Oh, for crapping out loud

[shaking head]

Please tell me that this lil’ kitteh-that-looks-like-a-bear is not the cutest kitteh in ALL DEE LAND.

[Handing kitteh "Cutest" sash to wear]

Kitteh: "pppbbbbbbtttth!"


Kitteh: "I see your Rule 15 and raise you a RULE 14, mofos!"

Rule 15 is small ear-to-head ratio—but you already knew that

[crowd going wild sound]


Jen M., you should really be careful where you send your photos—that’s some potent shizzle.



  1. lurkingsmirk says:

    Holy heck! Looks like a sanrio character!

  2. book_monstercats says:

    This kitteh looks like a model for those awful paintings of children and fluffy animals with improbably huge eyes that I used to hate. D*amn. Does this mean I now have to change all my artwork?

  3. SlaveToThreeFelines says:

    Oh dear lord, this kitteh is so darn cute, it ain’t even right.

  4. omg, I’m melting, he’s too cute.. too cute.. tooo cuuuuute…

  5. *melts* Can I have him? Please?

  6. Snowpea says:

    That’s not a cat… is it? LOL

    (but what kind?)

  7. hehehe how old is this mcflufferson 2 weeks? or 3?

  8. “pppbbbbbbtttth!” to the camera, says little bunneh-kitty …

    then “Mom, Mom it’s pppbbbbbbtttthing back at me; It’s not right! “

    now, where did I hear that line recently ??? *smirk*

  9. Too Many Maureens says:

    SO worth the time the page took to load. What a little handful! (And JUST a handful!)

    S/he looks a little… what? Mogwai? Ewok? Can I get a “yub nub”?

  10. dang – I meant *bear-kitty*

  11. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Razzberries!!!! SQUEE!!!! I call dibs on tha kitling!!! MINE MINE MINE!!!! NOBODY ELSE CAN HAVE HER!!! MY KITLING!!!! SO PPBBPPBBPTTHTTHTHTH!!!! XP!!!

  12. kitteh mcflooferson’s leetle leeck organ ees moishe too big to be contained een his one teensy moufpowsche.

  13. R. Moore says:

    Is it POUTING?!

  14. soulcal006 says:


  15. I’m going to leeck his nose. I am.

  16. lauowolf says:

    His paw-work is worthy of praise as well.

  17. As someone who got a leetle bitty tuxedo kitten less than a year ago, I must protest…

    … that this kitty is even cuter than my TK boy was!

    (the EARS, the TUNG, teh PAWZ!)

  18. China's Mom says:

    I love it – a kitteh with an attitude!

  19. Carlisa says:

    He doesn’t like it… not one little bit… what part of “ppppbtttt” do you not understand?!

  20. Carlisa says:

    Mebbe a couple weeks old? I dub this one Sinatra

  21. Are you 100% sure this is a cat? Look more like an ewok or something.

  22. ritabby says:

    send an ambulance….i’m dyiiinggg here!

  23. Kitty looks soooo content and comfortabuls! I imagine he/she feels awfully safe in Dad’s arms.

  24. awwwww! that was so adorable!! It brightened my mood. Thanks, lil cute kitteh!

  25. Lucia Grillo says:

    This little thing seriously took my breath away!

  26. sundriedbagel says:

    i just wanna kiss it on it’s cute little pink nose!!! 🙂 what a cutie!

  27. I think that kitten may have hydrocephaly (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrocephalus). If that’s the case, than this is really much more sad than cute.

    Actually, I think it’s kinda gross looking even if it isn’t a birth defect.

  28. shollia says:

    That kitten is so adorable.

  29. awww what a cutie!!!!

    I found (3 days ago during bad storm) momma cat (vry young herself) and her 3 lil babies living in my basement (came in thru broken cellar door, lol) been getting her & the babies used to humans, and one of them may already have a home! yay! (momma’s a stray who was part of a litter that lived behind my garage last summer)

  30. Looks like someone’s been eating SpagettiOs.

  31. Sweet holy lord, that is the cutest face I have ever seen in my entire freaking life. No joke. I could squeal so loud I would shatter glass.

