Muffin to Tower, Muffin to Tower

Muffin: "Tower, this is Muffin rider requesting a flyby"
Tower: "That’s a negative Muffin rider, the pattern is full"

Highway to the Danger Zone

Stefanie D., your caption was un-toppable… Nice submishe… 😉



  1. Nice shades, brotha!

  2. She is a stylin flier with her matching collar and aviator shades. tooo coool for schoool!

  3. he looks more from the era scooby’s from than scooby does. just imagine him sticking his head out the mystery machine’s window with them wind-resistant glasses…….. yea..

  4. oh yea, and YAY, THIRD!!!!

  5. redbone says:


    [you shake mah nerves and you rattle mah brain – Ed.]



  7. Andrea|Nash says:

    That is the bleeniest smile I’ve ever seen.

  8. its an angel!

  9. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is awesome. It is so hard for me to pull off the ” I am so cool!” look, I am so glad that this little dog can do that for those of us that have a hard time acting cool.
    “Thank you, thank you very much” *says in Elvis voice*

  10. Scruffylove says:

    This totally reminds me of the cover for the movie “The Kid Stays in the Picture.” This pup will always be Robert Evans to me, baby.

  11. Hey redbone, This pup is all like, I *am* the Iceman!
    Take my breath awaaaaaaaaaaay…….

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG! It’s Sally Jessy Raphe-poo!!

  13. “muffin rider” *snicker*

  14. cboone21 says:
  15. if i were not a “totally” mature adult I also would have snickered at the ‘muffin rider’ reference. as karen did above. but since I am a mature adult, I held my pee when I was laughing….

  16. I held my pee and I gufawed at the Muffin Rider comment. Obviously I am not a mature adult.

  17. RevWaldo says:
    the beginning of the end of the Brady bunch as we knew it.

    “Muffin Rider – ha. thats dirty.” (mischievious giggling)

    Annie blows coffee out her nose attempting “mature adult” act.

  19. Hooray! Yet another picture to feed my addiction to dogs in goggles.

  20. soulcal006 says:


    lol…had to say it…sorry.

  21. Now I have an image of this dog singing “you’ve lost that loving feeling” to Kelly McGillis. Thanks!

  22. SeaBreeze says:


  23. Ex-Network Geek says:

    It’s Elton Dog.

  24. Muffin Rider?

    *raises eyebrows*

    *stifles laughter*

    I see I’m in good company with my mature behavior.

  25. Lerrinus says:

    Muffin Rider? I don’t get it!

    Eh, cute dog – pink glasses to go with a pink nose! 🙂

  26. Can we have an Otter week? Please?

    And only because someone posting in this article mentioned “Ottery Goodness” – anyone we know? 🙂

  27. eikoleigh says:

    Now, THAT is one stylin’ pup….

  28. That dog is [oh look at me i’m on teh internets woohoo i think i’ll swear at everybody] ugly.

  29. Raphael Faunus says:

    Right, Frank, if you find it necessary to flame us peeps, do so. Cursing is absolutely misplaced here, if you want a nice place to hang out try some of the forums I go to. They’re nice.

  30. Thanks T(Ed.)

  31. EdmundH says:

    Muffins can be my wingman (wing-dog? wing-pup? wing-pooch?) anytime.

  32. frau_im_mond says:


  33. look at that adorable little smirk! i think muffin think’s the name’s funny, too.

  34. redbone says:

    Editor and cutebabyfix:

    I lol’d XD

  35. Redbone — bles u

  36. This dog reminds me of Bono.

  37. Awwwwwwww. He looks so adorable in those shades!

  38. donutbill says:

    LOOK! It’s U2’s Bono!!!

  39. Girlygirl says: