Burrito Supreme, extra kitteh

I meant CRISPY

Did I say "kitteh"?

Sorry, I meant crispy. And guac. I loves me the guac.

Hold the harbls.

Run for the border

Suzi L., make mine one with everything, pls. 😉



  1. Okay.
    I might feel just a *little* bit of headasplode coming on, here.

  2. they dint useta have kitteh burritos when *I* worked at Taco Bell…
    I never woulda left…

  3. yummy!!

  4. Ummm…ear niblets.

  5. boy, marmalade kitteh and dishclothes


    I keep checking my dishclothes and there’s just lint in mine… 😦

  6. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    I’d say, oooh, poor cute little thing, but I did this to my kitteh when he was just a wee kitten. Not so much anymore since now that he’s bigger, he’ll hear nothing of it.

    He’d say, “Uh, what’s that you’re trying to do? Oh, I thought so. You realize, don’t you that if you do that, I will have no other alternative than to bite you.”

    I’d say, “But it’s so cute, I wanna”

    He’d say, no and then bite me.

    Then I’d say, “Ow, Dingy, that hurts.”

    He’d say, “I told you so.”

  7. Your cat’s name is really Dingy?

    Wait, what am I saying? One of mine is named Sister.

  8. I want two of them….please

  9. Can I get two to go, please?

  10. I’m gonna have to put my foot down and report you guys for trying to do me in. Seriously I’m gonna splode all over the place here at work and who’s gonna foot the clean up bill I ask you?
    I believe we’re reaching the Overload in Cute Overload! Oh my aieeeee!

  11. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:


  12. Welcome to taco bell would you like to try our new Marmy kitten burrito with guacamoli wrap. They’re very tasty!

  13. Suzanne says:

    Looks like someone’s getting medicine of some sort and he knows it too…just look at that face.

  14. Suzanne, yeah now that ya mention it, there is that look of “You are going to pay for this later.”

  15. Beautiful baby…

  16. mydragon says:

    ya… it’s cute but the poor thing looks so sad.

  17. is this the newest at chipotle?


  18. Poor thing, probably either getting medicine or getting his hind toenails clipped. We had one cat that we always had to wrap up to clip, she was a vicious fighter.

  19. This makes me want to run home and roll my cats up in towels!

  20. beenclawed says:

    I hate these kinds of pics. I have claustrophobia so it sends chills down my spine to think of being wrapped up like that w/ no way out. Poor kitty, the face does not look happy.

  21. lauowolf says:

    kitteh is all
    “Well, maybe I like having worms?
    Did you think of that before you got your nasty pill things?

  22. I’ll take two kitteh burritos, no harbls.

  23. I want me one of them!!! so cute!

  24. LOL lauowolf! It’s cute and sad.

  25. Excuse me waiter, there’s a cat in my burrito!

  26. AuntieMame says:

    “Excuse me waiter, there’s a cat in my burrito!”

    I think I’ve posted this before, but it’s still appropriate:

    Said the waiter: Don’t shout
    And wave it about
    Or the rest will be wanting one, too.

  27. The Great Kittini is contemplating his next move in this mind-boggling feat of escape: “Ehn! EEEEEEHHHHHHHnnn! Ehn-ehn EHN. A HA! In my mind I am free!!”

    Come here widdle kitters. You can stay at my house where there are no attack-towels and no nasty medicines and catnip grows in all the corners.

  28. She’s sayin’ “HEY-ULP!! A little HEY-ULP please!!”

  29. Awwwwwwwww…….

    I wonder what it is about Meg’s phrasing that always just slays me. And there’s something about “I loves me the guac” that just sends me into a serious gigglefest. Just like, “we loves us some wet pawsitude”. Just priceless!

  30. Theresa says:

    Tasty and nutrishus!!!

  31. Shannon Johnson says:

    Yummy, I want to eat that kitteh right up.

  32. Loves Cute says:

    “Mom, please, can we be done yet? I don’t like this, not even a little bit.”

  33. I ruv de burrito-burrrrrrr….

  34. Cat Herder says:

    The SPCA calls them kitty burritos. They do it to calm the kitten, not to pill them. You take one delicious feral (or stressed out) kitten, wrap it in a towel and cuddle it. After about 5 minutes of meeping and fussing, the kitten either falls asleep or comes ’round. “Oh, the monkey isn’t going to eat me. Okay.”

  35. Take that Taco Bell, with your “5 same ingredients in every item”! The new Burrito Gatito features a real marmie kitteh!

  36. plz to be no eetings!
    i r not tasty or nootrishus

  37. i want to snorgle heeem!!!