  32. How in the world can ANYBODY be a nuff when looking at this adorable little kitty?!? I was thinking that s/he looks a little like Gizmo on ….that movie where the cute little creatures turn into malevolent little monsters when they get wet…GREMLIN’S!! THAT’s it! Only the kitty looks like the cute version, the Mogwai’s. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Mogwais-in-school-lab.JPG
    And yes, I think #3 IS a pouty face, fer shure.

  33. lil_cutey says:

    aaaaaaawwwwwwww! That lil kitty iz sooooooooo cute! His beady eyes shine! lol!

  34. CatFan76 says:

    I don’t think the lil kitteh is ill Teri, I think its just got a big floof head. Plus even if (s)he is poorly it looks like the owners love her big time so kitteh will have great care. That aside, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I could smoosh my face into the little wittle kittehs and love it, and hug it and breath it in so the floof tickles my nose. I’m in love, la la la la love :o)

  35. Holy Mother Of God….I don’t think he could possible be any cuter! Edible!!!

  36. elliottsmommy says:

    i believe someone sprinkled fairy kitteh dust on the teddy bear sheets in the background and the anerableness just sprang to life in the form of this pessum angel beebee.

  37. the watery eyes…too much…not to mention the teensy tongue…*ded*

    sooooooo cute

    *dies again*

  38. you sound like meg but you are not meg

  39. is anyone reminded of Mr.Winkles with this photo??

  40. *nibbles kitteh’s lil ear*

    Fyrestorme, nice rescue job on the homeless kitteh babies! Bravo! *standing ovation and smiles all around*

    Oh, and Maureen? Yub nub!

  41. BrianMPLS says:

    can this one also be in the “cute or sad” category?

  42. “This kitteh looks like a model for those awful paintings of children and fluffy animals with improbably huge eyes that I used to hate. D*amn. Does this mean I now have to change all my artwork?”

    Book_monstercats – I would have never thought of that, but you are so right. I always hated those, but on this cat it looks good.

    BTW -that kitteh would not say mofo, I’m sorry anything that cute would not say mofo.

    Meg,Meg (shakes head)

  43. foxy bingo says:

    I think in that first pic the kitteh is trying just a bit *too* hard. Like pushy mum and dad are so desperate to get it on CO they want it to pull out all the stops. ‘Stick out yer tongue; show more paw…’

    That’s why by the third pic the poor little bugger’s eyes have glazed over.

    Lesson, people: DON’T FORCE THE CUTE

    [Foxy, that’s just the way kitten eyes look… they outgrow the “glazedness” – Ed.]

  44. SeaBreeze says:

    O. M. G!

    This is one of the cutest little balls of kitteh-tude that I have eveh seen!!!!!!

  45. I want heem!!

  46. Is that.. a bear kitten? *faints from cuteness*

  47. I realllllly neeeed this kitty, please. What a sweet baby. Thank you for sharing this sweet face with us.

  48. Peg of Tilling says:

    I don’t know about you, but I hear the kitty calling us mewfews (not mofos). In the teensiest tiniest voice.

  49. oh my…
    that’s it, I am speechless from the kewt…
    and for moi, that is indeed a rarity…

  50. Yitzysmommie says:

    Completely adorabuhls! What is his/her name??
    YM plants soft leetle keeses on his/her leetle earsies & nosie (doin’ a lot of that lately….)

  51. OMG

  52. No one could force cuteness on this kitten. It owns the Cute, and it owns me….omg!
    If I didn’t already have the menagarie I do…OMG!
    *gives up & rolls over dead*

  53. Not questioning the powers to be just wanted to point out that pic # 2 seems Rule # 1 worthy, (paw is up & nothing saying you can’t prop your paw up on something), also seems to be a good candidate for Rule # 2 & Rule # 10, them paws to me hint at a much larger kittey looming over the horizon.

