THIS JUST IN: cross-species BEF

B.E.F., or Beady Eye Factor is NOT just for the world of Pocket Pets, People.

Will you please check out the obvious SEVERE case of beady eyes AND MUZZLE POWSHES as captured on the SEALS below.

THAT is a serious case of BEF, Brinke and photo-taker extraordinaire Heribert P. 😉

[it’s PUFF!  MuzzlePUFF! …why u do dis?? – Ed.]



  1. The seals of Area 51…

  2. Wait, this is what those wacky Japanese people in the Play Zone looked like with their silver suits on…


  3. R.Moore when you see this . Here you go proof of zombies. I will now be on the lookout. HEhehe

  4. Mrs. P. says:

    Yes, muzzlePUFF! We must have rules obeyed, or chaos will reign here at CO! Do not allow this to happen again!

    These creatures’ eyes are so dark, it almost looks like they’ve no eyes at all, just sockets . . . (cue spooky _Twilight Zone_ music).

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Yikes I thought I could bleen. But .. nononoooo.
    (sigh) But I love the muzzlePUFFs anyway 🙂

  6. they get my seal of approval;

    (lame comment but I’m blown away by their proshness)

  7. Only the middle one is cute!

  8. They look like the eyes of “The Source (of all evil)” on Charmed.

  9. Suzanne says:

    these three are living proof that silkies exist! LOVE the flipper action of the bottom one!

  10. redbone says:

    I love the expression on the one in the back. He looks like a dour old man. He’s all “Wut are them young’uns doin’ with thet camera?! Git owf mah lawn!”

  11. Lizzums says:

    SarahR, you made me laugh out loud. I laughed at it yesterday, and now again today. Thanks.

  12. Lizzums — you know, I think this calls for a hovertext edit.

  13. [nitpick]Those are sea lions.[/nitpick]

  14. They’re cute but they really do look disturbingly like extra-terrestrials. Especially the one on the bottom left.

  15. Wait, aren’t those teensy little bits on either side of the beady-eyedness … EARAGE?

  16. Dude, our teammate just fell in the yellow pool…

  17. Um…damn. I rescind my nitpick. My bad.

  18. MuzzlePOUF!!!

    And Meg, congrats on the PITNB banner win! (Assuming there aren’t 2 Meg Frosts out there…)

  19. rpennefe says:

    Actually, I have to vote for the creepy alien dude who counseled John Crichton when he was in that creepy icebergy limbo place on Farscape…you know the episplode I mean, right?

  20. Imbrium — I was prepared to believe you… but yeah, I think they’re harbor seals.

  21. RevWaldo says:

    “Oh, It’s Keane, it’s pure Keane. No, No, it’s greater than Keane. It’s Cugat!”

  22. angeladobb says:

    How did I never notice how much seal faces look like earless cat faces before??

  23. Peg of Tilling says:

    They’re like the Bronte sisters, played by seals (I hear it’s going to be a miniseries on Showtime–oh how Heathcliff’s “ARK! ARK” will echo across the moors).

  24. One Eyed Daruma says:

    um…what’s that little shock of red near the middle?

  25. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Got alittle spooked! Three ETs.

  26. mah humps,
    mah humps,
    mah lovely whiskerhumps!



  27. 1ED — I think it’s an ID tag on somebody’s back flipper. They might be zoo seals.

  28. you know how you think you are looking at a picture of seals, well no! No you are not. Really it is a cleverly disguised window and the seals are looking at all us peeps and trying to figure out what type of aliens we are.

  29. “Good morning, Angels!”
    “Good morning, Charlie!”

  30. Notice the flared nortils of the top one?!

  31. Yep, that’s some serious muzzlepuff. Serious, my friends. There must be cotton balls stuffed in their cheeks.

  32. Laurie C says:

    They look so woeful, like someone’s taken their favorite bukkit away. Poor little lolseals.

  33. *severely disapproves*
    *is anxious*
    *anxiously disapproves*

    PofT: >

    Thanks, that’s vodka and coke on the keyboard. [It’s 9.30pm here, BTW]

  34. …uhhh

    That was meant to show that a quote from Peg of Tilling had caused me to spray v&C on the keyboard – stooopid home PC doesn’t always type what I ask it to.

  35. SarahP — TypePad strips out text blocks in angle brackets, because it thinks you’re trying to inject HTML code into the comments (which would mess up the page layout).

  36. Thanks for the info, Theo. I nearly hit the (sticky-keyboarded) PC for bad behaviour.

  37. The top one looks exactly like an alien crossed with my pit bull. The middle one is really cute.

  38. AuntieMame says:

    HRH, you may give this a seal of approval, but they’re definitely giving us some severe DISapproval.

