You do the math

[looking over professor glasses]

Yes, yes, this is correct.

Regular kitteh plus Happy Feet penguin equals kitteh ear tufts. Every time.


You get an "A", Ellen L. Summer is high-tuftage season.




  2. BlueFairy says:

    Is that kitty for real?

  3. Oh, I lurve penguins! May we have more plz?

  4. Hims a crested kitteh! Maybe macaroni kitteh?

  5. Oldman eartufts kitteh!

  6. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    We do need more penguins… and more ferrets. Then, we would have a varied Cute Overload Population!!!

  7. These kits & pingu look very disapproving…

  8. you’ve gotta be kiddin’

  9. Catbird with ear tuftage. HEHEHEHEHE

  10. First tufty-ear skwerls, now tufty-ear cats. That’s it–I demand tufty ears for EVERYONE! Go on! Go put your tufty ears on.

  11. i concur…we need more penguins!

  12. I haven’t seen Happy Feet, but isn’t that a Surf’s Up penguin? Cute regardless, though.

  13. Kitty Lovelace! BWAAHAHAHAHA!!


  14. mervtheflamingo says:

    Pingu Pingu! *sings the pingu song*

    Has anyone else seen (and become obsessed with Pingu, the wordless claymation penguin show for children?)

  15. Isn’t the penguin from Surf’s Up and not Happy Feet?

  16. Thats a very adorable TLLT

  17. it’s an unlikely love story…a penguin and a kitteh, star-crossed lovers, overcome all odds to express their love…

    *swelling of romantic music*

  18. he’s a real kitteh! his name is benny and the ear tuftfs appear to be seasonal… full tuftage when we adopted him last august, then they virtually disappeared over the winter. thank goodness they’re back again.

  19. Cute, cute, and especially cute!

  20. lol.

    math was never this fun in school.

    those are some major feline ear tuftage!!

  21. We want a bigger picture of tufty McTufterson!

  22. riolinda says:

    cute ear tufts!! 🙂

  23. Summer and not winter tufts? That’s the opposite of the usual pattern. Benny is quite the unusual cat.

  24. MommiKitten says:

    Lovelace from Happy Feet was a rockhopper.

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, please a better picture of the final result kitteh! It’s hard to truly enjoy the tuftage… can hardly see it from this angle.

  26. donutbill says:

    I just finished three terms of biology, and believe me, THAT is a sound scientific formula.

  27. My cat Alaidh has ear tufts like that. When she was a kitten I used to brush them down…then I realised they looked much cuter sticking straight up! You can see them in this pic I took last March:

  28. The “Happy Feet Penguin” is commonly known as a Southern Rock-hopper Penguin. Very cute. 🙂

  29. OK, more full-body-tuftage photos to come soon…

  30. Technically a southern rock hopper would have Skynyrd shirt on, not Tufts

  31. [grooooan]

  32. Pengie looks like Albert Einstein! (which is a good thing.)

    More pengueens, please.

  33. does this mean that if you subtract Rockhopper Penguin from Tufty Eared Cat you get Black Cat?