2. Wow – How was set up?

  3. Autumn — I can pretty much guarantee it was a matter of the girl holding the peanut in her teeth, sitting very still, and waiting.

    Chipmunks lie, by the way. There’s no Chardonnay coming.

  4. good grief this is too much. how cute can a critter get.
    lol, theo, on your chipmunk’s lie/no chardonnany comment.

  5. it’s planning to stuff the peanut down her throat, and take the campground for itself!!! muahahahahahaha!!!

  6. Wait’ll you take a trip First Class on Chipmunk Air. You will never fly coach again. No sirree. Another pretzel?

    Theo: if it’s not Chardonnay, please don’t tell me it’s…Merlot. Because if any raccoon comes around serving Merlot, I AM LEAVING.

    [let’s just say it ain’t no pinot neither – Ed.]

  7. like my mother always says, never trust a ‘munk!

  8. Awesome. I’ve been camping at a campsite in Maine before, and they have chipmunks like this. Very friendly! As Theo said, I’m quite sure it’s the human holding the peanut between her lips and the chipmunk is taking it away. I would find it difficult not to try and pet it. So cute!

  9. Not to be gross, but I hope she’s been vacinated. All kinds of grossness endemic out there.

    And thankfully that’s not a bear.

  10. *sits back, waits for commentroversy over wild ‘munks and feeding them*

    yummy. all parts edible!

  11. newmoonpie says:

    kar: HAAAA… imagining a bear feeding her a peanut, while sitting on her chest. “um, thanks for the nut, and all… but i can’t breathe…”

    it’s so perfect, it almost looks photoshopped. otherwise that’s a BALLSY chipmunk.

  12. This is absolutely magical.

  13. In Soviet Russia, chipmunks feed you….

    [*groan* – Ed.]

  14. Ok that will do says:

    Maybe the munk is drunk and is on a dare from the other munks. “Jeff (the munks name is Jeff)….dude like I totally dare you to run up and shove a peanut in that chicks mouth, do it man, do it”

  15. omg…
    mmb–you were right! my life could be like this for my service to the chipmunk world! squeeee!

  16. I’m certain it was photoshopped.
    you can tell by the smoothness and the higher colour contrast of the chipmunk that’s not consistent with the rest of the picture.

  17. Ok, i want a munk now. God they are so cute! I can’t stand it! Love the racing stripes on the side…the eyeliner….the little hands! Eeep!

  18. Well…at least I’m almost certain >< "

  19. Completely wonderful. That campground should never be empty again, what with the trained chimpmunks and all. He/she is so stripey!

  20. This is so cute, it makes the muscles in my calves hurt.

  21. boanderey says:

    I really don’t think it counts as feeding the ‘munks when they come up and mug you for the food in your mouth! But pinkwerewolff you’re right – undoubtedly someone will object. There was a squirrel here in Denver that got into lots of trouble because it started biting people who didn’t feed it!!!

  22. Certainty still waning, eh Erika? Seriously… *you* could do this. Just sit in the right campground long enough. Probably won’t take all that long, either.

    Just because you CAN doesn’t automatically mean you SHOULD, of course. Wild animals need to be able to source their own food without human interference, because (among other things) humans tend to come and go with the weather & seasons. A chipmunk that’s totally dependent on handouts ain’t likely to survive winter.

  23. Theresa says:

    “What a lovely sweatshirt! It brings out your eyes! You look just splendid today!”

    “Hey! What’s all that about??”

    “It’s the peanuts– they’re complimentary!”

  24. Ha! So cute, and yet the longer I looked at it the more I thought about the things that could live in a chipmunk’s fur. Ew. Maybe I’d prefer it to be a photoshopped chipmunk. 🙂

  25. Still Choking on my laughter about the bear.

    Look lady eat the peanut what do you mean you can’t breath. Are you saying I’m fat.

    All the while his frend Boo Boo bear is stealing the pick-a nic Basket.

  26. Notice: Please do not feed the campers! Campers may seem like cute, harmless creatures, but you don’t do them favors by teaching them to eat food from your paws. If you continue to feed them, they will become dependent on handouts from wildlife and forget how to make foods on their natural diet like beans and weinies and s’mores.

  27. I say! I may be completely wrong here, but does that happen to be a Kent State sweatshirt? As an alumni of Kent State the possibility of this excites me – as I wish it were me in that picture, haha! How I love all things furry. Too cute. Our unofficial mascots at school were the black squirrels – a semester couldn’t go by that we didn’t hear of at least one breaking into a dorm – ballsy little fellows.

  28. Kayte — [snicker!]

  29. BlueFairy says:

    My backyard used to be full of chipmunks (before dogs) and they get amazingly close to you if you sit quietly. They may even run over your feet on the way up the stairs. I think that’s what made them so easy for the dogs to nosh on.

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Nuts, madame? We have a lovely choice of peanuts, cashews, pistachios, almonds, walnuts. And for those with particular tastes – macadamia. Here, madame. Do not trouble yourself. Relax and I will do the feeding for you!”

  31. eikoleigh says:


  32. Darn! Sender inner beat me to it. I have a photo of myself feeding a chipmunk. Zactly like this!
    So -not shopped
    -i’m fine, no rabies
    -certain the peanut didn’t hamper the munks ability to forage for it’s own food.
    (…and photo quality here is much better than mine so prolly for the best!)

  33. OMG! It’s Chip!

    I love chipmunks, so sweet. I actually have a chipmunk tale!

    Recently I went to visit my kitty up at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery. I hadn’t been there in a while, and worried she been lonely. When I got there, I saw something on her tombstone and got worried it hadn’t been cleaned.

    As I get closer, this chipmunk was there, his/her little head down, like talking to my baby. Then as I was even closer (like 1-2 sites away) he turned his head up to glare at me. I told the munk not to worry, that I was there to speak with her and maybe cry a little. So it ran off to the edge of the cemetery, but kept an eye on me.

    I know I anthropomorphized the little munk, but it made me happy to know that she has visitors!

  34. wwaaaaaaaaaa… the pet cemetery story just ended me…. anthropomorhpasize all you like….. wwwaaaa

    As for the munk waiter….? book me a chair…. I’m goin in….

  35. Victorya–that’s a very sweet story!

    Chippie–Ehn! I shall push zee nut a leetle harder.

  36. Candace says:

    Too cute! That made me squeal in delight! I love chipmunks! They are so adorable and teeny. But, I’d be afraid to let a wild one so near my face.

  37. It’s almost a Lady & The Tramp spaghetti moment. Check out the little guy’s mouth looking like he’s going to take a bite when she does. Very cute.

  38. Why does everyone always think EVERYTHING is photshopped??… geez…..

  39. Suda Nim says:

    ‘Munks in the general vicinity of racks!

  40. Pepe: Because some people have no sense of wonder and are afraid of being ‘taken in,’ as if they’ll somehow lose credibility points for not being suspicious of everything. They apply this equally to things that do deserve scrutiny, like a political candidate’s promises, and those that should just be enjoyed for their sunshiney goodness, like a photo of a chipmunk apparently feeding a lady a peanut.
    Which is AWESOME.

  41. Now, see, this is the true genius of CO.

    The rest of us would look at this and go “oh how cute, the gal’s gotten a chippymunky to take a peanut from her mouth”.

    Only MEG realizes it’s actually a little waiter ‘munk with an accent delivering the special of the day and promising further delights.


  42. Whatever happened to the Cute Overload Xtreme Closeups? I want a closeup of the chipmunk!

  43. Cara — we’re limited to the size & resolution of the image that was submitted.
    I wouldn’t mind a chipmunk COXCU either, but sometimes we just ain’t got one.

  44. I’ve had a chipmunk crawl into my hand at a campground after clicking my tongue at it for a while. He scurried away as soon as he realized I had nothing to offer though. The chipmunks around campgrounds are usually very domesticated from all the food people leave lying around. They’re a lot more bold than your average, garden variety chipmunk.

  45. Sarah — well said.

    Suda — you silly.

    Robyn and Lurk — it’s all a matter of perspective, innit?

  46. Suda Nim says:

    Silly? Moi?

