Sthummer Stholsthice? Can’t wait.

HEY Everyone! It’s Summer!

Fergit waiting for summer solstice, it’s 90 degrees in San Francisco, and that means only one thing: a NEW BACKGROUND IMAGE for the site!

Wooooooo! Come on in, the water—she is fine.



El Managemento



  1. very refreshing look! swimming with fairy hamsters sounds fine by me.

  2. R. Moore says:

    I noticed!

    Lucky Bay people. It’s about 90 now, at 11. It was so blistering hot in the valleys today. Must get water…

  3. R. Moore says:

    Wait, it was 90 in SF in June? Isn’t that August weather?

  4. R. Moore says:

    Or September…

  5. oaklandcat says:

    yes, and don’t worry, the fog’s supposed to be back next week…

  6. Xtineebee says:

    Whee! This East Bayer dived into the parents’ pool as it hit 104 over here today! (After hugging the kitties, of course). Hooray for pool theme!

  7. It’s winter here.
    Bah Humbug

  8. eikoleigh says:


  9. thedistractor says:

    I see your 90 degrees and raise you 100 in the shade. And its only going to get worse.

  10. Ah summer. break out the snowcones and ice cream sundays. gather around the pool with your beer and margaritas. Turn on the BBQ grill, Crank up the tunes it’s time for a pool party!

    Cept Fred who has to wrap up in her muffler and mittens. SHe is having a hot tody and Eating a bowl of chili.

  11. Not here, it isn’t!

  12. I’m with Fred and Adie!

    I’m freezing here, just outside of Canberra, Australia’s capital city. I couldn’t get to work yesterday – the roads were closed due to snow falls!

    Roll on summer, roll on

  13. acelightning says:

    I liked the version that was up earlier today – the bottom half was a deep shade of purple, and the top half was blue. This one’s okay – but purple is my favorite color 😉

    It wasn’t terribly hot on the East Coast of the US today… but it was the other day, and it will be again. Can someone send me plane fare to Australia?

  14. Woods Walker says:

    The weather here has reached into the 90s only a couple of times here so far this year. It could be worst though. In 1988 temperatures here reached 104 about this time of the year. Thank God for air conditioning.-Woods Walker

  15. hrh.squeak says:

    Yeah, it’s nasty here in the East Bay. I worry more about my ratties than about me – they get a fan on their cage, I get to open all the windows. Spoiled little boogers.

  16. I noticed too! LOOOVE it, Megs! So are the Hammie-pants now to be called Hammie-trunks? Please, no Hammie-Speedos!!! I beg of you, NOOOO!!

  17. Polly McNamara says:

    Not far from Canberra in Australia, we got 33 degrees yesterday and snow. Bring on the warm weather soon, please.

  18. 110 here yesterday – oof! The flying hammies make me feel cool and refreshed. Fly on, my friends. Fly on.

  19. spanglish says:

    mmm…here in southern Europe we are at almost 30ºCelsius; pretty good for a mid-june! can somebody explain me the conversion rules for Farenheit/Celsius?

  20. Jessica says:


  21. it’s winter here in Melbourne, Australia. I dont wanna see no bathing buzzy things! I wanna see snow jackets!

  22. Spanglish — here’s what I use…
    (temperature at bottom)

  23. pretty, pretty. i want to sprout wings and fly around too!

  24. This one’s for Lil…

  25. Lizzums says:

    For Spanglish and others who want to know:

    To convert Fahrenheit temperatures into Celsius:
    Begin by subtracting 32 from the Fahrenheit number.
    Divide the answer by 9.
    Then multiply that answer by 5.

    To convert Celsius temperatures into Fahrenheit:
    Begin by multiplying the Celsius temperature by 9.
    Divide the answer by 5.
    Now add 32.

  26. Here you go spanglish

    100 Farenheight is 37.77777 Celcius. and the NOAA Calculator

  27. I noticed the backround yesterday and was loving it.

    Here in NY it has been cool which is unusual. Normally we’d be strictly a/c, the last night I went around closing windows so the heat wouldn’t turn on….

  28. I noticed this yesterday. I like it, Meg!

  29. Yeah, metsakins! It has been chilly the last few days. I think it’s gonna get pretty hot next week, tho.

  30. i really love it.

  31. perfect weather here in lovely MI…
    60s, 70s, overnite so still cool and pleasant for the walk into work
    and then up into 80s during the day…
    my house stays in the upper 70s, so I can leave the windows open for the kittehs!

  32. R. – this is one of the oxalis I am sending Annie
    it is quite well behaved as is the triangularis and regnelli

  33. Nooo, it’s Winter in Australia now. Got down to 48F the other night and I had 2 of 3 kittehs snuggled up in bed with me 🙂

  34. Candace says:

    Hmmm, I think hammie speedos would be a-dor-a-ble. It is nice and cool here in Philly. I’ve opened my windows, turned on the fans and snuggled under my comforters—best sleeping weather ever!

  35. DumBunny says:

    It’s summer here in Anchorage, and we’ve been lucky if it gets up into the mid 60’s. We wouldn’t mind a little more heat, and some rain, it’s getting really dry up here, and we don’t need any more forest fires, the moose don’t like them all that much.

  36. What’s with that one nudist hammie with it’s back to us?! I think all hammies should be nudists. I mean really, why would a life-form advanced enough to have wings bother with clothes?

