Some days in the life

Day 1! [What animal could this be?]

Day 1

Still day 1! [Please note faintest of smiles]

Please clean my schnozzle.

Day 2!

Quit squeezin', Lady

Day 2 agin!


Day 7… [Dark circles, coming into focus around eyes!]

Someone git me some concealer, STAT

Day 25!!!11OMG!!1

Resist the urge to bite my ears off

Day 25, encore!

Lil' black vest painted on

Another photo from day 25…

Getting strong noooow! [Rocky music]

Day 30…

Incubatin' hibernatin'

Day 35!

Fuzziness factor: OFF SCALES

s’more Day 35…

Dreaming about eeeeeevil plans and otters

Day 85!

I smells some fresh bambooular treats

Day 90!


And finally, Day 120. ahn [head tilt]

Where the hecky am I anyway?

Emily S., you are toooooo much. This looks like Butterball the Panda—is it? Do tell!



  1. Cute!

  2. Butterball!?! Too perfect!

  3. OMG!

    It’s *adorable*!

  4. we here in DC call him butterstick, as in, “at birth, he was the size of a stick of butter.”

  5. we here in DC call him butterstick, as in, “at birth, he was the size of a stick of butter.”

  6. AWWWW! Totally awesome, circle of life… at it’s best. VERY cute!

  7. Un-frickin-believably cute. I especially love the Day 25 fuzziness, but still able to see the skin underneath!

  8. Oh.



    That is unbelievably cute!

  9. constance says:


    I just ‘sploded at work.


    Clean up in the director’s office….

  10. had to use my hand to close mouth…


  11. omg!
    day 2 – its eyes aren’t even *formed* yet!
    that is friggin miraculous!

  12. That’s not Butterstick/Tai Shan. Those are screencaps from the HD program “Panda Nursery” and that is one (or perhaps both) of the two cubs born at the Wolong Natural Reservation Park.

  13. I sort of just almost died. It was the day 35 grin that did me in…

  14. Oooooooh no!! Ooooohh no! This is just too much.

    Day 25 encore, a tiny hug and teeny smile. Day 35 and the tongue! Awwww!! AWWWWWWWW!!!!



  16. elliottsmommy says:

    plz note day 35’s 1 paws up, toes facing each other, tongue out, with softest of fuzzles on sqeeable belleh.

  17. beenclawed says:

    Wow. WOW! That’s incredible. Day 85 cracks me up. He’s all “Yo! I’m gettin’ there (with the help of this soft thing that props me up)!”

  18. Ah, I saw someone already posted it, but yeah, it’s one of the pandas from the show “Panda Nursery” that I watched on Discovery HD the other day. They’re so ugly when they’re born, lol.

  19. Hehehe whatever its name…How Totally awsome is that. toooo cute.

  20. OMG…so cute…I was all “OMG! IT’s a PANDA!”

    People in my office think i’m nuts.

  21. Not ugly, not ugly!

    *sneaks in to steal baby panda at day 1 not even knowing what it is, puts in pocket, stealthily finds a quite spot to snorgle the fuzzy pink babeh for 2 mins, then reluctantly sneaks him back – sigh*

  22. Shannon Johnson says:

    Butterball! How Perfect! I love pandas.

  23. Shut the F up. How did I live without this website?

  24. Oh WOW. That actually made me teary. Awww…

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    I actually gasped out loud on day 25 when I saw it was a Panda! (previously I had been guessing, polar bear? without thinking about the fact that bebeh polar bears are *much* larger!) Anyway it’s wonderful. Thanks for the photos! Love him!

  26. Christine H says:

    So fuzzyyyyy!

  27. I am hyperventilating..

  28. The day 25 spooning of the wee little pillow. That one KEEELED me. He’s prosh, he’s fuzzy and he spoons….

  29. this totally makes up for the re-donk earlier.

  30. OMG THEO THE HOVER TEXT. hehehe. Might I suggest for Pic One “Ouch that was my belly button”.

  31. Stop him before he kills again!

    Wonder how pan-pan would configure himself into an 8…NOT CLEAR!

  32. Isn’t this the same place as the playpen?

    I love the day 25 where he’s smiling and curled up around his stuffed surrogate-mom toy.