  54. The only… and I say again, the ONLY reason I’m still breathing is because I happen to know there is one cuter kitten and he’s at home right now in the CatCave. Reykjavik Ragdoll has imparted us with a certain degree of immunity to two-dimensional cuteness, regardless of its quality (and that which I see here is unimpeachable).

    Third pic — “OH! I MAEKD UR HED SPLODE. 😦 I SOWWY! 😦 “

  55. Theo, ROFLMAO!

  56. Theo, can you make that a roll-over?

  57. I will pay you $534,000,000,000.00 for that kitten. Can you accept a check?

  58. That is some excessively cute kitteh action–I might be overdosing on cuteness!!!! I’m dialing 911 just to be safe….

  59. I like how he always has at least one paw on daddy.

  60. violetgreen says:

    Owwww! Just stawp! A Cuteness hat trick! Uncle! Painfully cute! Again! (uh-oh, cuteness masochism…crossing a line there…)

  61. Brinn — I could, but in this case I think the “Insthane!!” title tag is pretty spot-on.
    Now, if this was ICanHasCheezburger, a bit of “Catois” would be just the thing, eh?

  62. Steve Svecz says:

    New Cuteness rule? Showing Tongue. If the tip of the tongue is protruding unselfconsciously then you gotta admit it’s always cute.
    Look at this kitty! I rest my case.

  63. Teri the Not Nuff in Toronto says:

    The ‘Teri’ who Nuffed the place up a few comments back is NOT me. Just for the record. In my worst mood (which I happen to be in), I couldn’t find an ounce of Nuff in me for this babydoll.

  64. rocketpants says:

    It’s not just the small ear-to-head ratio and the other-things-make-you-look-small factor. That little minx has a FIVE HEAD, too. We’re looking at a trifecta.

    I would also nominate a new cute rule just for this little-un: Putting Tiny Feets On Dad. When she puts her tiny feets on her dad and looks at the camera with her “My feets are on my dad!” look on her face, MY SKIN FALLS OFF!!!

    [Well jeez, now *I* want a pair of rocket pants! Nice screen name – Ed.]

  65. Candace says:

    That was great! The absolute cutest kittie ever! And I love the captions–imagining that little guy calling me a “mofo” was just too much.

  66. dude, he sees dead people.

  67. OMG, lamer, you’re right! The resemblance is uncanny!

    [Not anymore, heh… http://tinyurl.com/2h93h2 – Ed.]

  68. I honestly think this image could create world peace. Especially the last one. Just show it to anyone threatening, and watch them collapse going “Awwww!”

  69. Theresa says:

    I just went blind.

  70. deirdre says:

    Dang…this IS a cute tiny beast, and the possesive paw..kinda young to be away from it’s family, tho.

  71. YAY Jen! Represent Winnipeg CUTE-i-ness!

  72. Noelegy says:

    Welllll…I happen to think my Philo keeteen is cuter, but this little ursine feline is pretty cute all the same.

  73. i have never seen a cuter kitteh.
    the bear ears make me fall over (dead) the eye-bulbs and the stickin out baby tongue are too much for humans. no fair.
    may i have im’ please?? are there any more like that at home???

  74. obviously it is just me, but I think this kitten is only cute in an ugly way.

  75. I don’t remember …
    has anyone mentioned the pink nose.

    must keees eet.

    (once again my kitties hide..”she has that look on her face, she’ll snorgle us unmercifully”…quick under the bed)

  76. Josie — if I were to kerplop this bebehkitn down on your lap, right now, I GUARANTEE you’d change your mind. Furthermore, it would require only very slightly more than the the amount of time it would take for the nerve impulse to travel from your eyes (and lap) to your brain.

  77. foxy bingo says:

    Erm, eds? I was only enjoying a bit of creative licence. I didn’t think its eyes really had glazed over from being forced to be too cute…!

