Picnic Lonsche

Will you please check out this McCheekersons, taking his fair share of pouche-filling. [paws outstretched]


More! More! Moggghh! [can’t talk, cheeks getting fuller]


I looooooooooof the ‘monks, Kristy W., Kristy W’s sister and Kristy W.’s sister’s boyfriend.



  1. HA HA! pouch city , man!

  2. I vote for MORE CHIPMUNKS!

  3. cute! i want a squirrel :]

  4. anonymous says:

    cute but you shouldn’t feed wildlife!

  5. R. Moore says:

    So unethical, so gosh darned funny.

    Also, love the pop-up names 😛
    And the little face in the second picture.

  6. I lof the chipmunks too! Adorable!

  7. might be a chipmouk in a park that’s used to people…i’ve had one(a chipmunk) run onto my lap at a golf course.

  8. Spread fingers in the first photo…TINY SPREAD FINGERS!!

  9. OMG! cute cute too cute!!! *faints*

  10. This looks like it could be one of the popular hiking trails on Mt. Rainier near Seattle. One of them has an area that is at the “far” end of a day-long loop, so most people use it for a lunch break, and the chipmunks know it. They’ll climb on your lap and try to take food out of your hands.. actually I still have some pics – see http://www.claire.org/cp/ .

  11. SeaBreeze says:

    Squeak squeakers squeak squeakin’ squeak squeak


  13. Wow Roger! Thems some brave liddo squirrely guys!! I would love it and be a little scared (of being bitten, scratched) at the same time.

    Re the pic o’ the day: LURVE pic 2 “Really! I gots mo room in my right cheekie. Pwease??”

  14. Very cute, but he really shouldn’t be feeding the critter. Does more harm than good. Woodland critters need to forage. It’s their raison d’etre (sp?)


  16. lol happy_bunny, i think that *is* them foraging. i just imagine one (or more) chipmunk coming through my house digging through my cupboards just to find nuts or something. =D (_^.^_)
    that’s a chipmunk with full cheeks!!! =D

  17. Eeee!

    This lil’ pouchy dewd reminds me of summers in the Colorado mountains. A bag o’ peanuts and a herd o’ chipmunks were all I needed for an afternoon of fun.

    Those little fingers don’t scratch, they just tickle. Soooo cuuuuuute.

  18. rpennefe says:

    I know that I shouldn’t be proud of this, but I like the stories I used to hear about my grandfather and his pet ‘munk. Grandpa would keep sunflower seeds in his breast pocket, and the chipmunk would climb up and into the pocket to grab a snack and stuff his little cheeks.

  19. Seabreeze…great reference! I nearly fell out of my chair 🙂

    I would totally share my lunch with this guy.


  20. Shannon Johnson says:

    This reminds me of the time when my family went to New Mexico and went to a park with chipmunks and we fed them peanuts. They were so cute! I mean, how cute can you get when you are that small and your cheeks are stuffed to the max? That is really hard to do.

  21. SeaBreeze says:

    lol, Reg. =) If you find one to share your lunch with, can I share, too?

  22. Honestly it looks like they super imposed the chipmunk into the photo..it doesn’t look real.

  23. R. Moore says:

    …Squeak Squeakin.

    Also, rpennefe, I was going through old family photos,and was shocked to find one of a relative handing a raccoon a sandwich. I was amused and very alarmed all at once.

  24. “….You owe me a new acorn”

    Squeers is evils, anyhow.

  25. Heehee bunny, I just read your post & all I can think is “Shouldn’t y’all be our looking for microbes and S#%@?
    Ain’t that your ray-son dettre?

  26. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Second picture: “WHAT?? You ran out??? I still have rooom!!”

  27. Please Suh would you perhaps have an oreo cookie in your lunch there that you could share with a chap who is down on his luck. I would appreciate it ever so much.

  28. Cheeky MUNK-ee 🙂
    Regarding the comment up there- I have been to Rainier too, the chicka-munks there are kitten sized aren’t they?!

  29. Alverant says:

    We shouldn’t feed wildlife, but it’s so cute!

    We are witnessing a new era in evolution. It is no longer survival of the fittest, the forms of life that can adapt to new situations. It is now survival of the cutest! The animals able to appeal to humans by acting cute will be given extra food, thus enhance their ability to survive.

    One day a new animal will evolve that will specialize in cuteness and will follow as many Rules of Cute as physically possible.

  30. redbone says:

    That first shot with the little guy’s hands outstretched in a “GIMME!” pose – that’s great!

  31. Happy LOL Day, was that a Craig Ferguson reference I saw?

  32. Suda Nim says:

    Speaking of in-retrospect-unethical-but-at-the-time-good-fun animal feeding:

    In the 1960s, while moving cross-country, our large family drove through Yellowstone and Yosemite.

    We wanted to feed the bears, but parents insisted on safety.

    So we smeared peanut butter on the door handles of our station wagon. Extremely effective.

    Of course, I know much better now, but at the time, wowwie!

  33. Suda Nim says:

    By the way, in that first photo, that looks like a pretty manly chipmunk.

  34. My favorite part is how the little ‘munk’s left leg appears raised (?) in the first photo.

  35. Oo! Oo! So I have a story too. Not that I approve of feeding the wildlife AT ALL, but I had a friend in high school who decided that it would be fun to feed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to some ducks. They ran for the water like they’d never seen water before in their lives. Hilarious, in an animal cruelty sort of way 😛

  36. Suda Nim, I was on that same car trip to Yellowstone with MY family. Only we watched the fools in the car ahead of us toss bread to the bears, then roll their windows up and wave and taunt them through the glass. I thought this was very mean… until one bear got the last laugh: He took his mighty paw, bent the radio antenna down to jaw level, and ate the orange styrofoam Union 76 ball… and lumbered back into the woods. The antenna stayed bent.

    It was fabulous.

  37. That is absolutely adorable, the little beggies, just like a dog, only its so small!

  38. I wanna COXCU of the first pic!!!!

  39. I so want to be that camera!

  40. SlaveToThreeFelines says:

    Okay, cute. So, like, I have several stories.

    First, my dad had three squirrels as a child named after the three stooges. They would come from several blocks away when called.

    There’s a place in Canada that we go fishing and if you have peanut butter or anything else in the cabin, squirrels and chipmunks will get into the cupboards somehow and eat through the plastic lids. They also feed the “resident” bear once a week. They get stale doughnuts from the nearest town 40 miles away. The bear will sniff each one and if it’s a jelly doughnut, he will eat it. Otherwise, he leaves all others to the side until the jelly ones are gone. I don’t agree with feeding wildife, but to each their own.

    Bok Tower Gardens in Florida have tons of squirrels and chipmunks. I had a bag with postcards in it. When I sat down on a bench on the way up the hill to the carillon tower, the bag apparently rattled because next thing I knew, I had three squirrels on me! I didn’t even have FOOD!

    Finally, when I lived with my parents in Western PA, we had squirrels and chipmunks in our backyard. They would constantly empty the bird feeder. Well, my dad started getting unsalted peanuts in the shells. We had about 20 or so squirrels come everyday for the nuts. One day a chipmunk had his pouches so full of nuts, when he tried to get back through the chainlink fence, he bounced backwards! So darn cute!

  41. SlaveToThreeFelines says:

    Er, the people at the cabins in Canada get the doughnuts and feed the bear. The squirrels and chipmunks don’t do this.


  42. That’s not so bad, Holly. As some here may remember, I once fed an Altoid to a squirrel.

  43. rpennefe says:

    Suda Nim, I bow down to you and your family. My ‘rents never let us do anything fun/dangerous like that. Wow! I can just imagine the eyes of all the children gettin’ real wide as the bears approached.

  44. Suda Nim says:

    Rpennefe: three years earlier, when we were moving cross-country the OTHER way, we also did a lot of national-park stuff. I was about three on that trip. They have a photo of me trying to eat a picnic table.

    Explains a lot, I think.

  45. To Lindsi, no- but thanks for reminding me of him!! I loved his kookoo Mr Wick!

  46. I ate too moishe,
    I ate too moishe,
    I at too moishe,
    I ate too moishe

    Iiiiiii ate too moiiiiishe …

  47. Here in the Black Hills of South Dakota there’s a place in the Hills near Mt. Rushmore where an old guys sits with a 10 lb. bag of sunflower seeds. For a dime you can take a handful, squat down on a rock and chipmunks (which are very tiny and stripy here) eat the seeds out of your hand. At one point my hand and entire arm was covered with chipmunks just sitting there eating seeds. Unbelievably cute and not scratchy at all.

  48. Hannarrr says:

    Hollyyy crap, that guy in the orange is SUCH a babe!! T_T

  49. I think he’s make an awesome chipmunk pistol. Squeeze and fire!

  50. creepyhazel says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I LOVE chipmunks! Especially when they have their cheeks puffed out, like this one!

  51. These photos that my sister took (real, not Photoshopped) were taken in Estes Park, CO where you take a tram up the mountain and buy a bag of peanuts for the sole purpose of feeding the chipmunks. So…I’d say they are encouraging the feeding of the wildlife. If you ever get the chance, it’s great fun!

  52. Oooohhh! Estes Park is my absolute fav place! Every time I have gone, the tram isn’t working though! Me thinks a road trip is in order……….We feed our squirrels by hand here in ColoSprings. We have one now who has lost an eye….him name is One Eyed Willie!