    That and day 85. He’s got this “Whassup my peepz!” grin.

  33. First, the D.C. panda who resides up the street from me is ButterSTICK, not Butterball. The panda is long and skinny, not ball-shaped, so Butterball would make NO sense whatsoever.
    Secondly, that is not Butterstick.

  34. elliottsmommy says:

    annie – i called my sister 10 hours away from me and made her check out this little guy, just so i could hear her laugh at the hysterical hover text. makes it 1 million times cuter than it already is.

  35. I WANT ONE NOW!!!!

    where can I order it?

    toooo cute

  36. Loves Cute says:


    I lurves it!!

  37. i just vomited a rainbow and died. ~thud~

  38. Eliottsmommy: I know I am still cracking up. and Theo should take a bow, but he must be busy at his real job right now.

  39. Tina Rhea says:

    I guess I’m in the minority for preferring the last couple of pics… but then I don’t like human young until they can hold a halfway intelligible conversation.

    You can’t hear the soundtrack, but infant pandas and bear cubs (the ones I’ve heard) make a noise like a wet finger being rubbed across a balloon. You either pick the baby up quick to make it stop, or you run away holding your ears.

    I wish Ling-Ling had been able to give us some babies that survived. She did her best, poor old bear, cradling apples as practice…. Hsing was sweeter and less grouchy, though.

    I was in some of Ling’s pregnancy watches at the National Zoo. One day, bored while she was napping, I browsed through some checksheets the earlier volunteers had done. One person on a 1-4 AM shift recorded 180 solid minutes of sleep. At the bottom, he wrote, “At 3:26 AM, Ling suddenly got up, strode over to microphone #2, and began doing a South Pacific number– ‘Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair’– complete with fancy footwork. She then sat down and went back to sleep so fast that I couldn’t record it on the video.” To this day I wonder if that guy was so blitzed after having to watch a panda sleep from 1 AM to 3:26 AM that he thinks he really did see that….

  40. redbone says:

    Thank goodness you eased us up to day 120. If you went from day 01 or 02 to 120 in just two shots, my head would’ve exploded.

    Imagine the little panda pinky laying there. Then, just out of nowhere, POOF! fuzzy and beady-eyed! Oh, it would’ve killed me, I just know it.

  41. GAH! The wee toesies…the grin…the fuzzitude…GAH!

  42. morgat (formerly known as useta hada kitteh) says:

    Beebee Pandee for Meeeeeee!!!!!!!

  43. ah! i saw this little guy on “panda nursery” on the discovery HD channel! so cute! if you want more check out that show.

  44. The.Freakin. hover.text. And Theo, for some reason me thinks it should be bamboobular, because it is funnier. At least to me. I’m like whatsherface from the movie Raisin Arizona, I need one of them pandas! To cuddle!
    Oh and this is for Tina Rhea, who doesn’t like babies:

    [this post was 100% Meg, CBF… and while it’s an excellent word, “bamboobular” sounds to me more like… um… well, one of the other CO categories – Ed.]

  45. Mikeyfur says:

    Thank you a million, billion times for this submission!! Wonderful!!!

  46. lillybelle says:

    oooh! squeal! squeal! tingling with warm happy lovies inside! i am compelled to pick up my ki-ki kat and SnUgGLe her out of sheer insperartion and dee-light! babies, no matter what they are..ArE dELiCiOuSlY AdOrAbLe!!! 🙂

  47. (can’t breathe. hurts. too much laughter.)
    How did I live before C.O.?
    Did I actually work the first half hour of the day?
    On a completely related subject, Did anyone else check out the ear to head ratio of day 2?

  48. Thanks Tina, I was in the midst of drinking and now I’ve hurt myself.

  49. What a wonderful set of photos…a great panda fix for the day!

  50. I think you’re thinking of ButterSTICK, not ButterBALL. Tai Shan is mah homeboy! But yeah, this isn’t Tai Shan…although I could send you at least 851 C.O.-worthy photos of him…

  51. wow.. gorgeous!