    My sincerest apologies for just having a bit of a laugh, like 😦

  78. Will the owner of this kitteh please come forward and explain how their babeh looks like a bear and is cuter than any kitteh we’ve ever seen in our lives? There must be a reason for this redonkulousness.

  79. Foxy — that was me. I was jus’ sayin’. No worries. (The kittenish “glazed” look is really real.)

    Jwlls — ’cause kitn still has Bear Ears and Barely Opened Eyes.

  80. PS — Also please to be noting kitn’s Betty Boop moozlepoofe.

  81. That must be the cutest kitteh ever 🙂

  82. First Teri – I don’t think so. I think it’s just a very young kitteh. (The ear positioning is a dead giveaway.)

  83. hmmm.
    Dude + extreme adorable kitteh = yummy

    “am I right ladies?”

  84. You’re right, Liz, and the teddy bear sheets that someone pointed out are the icing on the cake. Love it!!
    If I were in the market for a baby kitten I would want one JUST like this.

  85. lauowolf says:

    Completely right.
    Kitteh works like an exponent number to underlying cuteness of guy.

  86. Jwls- our Tuffy cat came like that with teddy bear ears. and the big forehead they eventually grow out of that he also had extremely long hair it was two inches long. I think also he was very young when we got him about 3 or 4 weeks old. (Don’t nuff Ok the people who had him gave all the kittens away in one day. The neighbor(not the one with the kittens) came to tell me if we wanted him we better go get him, any kittens left were getting drowned at the end of the day. When I got there he was the only one left, all the rest had homes)

  87. liz, I’m so glad you mentioned it. I couldn’t help but notice the very nice bicep in the last picture. The placement of kitteh’s paws is saying, “No, hims mah daddeh, you can no has.”

  88. He doesn’t have a name yet, I just call him cutie =). As of Sunday this cute little guy is now 4 weeks old, but don’t worry his mommy and brothers and sisters are just around the corner. I cannot even begin to explian hwo cute this little guy is in person,I’m glad you all think the same =) The others are just as cute and fluffy as he is =)

  89. Ewwwwww. says:

    Cats that are so genetically screwed up that their eyes point different directions are *F***ING HIDEOUS*.

  90. That dumbass commenter person who said this baby is hideous must be a really unhappy person. Take a deep breath and try to remember what it’s like to think nice thoughts!

  91. so Jen-
    who’s the “dude’ in the photo( and PLEEEEEZE dont tell me you’ve been working out) the world wants to know…. and what’s with the teddy sheets? and did you say you have given away all the bro’s and sissies??? do you have more pictures?

  92. Shannon Johnson says:

    Cute Kitteh Alert!

  93. Shannon Johnson says:

    Cute Kitteh Alert!

  94. riolinda says:

    Cute!! I can’t handle the cuteness!! XD

  95. gloom raider says:

    I’ve been back to look at these pics about seven times today. Is kitty’s nose pink because there’s a hypnosis ray in there that runs a tad warm?

  96. Teri (not the one that nuffed above) says:

    Ewwww….are you absolutely POSITIVE that you are indeed looking at the pictures on this website? Because I don’t see a kitten who is genetically screwed up so that their eyes are looking in different directions.

    Of course, there’s the distinct possibility that YOUR eyes are looking in different directions, which would explain things really.

  97. Um, Jen, Liz and I are still waiting for answers…I wanna know who the guy is too, and where we can find additional pictures.

  98. ::falls over from cuteness overload::

    sorry, i’ve officially malfunctioned.

    ::throws in the towel::

  99. Yeah. When Rikki was juuust little, like up to 1 month old, he was kinda wall-eyed. A *lot* more than the kitten here, at this age. Anyway, they eventually lined themselves up and now they look straight ahead.

    Some people really don’t know how to make their brains do more than fart. Shame, that.

