Señor Eye Capsules!

You still got one day of work left!

Rise and shine! [foot twitches]


Day-old chicks. Wot slackers, Alina K. [Shaking head in disgust]



  1. Matching apricot-coloured beaklet and legs. And is that faux-fur (s)he is wearing?

  2. Eye capsules! And floof! And I think that footsie could be considered a curled paw!

  3. ehn… I want to schleeeep in somebody’s warm, cradling hand…

  4. Got a little chick origami goin’ on here, eh boss?
    Wot? Oh, sure, sure.

  5. Keep movin that hand towards the mouth. Kentucky Fresh Chicken. mmmm.

  6. Caroline says:

    Um, chicky’s got a club foot?

  7. tiny tiny honk-peep-shus!


  8. kandachu says:

    fist full of fluffers!

  9. Fist full of fluffers! Love it Kandachu

  10. awwwwwwww

  11. brings back memories of holding just-hatched chickys in kindergarten…i wanna relive that day!

  12. Pinkwerwolff go to you local nearest feed store they usually sell baby chicks in the spring. You can snorgle all you want. just be careful it is hard not to buy.

  13. Am I the only one really disturbed by those eyes…..

  14. It would appear so Azamunga…… oh and it’s “eye” – singular… only one to be seen….

    Cutey little chicky….

  15. DOC … Oh dear.

    I volunteer at a raptor facility and have to feed thawed (NOT live) day old chicks (abbreviated DOC) to the birds every day … That picture right there, that’s EXACTLY what they look like. So kind of dampens the cute factor of that picture for me. But that’s OK.

    I guess they ARE cute when they’re alive though.

  16. Awww…he looks sunny-side up. Where’s my side of bacon?

  17. Awwww, too cute!!! i want to use heem as a powder puff!

  18. OMG…Never before have I seen a baby cheeken with EYELASHES!!!


  19. “I’m dreaming that I’m still in the egg, nice and warm, the tv on low in the background…bok bok, don’t wake me!” :>

  20. onionpencil musashi says:

    sleepy peepy! squeee.

  21. Oh, yes! I consider that a famous curled paw action! With this amount of cuteness it really doesn’t matter it’s not exactly a paw.


  22. Thank you Eastow Bunnie, bok bok!

  23. book_monstercats says:

    He’s got a knitted bod.

  24. Those little feet don’t even look real!!!

  25. jill-e-b says:

    This qualifies as one of those barf-a-rainbow moments, doesn’t it?
    I want one! A chickie, not a puked rainbow.

  26. R. Moore says:

    K, where I volunteer I have opened the wrong freezer by mistake while going to get food for animals and seen a bunch of frozen chicks and pinkies (baby mice). I’ve also opened the big freezer and seen deer legs sticking up. It’s also awkward walking through and seeing these little mice, and knowing that you cannot get attached because they’re going to be food so that a wild animal can have a second chance to keep the species alive… Wildlife Rehab isn’t all joy and laughter.

  27. Hee. I is liking the curled feets!

  28. k & R. Moore – *sticking fingers in ears* La La La La!!! I cain’t HEAR you talking about frozen chicks and such!!! *covers eyes too so I can’t read that either* 😦

    *Scrolls up to gaze upon the perfect brand new beautiful fuzzie chickie life** So sweet!

  29. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is one cute chick. He is almost as cute as my dog Toby.

  30. Awwww! Tweety Bird!

  31. If you think that was cute, what about these?


    *Sorry, not wanting to demean this entry.

  32. you guys r silly says:

    warning – link shown above ( by Yoru ) NOT for the squeamish – plus, it’s NOT * cute *.