  52. LOL! Good show on the hover text. “AArrroooooooo!!!” was my fave.

  53. beenclawed says:

    Butterstick? As in “size of a stick of butter” OMG that is soooooooooo cute! I’m so glad I got to see the baby pics; thanks Meg!

  54. This like the 50th time I have returned to look at this panda. I cannot stop. I cannot. I cannot!!!

  55. I am so proud that I recognised it as a new panda in the first shot. I loved seeing it develop! What a lovely little animal.

  56. Marilee says:

    As others have said, that’s not the DC panda Tai Shan/Butterstick, and you don’t have to know who else it is because the National Zoo left the baby with the mother for a couple of weeks before taking it away to measure & weigh.

  57. i’m curious about the day 25 pics. there are three and the panda seems to change alot during this day. is this normal or a typo? any panda experts out there?

  58. scrolling thru the fotos was almost like a video…I cant believe how small he was and it is a credit to his Carers that he thrived….
    I love day 25. looks like he rolled in butter then crawled over a fluffy carpet!
    (a nicer version of being tarred and feathered!)

  59. I knew it was a panda in photo #1 b/c I’ve seen that Discovery HD show too!

    (more than once — I mean, come ON People, it’s bebeh PANDAS. In hi-def!)

  60. omg *explodes*

  61. What are they, circumcising him in that first one?

    [nyuk nyuk… that’s the umbilical cord they’re cutting – Ed.]

  62. Anh! Anh! Annnnnnnnh! *dies*

  63. amaretto_bunny says:


    When I hovered over that one pic, I actually thought it said “bamboobular”. Then I went and hovered over it again, and realized I was wrong, but immediately thought that bamboobular was much funnier. That word is cracking me up! =D

  64. nothing like baby pandas in HD. you can count the individual fuzzys…

  65. okay i can’t stan’ it anymore so i’s coming out o’the closet wid my ignorance….so there’s theo, right? and there’s meg, yes? do one of y’all do one part of things & the other the other? er, wot? is you a couple? is that none of my cute bidness? heeeeee’p!


  66. oh and since no one else seems to have done it [drumroll pleeese…]


    [do you even know what that *means*, BC?]
    […oh wait.]
    [ 😉 ]
    [ – Ed. ]

  67. girlnextdoortn says:

    With every picture came the shriek “It’s a PANDA!!!”

    Every picture.

  68. Yitzysmommie says:

    Big SQUEE, and indeed, I am ded after my head sploded. I got to see real live pandas today while here in Washington DC for a conference. Most adorable, but I couldn’t sneak in to give them leetle keeses, darnit.

  69. OMG, that first day 2 I was completely flummoxed. What ees it? I thought a mole or sumpfin. Is this really what they always look like? Was this a term birth? Those eyes! Then the day 25 encore. PANDA!

  70. First, this is the best post evar!!!! Absotutely QTE to the max. (And a little educational at the same time!)

    Secondly… well… so Theo was doing Meg impersonations, and now Meg is doing the Theo thing? What’s up with that?? Now we’ll never be able to tell who doin the posting! Can we have the “Posted by Meg” and “Posted by Theo” back, PLEASE? You both are MARVELOUS! It just is gettin real confusing around here. OK?

    Thanks, I feel better now. 🙂

  71. Oh, and by the way… did anyone notice the teeniest little ear niblets on days one and two? To die for. Soooooo cute.

  72. Nothin’ is cuter than baby pandas – not even kittens… Wow, what a cutiepie!

  73. >>so there’s theo, right? and there’s meg, yes? do one of y’all do one part of things & the other the other? er, wot? is you a couple?< <

    Meg = Most High Goddess of Teh Cute

    Theo = Volunteer Guardian of Teh Gates…er, moderator

    Couple(s) = Theo + Jaye, Sparky + Meg

  74. -dies-

    TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  75. sooooo amazing. wow. I *heart* pandas!!

  76. I lurve the glamour shot on Day 85!

  77. Kristina L. says:

    That is sooooo cute!

  78. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Day 35 with the tongue, is my favourite.