  100. Ya I swear that is not my arm, that dude in the pic is my dude =) the kitteh just seemed to love him and loved to “walk” (I put ” since the little guy is still very wobbly on his feet) when we let him run around inside. We live on a farm so we often take all the baby kittehs inside so they get used to people. I do have other pictures of all the little guys but I don’t know where to post them or if I can post them? if you know of somewhere let me know =)we do still have all of them since they are still too small to leave mommy.
    hehehe and to be Honest, the teddy bear pillow, my boyfriends =)

  101. Lucky you, Jen. Kitties and dude who likes kitties. 🙂

  102. pat_the_bunny says:

    Jen. M: Swoon! I melt for your little fuzz-faced kitteh! He is snorgladorable! Every pic is brain-poppingly cute, but the staring serious one is bordering on fatal!!

    Me want, me want, me want!!

  103. pat_the_bunny says:

    I would marry any dewd, sight unseen, that owns a kitteh such as this.

    Is there such a thing as a “Dangerously Cute Kitten Digger”?

  104. well Jen you are so very , lucky to be able to live on a farm and be around animals all the time and have a b-friend that loves the kittehs (obviously) and doesnt let his teddy – pillow embarass him. sweet.

    OH! and as for EEEEEWWWWWWWW! you are not a smart person are you? this kitteh is SO little that he does not have full control over his cutsie little eye-bulbs, and he probably cant even see very well yet. BUT he’s smart enough to know that you’re a poop head that spews out mean stuff when you dont know what you’re talking about.. So there. we hiss and spit in your general direction.

  105. Pat, we could start a club.

  106. Teri (not the kittennuffer) says:

    “hiss and spit in your general direction”

    THAT, my friends, is becoming my new email sig.

  107. Jen M., you should totally start a Flickr page – I have a feeling we would all be there in a heartbeat to see more pics of Mr. Wallyeyed J. McFluffitude here.

    http://www.flickr.com – it’s very easy.

    (I have pics of my pathologically cute beagle there as well as some foster dogs we’ve had and our kitties: http://www.flickr.com/photos/megusmaximus.)

  108. oh ya! Jen needs a Flickr page for the kittehs! then we can watch them grow up!
    🙂 happy happy joy joy!

  109. Megusmaximus, it says “Page Not Found
    Oops! Looks like you followed a bad link.”

  110. This is way too freakin’ cute.

    I want to give it kisses.

  111. Brinnann~

    You just need to remove the parathesis & the period at the end of the url. 🙂

  112. I tried clicking on her name link too, and it gave me the same thing.

  113. (sheepish grin)

    Whoops. (turning red)


    (slinking away quietly)

  114. I love his teenie tiny mustachio (the kitten not the bicep boy)

  115. My Philo’s eyes are just beginning to change color, and his lil peepers have a faintly wall-eyed appearance. Nothing genetically screwed up about him. “Ewwwww,” have you ever really seen a kitten so young its eyes haven’t changed color yet? The wall-eyed look is pretty common. Almost ubiquitous. Kittens don’t have good vision until they get to be a few months old.

    Philo is currently fascinated with watching me blink from a few inches away (we let him snuggle with us for a while before going to bed at night; he’s still too small to let him sleep in the bed with us). So I’ll lie in bed with a book for a while, or watch Adult Swim, with Philo on my shoulder, intently watching my every blink (and occasionally leaning forward and giving me a little nip).

  116. Mary (the first) says:

    “Some people really don’t know how to make their brains do more than fart. ” Theo, I salute you.

  117. tommiebot says:

    This is absolutely the cutest kitten I have ever seen. Let me know if he has brothers or sisters who need a home with me.

  118. I am coming late, here, but I hafta say one thing. My boy (who is four now, thx.) has Hydrocephaly. (Fortunately the benign kind.) He has the biggest ol punkin head you have ever ever seen. And he is seriously cute. He is so cute, he made the too cool for school lifeguard at the pool melt all over the deck today. When someone ( or some aminal) has a physical challenge it does not make them disgusting out of hand. What I tend to find is that a person’s reaction to someone with a disability is a pretty sure glimpse into what kind of person they are at their core. If this kitteh has a neurological condition, then it makes her only more precious, because she will not be with us long. I heart you kitteh.

