This bird continues to blow my mind


Wait—I’m confused… it’s like a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, all in the twilight zone! SOMEONE PAGE STEPHEN HAWKING!


Tina H. — you are messing with the time/space continum. [shaking head]



  1. Constance says:

    Well, that’s it.

    I’m fried.

  2. but… but it’s *not* a hawk…

  3. oh noes the space continuem has been broken (Que the twighlight zone music) everyone grab onto your desk and hold on tight you don’t want to be sucked out into space.

  4. HAHA! I love it!!!!

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Is it the same bird? Looks like the one on the pc has more yellow on his/her chest.

  6. Shannon Johnson says:

    Serious Deja vu! Wasn’t there another one with a bird sitting on a computer moniter? Wow, Like I said, serious deja vu.

  7. Theo the little bird thinks he is a hawk!

  8. OH! how adorable!
    I have a pair of love birds they’re so sweet, and this little guy is in LOVE I think! 🙂

  9. Now we just need a third and a viewsonic monitor (with the 3 birds icon).

  10. Maybe he’s Stephen Boking.

  11. oh this reminds me of my infinite Elvy & Rudy checkin in on each others!!!

  12. Loves Cute says:

    Is it a tear in the fabric of space itself?

    Or is this true love?

    Whatever it is, I’se ded.

    Happily ded.

  13. This demands a link to the infinite cat project:

  14. and you may find yourself, sitting on a laptop ledge

    and you may find yourself, looking at yourself sitting on a laptop ledge

    and you may find yourself, looking at yourself looking at yourself sitting on a laptop ledge

    and you may find yoursel, looking at yourself looking at yourself looking at yoursely sitting on a laptop ledge

    ~poit~.(sucked into space)

    [well, how did I get here? – Ed.]

  15. omg, now I am going to be tempted to take another photo of Mishri.. looking at the new lovebird.. looking at Mishri! Oh the humanity! >.<

  16. rpennefe says:

    “Now. You’re looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now, is happening now.”

    “What happened to then?”

    “We passed then.”


    “Just now. We’re at now, now.”

    “Go back to then.”





    “I can’t.”


    “We missed it.”


    “Just now.”

    “When will then be now?”


  17. That infinite CAt project rocks.
    And the tear in space gets bigger. Run people run for your lives!!!!

  18. rpennefe you made my day!

  19. rpennefe says:

    Megan: 😀

    Don’t tell my boss, though. I don’t think he’d understand…or approve.

  20. Mrs. P. says:

    Uh, Meg? I don’t thinking you want any hawks around. I think want, like, Stephen LOVE-ing or someone.

  21. Mikeyfur says:

    rpennefe, I’m sure you have made everyone’s day. . .Very clever!!

  22. luckypooka says:

    ‘s really cute, but it’s not the same bird, just the same breed. The one already posted on cuteoverload has more yellow on it’s chest, and much more red in it’s beak.
    Adorable, though!

  23. It’s a colorful and pretty way to warp the space-time continuum.

  24. leannrose says:

    That’s fabulous. And the Spaceballs quote? Brilliant. This site makes my work day go by so much faster…

  25. Ooh, Gracie

  26. same as it ever was!

  27. graceee says:

    V. cute

    …but not (as someone up there said) the same species.

    The one in the computer is a Fischers Lovebird the one sitting on the computer is a Peachfaced.


  28. eikoleigh says:

    mind blowingly cute…

  29. Lexi…Widget says “hi Mishri watcha doin’ down there? Why don’t you come up here and play with me?…I don’t bite (much)

  30. if we see another like this, you have my vote for

  31. rpennefe, lol – good one!

  32. Infinite birdies use Firefox!

  33. Theresa says:

    They are so pretty, they make my heart hurt. Why have I never thought of having birdies? I must run out and get a dozen right now.

  34. How adorable!

  35. OMG.



  36. anomalous4 says:

    All together now………… “Oy sawr the soyn……………”

  37. Very cute ! I have a peachface lovebird named Sydney & this bird looks just like her. They are very smart & not just cute little birds.

  38. petlova#1 says:

    wow Tina H. u got 1 smart bird i g2 say he or she is cuteer dan my bird dats 4 shore

  39. Sunnygirl says:

    They are gorgeous little birds… Very charming !