YARRRRRRRRRRRRH! [pops out of bag]

Didn’t think I joined you on the trip, did ye?

Avast! Hand over that Freedom Fry with all speed! [licks chops]


Elsa C., I think you’re in for a keel-haulin’.



  1. Hey say: “gimme gimme gimme. That was a long trip.”

  2. Egads, the site has been bombarded by pirates! All hands on deck! They’re attempting to board!

  3. kristen says:

    I don’t think I will ever get tired of dogs in a bag 🙂 so prosh!!

  4. I have that carry-on bag! cute!

  5. yay that was blank! 😮

    I meant to say…

    that made me hungry.

  6. I can juuuuuuust barely see some puptongue!

  7. ShelleyTambo says:

    Methinks that’s a mozzarella stick, yes?

  8. BlueFairy says:

    I wish I had a dog small enough to hide in a bag. Mine couldn’t fit in a steamer trunk.

  9. Theresa says:

    Damn, now I want a doggie-bag– or is that a baggie-dog?

  10. Sproing, Frech Fries I smell french fries. I love french fries….. Hey Hey You over there.. That is my french Fry I tell you! Give it to me… Ohhh when I get out of this bag you are in BIG TROUBLE Buster!!!

  11. Hidin’ from Bob Barker…..

  12. AuntieMame says:

    I’m thinking that’s cheez and marinara sauce. (It would be better with Ranch dressing, but I’d share either one with Captain Stowaway!)


  14. tip of tongue protruding…#36????

  15. This is the doggie equivalent of yesterday’s burrito cat. Now we have hot pocket dog! mm..yummy!

  16. Stop Theo is starving…

  17. That’s no freedom fry, that’s a breadstick!

    Or a space station.

  18. that does sort of look like a bread stick, but it might be one of those yummy fried cheese sticks and that is probably marinara sauce, which goes very well with either cheese OR some nice warm garlic bread, its all good, but for ME , right now, its breakfast time! and theres nothing like some nice ham and eggs, or maybe snausages, with some crispy hash browns. Now I would definately share that with my puppeh!

    How ya doing Theo????

  19. yup, looks like cheese stick to me. Which I happen to have for my own lunch here, which I’m about to begin eating right now. However, my cheese sticks are not breaded, and I don’t have dipping sauce, but they will still go great with the yummy semi-spicy chile that I’m also having…
    Oh. Were we supposed to be talking about something else??

  20. Is that the same daschund as was hiding in the sleeve of a hoodie several months ago?

  21. well that sounds good for lunch.
    actually we are having an bar be que outside on the patio here at work today, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sausages, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and potatoe salad and cole slaw, and i think a fruit salad as well. then of course your usual drinks and stuff. So I’ll save my left over chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes from last night until tomorrow i think. or maybe a snack this afternoon? hmmm not sure.
    Yep thats one cute little puppeh in that bag.

    what’cha think Theo?

  22. Mmmmm, yummy mozzarella sticks! Kinda wish I was having those instead of the hamburgers I’m currently cooking up right now, which I intend to enjoy with a homemade cool cucumber salad and perhaps a slice of carrot cake. But yannoo? I don’t think I’m in too bad a shape, all things considered. I mean, I COULD be like poor Theo…hey Theo, ya want a bite of my burger? 😉


  23. *snort*!
    You guys are bein mean to Theo! Better be careful, he can have an effect on our cute intake you know…

  24. the silence is deafining.

    probably has hand-on steering wheel, peddle to floor. speeding to the nearest drive thru!

  25. Theo Heck. I am starving out here in California and an Hour and a half until lunch time. Burgers Hotdogs mozzarella sticks you guys are killing me.

  26. I want to work where Liz works. 😦

  27. I’m better now. Bagel sandwich.

  28. 😦 I want Foood Tooooooo.

  29. cant tease Theo any more…
    Bagel sandwich to the rescue!

  30. Victoria says:

    oh my goodness…

    by the way, theo, don’t take this the wrong way, but are you gay? i definitely want to marry you, but i feel like it’s probably too good to be true that a straight guy would be that comfortable with his cuteometer.

  31. Victoria you can’t have him he is already caught!Beautiful wife, smart kids house in the burbs, a lawn mower, and a weed whacker.

    You is too late.

  32. rpennefe says:

    Shouldn’t that be a beagle sandwich?

  33. R. Moore says:

    Now I’m hungry, too!

    But then, it’s past lunch time.

  34. …and I #@$%ing HATE that weed whacker.

  35. Annie, you forget to mention the residents of Theo’s Cat Cave.

    “It’s a weed hacker, Vern! A weed hacker!!!”

  36. Theo, you hate the weed whacker? But I thought you liked gardening…

  37. Everything depends on context.


  39. I thought the weed wacker was every guys favorite tool?

    Okay girls the trick to the weed wacker that makes it all worth while is to tap the head on the ground every so often to release the cutting string.(this is great until you have to replace said string because you used it all)

    Brinn and Helene, You can have a good laugh on that in context of the gardening discussion.:)

  40. Ours is SUPPOSED to not require said “tapping”. Ours is SUPPOSED to have convenient drop-in replacement filament spools. Ours is SUPPOSED to use LONG-LASTING filament (like, one might even expect said filament spool to last for at least the perimeter of a modest suburban yard).

    oh it’s WACKED all right

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    LOL I think y’all lost the “cute” there.

  42. Theo, you do realize you’re fueling the fire, right?

  43. Elizabeth says:

    You DID NOT just call that a Freedom fry…. wow.

  44. Theo’s all frisky now he’s got some carbs rocketing around the old bloodstream. better stuff him in a bag like the puppers who started all this madness.

  45. eikoleigh says:

    hehe, so cute, cute little hound pup peeking his head out…!

  46. Tiiiiny.