  119. What dude?

  120. Fred, LOL

  121. This *can’t* be real!!! I’ve had really cute pet cats, but this is probably the CUTEST thing I have ever seen so far!

    I’m officially overloaded.

  123. Christine H says:

    ADORABLE. And add “loves cute fluffy things” to my list of preferred attributes in a man (well, it was there already, but the existence of a straight guy who will allow the existence of his teddy bear pillow to be broadcasted on the Internet raises the bar a bit).

    I’m just wondering, where did we get the term Nuff/Nuffingham? It just sort of showed up, and we all knew what it meant, but I don’t remember where it came from.

  124. kittenlover says:

    Looks like a scottish fold (not sure if that was mentioned already). My cats are also scottish fold and they were just as cute when they were babies. They’re still cute, just bigger and fluffier. Amazingly, their ears have remained teeny tiny.Cutest cats ever

  125. anomalous4 says:

    WU-U-U-U-U-U-U-UV that tongue action………….. would WU-U-U-U-U-U-U-UV to slurp this behbeh right back! Watch out, I’m gonna cut right in front of the whole snorgling line!!!!!!!!!

  126. s/he looks so….concerned!

    or high.

    “wait….hunh? oh.” *naps*

  127. Cal, London says:

    Oh wow. I think it’s the slightly divergent squint, the fact that the ears are very low on the head, and the big pink nose that is bigger than most kitty noses…but somehow these odd features all come together to make something so stupidly loveable it takes my breath away!


    The ears! The ears!!!!

    Teho, you’re dead on with the Betty Boop resemblance.


  129. I wonder how he’d look in a dishcloth?

  130. elliottsmommy says:

    the dewd in a dishcloth? ooohhh…THAT could be cute, as well. Jen?

  131. elliotsmommy – shame on you , I meant the kitteh, gosh

    (Hmmm, I wonder how that guy would look in a a dishcloth, hmmm)

  132. This has to be the most adorable set of kitty pictures I’ve ever seen. It’s not just the features, it’s the positioning of the body and paws, and the snuggling up to daddy. I normally don’t gush, but awwwww…Meg, you have overloaded my circuits and fried my brain with this one.

  133. I keep going back to look at this precious baby again (and think more unkind thoughts about the “Ewwww” person). This time I realized the guy in the photos does have it all: Adorable kiddin AND some sort of electronic device (in first 2 pics).

  134. elliottsmommy says:

    such a small leap from “dishcloth” to “loincloth” –
    come on, jen, let’s have a shout out for all the single chicks. 🙂

  135. elliottsmommy, I sympathize and agree completely.

  136. OMG the ears. I can’t take it. Pleeez can we see more pictures of this kit?

  137. creepyhazel says:

    …..must……resist….urge……to..SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, that has got to be one of the cutest kittens in teh whole entire world! *splodes* *gold confetti* SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  138. >> The others are just as cute and fluffy as he is =)


  139. CatFan76 says:

    I vote we petition for more photos of cuteeee pie and his/her siblings immediately!! Its too cruel not to provide the masses with things to make abnormally high pitch sounds at their computer screens with. Plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee, more photos? please please please, I am grovelling here, on knees and everyfin, pweeeeaassseeeeeeeeee

  140. Yes Jen M….

    If I can upload photos to a vox page anyone can….

  141. elliottsmommy says:

    CatFan, you need to act like you MEAN it.


  142. tanguera says:

    AAAAAARRRRGHHHHHMMMMPPPHHHWAAAHHHH!!! [head explodes from total cuteness overload]. Nothing should be soooooooo cute!!! There are tolerance limits for these things, you know?