    Specially ol’ Gramps in the back! “%$#@ kids, tearing up my hollyhocks…”

  39. Theresa says:

    The whiskers, people, the whiskers!

  40. Annie, I don’t know if I agree with you on em being zombies, They do look like they’re checkin for a piano to fall on their heads though. I agree more that they are aliens. I theenk they may belong to this bad boy:
    But I could be wrong, maybe he belongs to *them*…

  41. Oh, but the nosies, people, those are too spectacular nosies. They look like they’re all “HEY! Wassamatta? You talkin’ to me, punk?”

  42. why do i have a suspicion that this is what space aliens look like?

    and why do i think that if and when space aliens land on the earth (full disclosure: they have ALREADY landed but thats another story), they’ll be able to operate on land or under the sea just like our beady-eyed sea pup chums pictured here?

  43. Suda Nim says:

    The longer I look at this picture, the greater becomes my urge to eat an intact raw mackerel.

    Them’s mighty powerful stares they got goin’.

  44. R. Moore says:

    Bwa ha ha ha, that would be awesome if seals were zombies, because my SO has been terrified of seals attacking him for about a year. He went to the beach down by Santa Cruz and was boogie boarding in the icy cold water. All of a sudden a seal popped up, looked at him, swam closer, and looked at him again. He said it has “shifty eyes” and might have attacked him, so he ran out of the water and has been warning others of the shifty eyed mammals ever since.

  45. R. Moore — you might try pointing out to him that it never actually went & took a big ol’ BITE out of any of his parts. If he wants to be worried about scary sea creatures beneath the boogie board, what’s wrong with *sharks*? I mean c’mon, the classics are usually the best. It’s how they get to be classics.

    (Glad to be of help. Hehe.)

  46. R. Moore says:

    Meh, he grew up watching Shark Week on Discovery. He had to pick something more interesting. Plus there are documented seal attacks. He sends me all sorts of news articles now 😛

  47. Suda Nim says:

    R. — Don’t let him watch “Happy Feet” then, or at least be ready to hold his hand during the scary part.

  48. R. Moore says:

    Heh heh,I will totally watch Happy Feet with him, and “comfort” him through the scary part. Of course,I may never be invited over again…

  49. Gotta love the puppy-dawg eyez.

  50. R. Moore — You’re killing me here. The image of your SO and the seal is extreme. A shark WOULD have been scary but a shark didn’t pop up and look at him with shifty eyes. (“Shifty eyes”…ahahaha…)That must have scared the pee out of him to still be issuing warnings a year later. Just a look was all it took…

  51. Ok, so my cat is bulbous says:

    Lovely. I can’t imagine how nice it would be to snuggle with these creatures. Of course the fact that they are bulbous in no way influences my opinion.

  52. Peg of Tilling–a Brontë sisters miniseries on Showtime???? Oh, my heart, it beats pitty-pat. Ark, ark, ark! (‘Course, now I need to get Showtime.)

    Is it Emily in the middle, Charlotte on the left, and Anne in back? Poor Branwell; always cut out of the frame.

  53. Alice Shortcake says:

    The Andrews Sisters of the aquatic mammal world!

  54. Shannon Johnson says:

    SEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love seals. Where can I get one? I want one right now.

  55. They look sad because they know global warming is diminishing their habitat and they are doomed if the humans won’t even try to fix the damage we are doing to the environment not to mention that it is probably all ready too late to make a difference.

  56. That one dood in the middle has a touch of the Lady Di Eyes going on, as well…

  57. Michael says:

    Am I the only one to notice the small ears to head ratio actually goes beyond eternity?

  58. Ummm Faye Baby global warming would actually make their habitat larger as they are harbor seals.

  59. Pardon my question, but can someone please tell me what & where Meg won this PITNB banner submission contest thingie?? And I’m ashamed to say I don’t know what PITNB is an acronym for. And I thought I was really reaching official geek-dom. ANYBODY wanna enlighten me?

    And the Sealios? The one in the middle kinda has a bewildered expression on his face. His non-eyebrows are saying “who are these humans and why are they taking our pick-shure? Is it gonna be ok, Mom?”

  60. Never mind, I fingered it out all bah mahself.

    YEAH MEG!!! YOU ROCK!!! How come you didn’t say anything when we was twah-kin’ on da’ ‘puter last night? Dude! erm…. Dudette?!

  61. brittany says:

    they are cute but they look weird

  62. I’m not the first one to associate these pups with the movie “Contact”, right?

  63. Epic — you might be. (Good movie.)