  53. Rebecca says:

    Several years ago, the squirrels (more correctly, their fleas) in some national park (Yellowstone?) were carrying Bubonic Plague. Granted, chipmonks aren’t squirrels and this may or may not be the same park. . . But The Plague is awfully painful and still occasionally lethal. Why risk it? (Yes, it’s SO cute. And I broke into incoherent babbling for a minute when I saw the pics. People with The Plague are really uncute though.)

  54. There’s a seafood restaurant near here where the seagulls always hang out around the tables hoping you’ll throw them a French fry. It’s kind of funny. I would send a picture, but seagulls really aren’t cute. I know it’s random, but that’s all I could think of when I saw this.

    I love the second photo. He’s like, “Peesh Mo’ shi’?” (That’s Please More, Sir? with full cheeks.)

  55. oh me gawd! LUCKY! CHIPENMOONKENZ!!!! SQUEE! oh my gawl! i love when pocket pets get on here it makes my cheeks hurt!

  56. Carlisa — that *has* to contravene at least two articles of the Geneva conventions, especially in light of Rebecca’s point about the Plague… hehe

  57. ‘Munks rock!

  58. Yes! Please COXCU of the first pic please please please??!! Begging here.. I’m not near as cute as the chippiemunk, but my cheeks are a little chubby. Okay.. they aren’t my face cheeks, but they’re chubby nonetheless.

  59. I hiked at a little trail near Breckenridge, CO that also had some mad chipmunk action. There were THREE in my hand at one point, and one on my shoulder! Crazy chippies. AWWWWW. Now I want to go back….

  60. I am vindicated! I KNEW that was a peanut-eatin’ Colorado Rocky Mountain cheepmonk! 🙂

    Ah, memories. (see my above comment)

    The lil’ guys who hang out at tourist places aren’t really “wildlife” any more. Spots like that, we’ve taken away most of their natural eats, so stuffin’ ’em full of peanuts is the least we can do.

  61. They’re cute but they’re not chipmunks, they are golden mantled ground squirrels. Chipmunks have stripes to their nose and these don’t.

  62. That is such a cute picture. I love it!

  63. OMGcute.
    We need a COXCU of the little varmint in the first photo!

  64. hehe, that is one greedy little squirrel!

  65. Oh the little PAWS! “Gimmeee!!”

  66. brittany says:

    i think chimpmunks are going to take over the world !!!!!!!

  67. had this happen to me in monterey. he walked up to me, looked up at me, CLAPPED HIS WITTLE HANDS TOGETHER, and demanded some nuts. He got ’em. Little bandit. Love those little bandits!!

  68. people who feed wildlife are idiots. perhaps the little creature in the above photo is part of a sanctioned wildlife-feeding area, fine, but anything outside of that is reprehensible.
    luring bears close to the car with peanut butter? deliberately feeding bears donuts?
    guess what eventually happens to these bears? they get killed seeking out humans to give them food. worse, they might harm a human in the process.


  69. Wow, ksj, I just took another look at those photos, and that’s got to be the smallest bear I’ve ever seen.

  70. Mike, the “bear” mention was referring to previous comments, not the original post. But the principal is similar with other animals, who lose their fear of humans after a while and seek us out for food, and then other humans abuse/kill them, or in the case of bears feel threatened and kill them. Start the pattern, and they keep coming back, and relying on you.

  71. can I please get a COXCU of those paws???

  72. Lizzums says:

    The guy in the first photo looks like he’s been storing stuff in his cheeks, too. Maybe to let the little guy know it’s okay to eat the nuts. Either way, both sets of stuffed cheeks are cute.

  73. These are awesome, well done!

  74. These pics remind me of our trip to Glacier in Montana. The ground squirrels there were extremely friendly and so terribly cute. What an experience that was…

  75. I was once trying to eat my lunch but this seagull was in my face, very aggressive. Fed up, I threw down a glob of something which he promptly swallowed it in one gulp.

    However it was wasabi and he started screaming at the ground.

    I felt kind of bad but then he flew off for a drink of water.

  76. ThreeCatNight says:

    The Dizzy Gillespie of chipmunks!

  77. I was at Yosemite with a group of people a few years ago when a bear ripped the door off a small car to get at a bowl of cherries sitting in the passenger side seat. This is why you don’t feed the animals.

    Same trip, a friend of mine took to picking up small pebbles and clicking to the local squirrels. These animals, knowing the routine, would scamper up and beg and yes it was cute. Then my friend would drop the pebbles and thunk the squirrel on top of the head with his fingers, just hard enough to scare it off. Teach the little guys to be wary of humans, not view them as food dispensers.

  78. oh what a cute little ‘monk. that photo looking down at him is just too much. those cheeks!!!

  79. ThreeCatNight — YouSoRight

  80. I want a munk 😉

  81. little gator says:

    R. Moore- Did the raccoon say “HEY! I said hold the mustard! and where’s the extra cheese I ordered?”