  37. aimers, I was just about to ask about the nekked hammie. I think he’s just the only one brave enough to go skinny dipping.

  38. Wasn’t there a dark version of this, like at night, up last night? Just curious. This looks the same, just lighter.

  39. spanglish says:

    Thanks! now I can happily say: 87 F and rising, will sunbath in the garden until the nudist Hamm and I are the same color!

  40. is beautiful.
    very purdy.

  41. I love it!

  42. Yes folks it is summer time for everyone but the people (In??? On??? The CONTINENT????) of Oceania. Who are in the middle of their winter. I have one question. Why was I not informed of this whole islands as continent concept?

  43. Wait, it was 90 here yesterday?? No wonder the grizzlies spent the whole day in the water of their new habitat!

    (I am a new SF Zoo employee and was there for the grand opening of Grizzly Gulch – AWESOMELY CUTE!!!!)

  44. Welcome, Lizzy Grizzly. 😉

  45. Annie, it’s also winter for peeps in South America, the southern part of Africa, Antartica and even in part of Indonesia. Well, technically at least.

  46. Actually Teho, I’m a Keeper this week (Zoo campers in 5th and 6th grade are called Keepers) and next week I’ll be a Tiger (1st grade) 🙂 Interning = awesome.

  47. but…. but “Lizzy Grizzly” is more fun to say…

  48. Helene, you are correct of course. But when did they start the whole Oceania thing. Can you tell me that???

  49. Very well, Theo, you may use “Grizzly” if you wish. It will be an accurate nickname at SOME point this summer, as the 4th graders are the Grizzlies.

  50. jill-e-b says:

    It’s 110 degrees in Phoenix – do I win? Especially as it’s about 160 in my car.
    Love the ham-hams in swim trunks – but why is the brown one skinny-dipping?
    Those shameless hamsters, going about pants-less.

  51. R. Moore says:

    Oooh, that’s pretty, Metsies!

    Also, my rat refuses my attempts to cool him. He rolls frozen water bottles away and gets as far as possible from the water bowl with ice. He seems to LIKE the heat. I worry for him, though.

    Also also, Lizzy, did you know a Sarah E. at the zoo? She would have worked there about a year or two ago. She did a lot of educational stuff, and ran zoo overnights and such.

  52. Jille-b, heres what everyone told me a couple of weeks ago. The girls are naked and the boys wear pants. Just like in the movies. Apparently girl hams are more attractive naked than boy hamms.

    Personally I think Meg just did it that way because the boy hamms are so adorable in those little britches.

  53. It would seem that I’ve been watching the wrong movies.

  54. I teach geography here in the antipodes…

    Ther are 7 continents: North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica.

    Oceania is a region, but not a continent. (Like Central America, and The Middle East.)

  55. Alivicwil, Thank you I went on this web site called World maps to see what countrys were in winter right now and got this definition of Oceania. Which totally confused me.

    OCEANIA, the smallest continent, is one of the most diverse and fascinating areas on the planet.

    A large percentage of geography experts now consider the long-established continent of Australia to be more accurately defined as Australia/Oceania.

    Collectively it then combines all of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, as well as the thousands of coral atolls and volcanic islands of the South Pacific Ocean, including the Melanesia and Polynesia groups.

    Oceania also includes Micronesia, a widely scattered group of islands that run along the northern and southern edges of the Equator.

  56. “Long-established”, huh? As opposed to those other new fangled continents…. 😉

  57. Maybe the brown hammie is wearing brown britches? That might explain why the other hammies aren’t paying any attention to the brown hammie. 🙂

  58. Angel Cake Puff says:

    Goodness me, summer would be so much more fun if it wasn’t a square block (note to you: Chicago is OK for one week, not a year!). I love my boyfriend more than anything. If I didn’t, I’d be in Hawaii right now. God-bless nature. I sure do miss it.

  59. I lof eet.

  60. As soon a I save up again, I’m going back to Asia and I’m not sure I’ll return to George Bush’s land again. Life if greater than the US, I’m not going to waste my time here for a lie.

  61. anomalous4 says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm…………… looks like whoever delivers the weather for FedEx got the packages for SF and Philly mixed up. It was 68 here yesterday, which was a good thing for the guy across the hall with the ancient busted a/c who’s waiting for the HVAC guys to get a part for it — but still, it is just a tiny bit redonkulous……………

  62. Marjorie Daw says:

    Love the new background! But who did the original design of the hamsters in their fancy pants? Was it Meg?

  63. Ahh the cool colors are so refreshing-like a blue rasberry slushie..

    I especially like the diaphanous sarong-clad hammie!

  64. Atia, All places have their good and bad points. No where is perfect. This is not Mr. Bush’s Land. HE is our President only. and While I do not agree with all his decisions he is our president.

    This Land belongs to us the people and if you are a legal alien then to you too.

    Will you have money just handed to you when you come ..Noo.. will you become rich if you live here… maybe if you work really hard and get really lucky. But don’t come to CO and trash my country or anyone elses.

    I am sure for you it was difficult to come here and leave your loved ones behind and all you know, but you do not have to stay here you can go at any time. I hope you do save up enough money to go back to where you feel at home and I hope for you it happens soon as you are so unhappy here.

  65. And now back to the cute. I love Summer. The black berries are ripe here and my peaches are huge the weather has cooled off in northern California today. and it is a great day to be outside playing. And I love this picture.