  79. elizabells says:

    Sooo… I work in a neonatal ICU, and I’m about ninety percent certain that the isolette (incubator) this bebeh is in is the same one we use for hooman bebehs when they’s borned too early or need heats for some other reason. Which is kind of awesome to me. I guess it would make sense, just never thought about it before…

  80. oaklandcat says:

    I love Day 2. “Quit squeezin, lady”

  81. eikoleigh says:

    omg, so cute…it’s funny how it starts in the beginning….all white, then so cute at the end.

  82. book_monstercats says:

    This is amazing.

  83. Ooooooooh!

    Jaye = Most Enlightening on Teh Cute



  84. All I want to do is cuddle with that sweet face.

  85. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Thanks CO for more panda pics. No that’s not our Tai Shan. That’s another cute little baby panna.

  86. SPB — hee hee. You know, I kinda enjoy this guessing game. Rule of thumb, though: CO posts are Meg’s doing, probably 90% of the time or more. Sometimes the guest authors jump in when she gets swamped (and I ain’t the only one, peeps) and sometimes I post because I just can’t help myself.

  87. Panna baybehs, panna baybehs, what a peaceful mantra. Theo & Meg are BOTH my favorite.

  88. How adorable!!! 🙂

  89. it was really obvious it was a panda to me. i didn’t even see the tv show.

    i mean it was either a panda or they were doing stuff with a little animal over a panda skin rug!

    i guess people missed the big batch of white and black fur underneath the little cub. 😀

  90. Doodle Bean says:

    Whydya think we were calling the D.C. panda cub “Butterstick”? In those early days, that’s what he most resembled.


  92. Is he on his mommy in those early pics or a panda-colored mat?

  93. These are different pandas, aren’t they? Isn’t this just a collection of the panda pictures from the Chinese newspaper panda naming thing?

  94. OMG. Best. Sthequence. EVAR.
    Baby pandas are almost criminally cute!

  95. Y’know what? This is the first time in months of reading CO daily that I have actually shed tears of Awww. I’m not even that big a Panda fan … but … wow, that’s some cute. Stheriously (did I spell that right? /newb)

  96. !hguone esolc — semahT

  97. book_monstercats says:

    I am posting again, becos I am floored, astounded, amazed, awed and overawed.

    Thank you, now I feel better and I will go away. *Backs off slowly, avoiding man in white coat with large net*

  98. wait wait… somebody’s screen name is “Nakey”???

    [eyebrows all over the place]

  99. That is too F#@%&!# cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this site – it always puts a smile on my face!!!!

  100. NYgirly says:

    Ohmygawd i wub heem *smoooooch*

    i must eet heem all up *gobble*lipsmack*hork*hork*slurp*

  101. sundriedbagel says:

    Yes it’s true David, I don’t think it’s the same panda in each picture (check and read about the naming contest for china’s 18 baby pandas), BUT the sequence is still brilliant! 🙂 And shows how remarkable the transformation is from a newborn panda to a baby panda. Aren’t they absolutely precious?? 🙂 I want to hug one!!

  102. Theo, you got “guest authors”, too???? Oh my! The mysterious gets even mysterious’er.

    Well no matter, you just keep doin whacher doin.

    (Have you noticed that people on this site can’t spell too good.)


  103. Christina says:

    Oh~panda is very cute!

  104. AIEEEEEEEE!!!

    The last pic kills me.

  105. Let me hug the panda, pleeaaassssseeeeee…..

  106. Pwincess Lana says:

    I knew it was a cute tiny little tiny little panda…i wanted to hug it huggy hug it

  107. aww, it’s so cute! I thought it was a polar bear at first, and for some reason, a ferret:P it’s adorable!

  108. Omigoodnes omigoodness that is so friggin KEE-YURT!!!

  109. Posh Tater says:

    I sat through that whole “Day 12 and counting” thing with my mouth open. How extra… ORDinary. Gosh…. OK, need to go back to the beginning….

  110. AHHHHHHHHH that is the cutest thing I have ever seeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

  111. random question.. are pandas born WITHOUT eyes, that develop later on? or are they already developed and just really tightly shut. cuz in the third pic, it looks eyeless. bit freaky looking

  112. That is so adorable.

  113. life is so wonderful!

  114. yah! their cute, pandas got a signature of its beauty and unique looks…we better take care for them out from extinction…

    nice post…

  115. OMG!! so cute!!!