  47. That indeed does look like a Kent State shirt.
    The squirrels at my parents house eat from my hand all the time, The chippies are a bit more shy than this little fellow.

  48. Kent State representin’. WOO!

  49. christine says:

    Aww! What the hell, antibiotics cure the plague, and painful injections prevent rabies! Next she should wear glasses, though, so the little cutie doesn’t claw her eyes right out of their sockets.

  50. Dang, I gotta tell the squirrel story- the other day the husband was giving the boys a stern lecture about not going near wild animals, because they could have rabies, and then they will have to get shots in their stomachs. I noticed a peculiar sense of seriousness to this lecture. Usually he is a very laissez-faire parent, of the “if they git hit by a car, that’ll learn em real good” variety. I asked him, did you get bit by something as a child? His face goes beet red, and he says yes, a squirrel. I says, how did you get close enough to a squirrel to get bit? The boys look at him expectantly, they sense something is up. He says, I don’t want to talk about it, and storms out. Later I weasel out of him that he caught it in a snare, because he thought he could keep one as a pet, and the squirrel had other plans. I am laughing my butt off, and I was like you poor baby, how old were you? 10, 11? No, he was four-freakin-teen. How did you tell your parents? He didn’t tell them- he got an older friend to drive him to a free clinic for his rabies shots. Ahh the early eighties were great for teenagers, no?

  51. I once saw a little girl get swarmed while feeding peanuts to chipmonks. Freaked her parents out and I bet the little girl never tried to feed the animals again. I hope the lady has all her shots.

  52. Chipmunks = cutest things ever. They’re bold little punks.

  53. Suda Nim says:

    Rabies treatment no longer consists of the painful stomach shots. It’s now a relatively painless series of shots in the arm:

    Ah, the loss of a perferctly wonderful terrifying scenario to scare kids…..

  54. This photo is soooo amazing! And I too have a tramautized-by-squirrel story.

    My office building use to be right next to a park and sometimes my husband would drop by to take me to lunch in the park and I would bring nuts with me for the squirrels.

    I was trying to tell him about how I use to feed chipmunks right out of my hand and that if you put a nut in the palm of your hand, the chipmunk would climb into your hand and take it from you!

    So, on this day, I thought I would prove that theory with a squirrel. I put the nut in the palm of my hand and stuck my hand out. A squirrel came near and he had “nut lust” in his eyes.

    But instead of grabbing the nut from the palm of my hand, stupid thing bit the end of my middle finger and grasped onto it with his front claws! I yelped in pain and tried to shake him off but he bit harder! And he kept biting until the nut fell on the ground and then he let go and went after the nut!

    Gawd…never again! My husband was laughing hysterically and then I thought I had tetnus. I went back to the office and showed my finger to a coworker who use to be a nurse…she said I was fine and didn’t need any shots.

    And now, every time there’s a full moon, I get a little twitchy and have a hankering for nuts.

  55. I spent a fair amount of this past Saturday teaching a couple of kids how to hand feed squirrels and mallards in the park….

    No chippies, though. This lil guy is definitely squeal-worthy!

  56. Ahem, Victorya. What makes you so sure it´s CHIP??? Sheesh, I feel like Garfunkel sometimes…

  57. Hey guys, I’m the girl in the picture. I guarentee you this picture is not photoshopped. We were in the woods on a sunny day so shaddows create most of the contrasts you’re seeing. They were just the cutest little guys ever. Head out to Cook Forest, PA and you can feed them too!

  58. Ashley, Jack ,Ice and Pinkie says:

    Dude how did you get that chipmunk to get that close to you?

  59. Cristen says:

    you could tell they have been fed by campers for a while, they just came right up to your hand and if you waited long enough with a nut in your mouth, they would figure it out and climb right up =)

  60. furbabies says:

    We have a chippy in our yard. It’s name is Lemmiwinks. Quick little thing.

  61. Y’all do know they can also carry Plague, right? Hate to be a party pooper but that would suck.

  62. this looks like a “lady and the tramp” moment to me. they are each nibbling on an end towards a suprising smooch in the middle.