  38. Cat Herder, does this work on larger kittehs too? I’m still working on acclimating my two cats (brought one home from the Humane Society a few weeks ago), and they mostly tolerate each other. I was just wondering if I could use this to get them within closer proximity to each other without them or me coming in contact with their pointy ends.

  39. pat_the_bunny says:

    I want to pop the whole thing in my mouf!

  40. Brinnann, that sounds like an ill-fated undertaking. They will not take kindly to being forcibly in close proximity to each other, especially if they feel helpless or threatened. The best way to trick them into closer quarters is a tasty treat.

  41. Can someone tell me what “harbls” are?

  42. Jorden – hairballs

  43. Jorden, not the kind of hairballs that kittehs cough up, though. The kind that the vet removes from the boy kittehs.

  44. Katy with a Capital K says:

    Ditto what brinnann said!

    No harbls in my burrito, kthx. Ick.

  45. soulcal006 says:

    kitty is all…it’s nice that you wrapped me up like this…now can you get me out?

  46. lol brinnann! And to get the kittehs acclimated, try to get them to “play” together such as toss the toy-on-a-string across in front of both of them so before they know it, they’re both playing with the same toy. It worked with my two although one was a baby at the time and basically ignored the older one’s hissing. It was pretty funny, baby Sara would curl up against Shadow and he’d wake up with this strange unwelcome kitteh cuddled against him. It only took a couple of days of half-hearted hissing before he gave up. Two grown cats, it might not work, which is why I won’t try to get another one until (now 17 yr old) Sara’s gone. Not fair to her.

  47. Iz in your towel makin like a burrito

  48. R. Moore says:

    Do you seriously do this to snorgle feral kittens to make them good little pet kittens?

    Oh man, I can’t get more volunteer jobs, I need money!

  49. I was not feelin the cute at all today, I looked at this kitteh and said so what? It’s a cat inna towel. Big deal. and then I read down the comments and when I got to “in my mind I am free” I laughed so hard I almost fell over, and suddenly this kittayn is the cutest thing I has ever saw.

  50. Reminds me of a young woman I saw at the pound years ago who had a very, very young kitten all wrapped burrito style then shoved down in her cleavage while she worked.

  51. OMG…can’t…take…the cuteness….


  52. i’m in ur towlz, “bean” ur burrrritoez.

  53. Little guy is all: alright Mom I am all wrapped up in my sleeping bag. can you reposition me I can’t see the TV.

  54. This reminds me of James Herriott’s vaunted “cat wrapping” ability (mentioned in one of his books, don’t recall which). Poor [insanely cute!] kitty! He’s all, “Is it over yet?”

  55. sundriedbagel says:

    adorable and yummy looking!! 🙂 the funny thing is, you know that this cute little kitteh can easily slither his way out of the towel if he really wanted to. he just looks so comfortable all wrapped up. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    my older sister used to do the EXACT same thing to me when we were kids. She’d make eggrolls and burritos out of me using my blankets when all I wanted to do was go back to sleep! LOL.

    The things we do to the people and animals we love… 🙂

  56. Yum, kitteh burrito, hold the salsa 🙂

  57. francesca says:

    that is one very cozy kitteh…. 🙂

  58. I’m looking at a disapproving burrito, and frankly, I don’t believe it.

  59. acelightning says:

    Holy guacamole, what a cute li’l marmie-kitty!

  60. This bebeh kitteh looks just like my Hootie (Hooteh?)


    Except Hootie is 10 lbs and goodness only knows how old (stray that came into the rescue where I was working as an adult already…)

    Thanks for clearing up “harbls” for me.

    We burrito Mojo (The Bad Cat) when we need to. If she needs her teethies brushed or her eye meds. The vet will also do this if they need bloodwork and don’t feel like putting her in an iso-tent.

    And BTW, God Bless James Herriot. He was the first “Celebrity” for whom I cried when he passed away. I couldn’t have been more than 12.

  61. Brinnann, my mum used to swap their “bedding”. When we brought a new kittybaby into the house, the new one would spend a day or so in mom and dad’s bathroom, then a day or so in their bedroom and bathroom and then she’d start leaving the door open. She’d make a nest for the new kitty in the bathroom and then take out one of the old towels and put it where the rest of the cats could see it, smell it, sleep on it, all that stuff. Then she’d take something they’d slept on and put it in the new kitty’s bed. After a few days of this, everyone knows each other’s smell and things seemed to go smoother.

  62. Oh, I thought “harbls” came from something else. There used to be a blog “written” by a dog. Said poochie complained that his humans would put a bit of cheese on his back for fun, and it was “harbl” (horrible). Meeeeeeeeggy, wachoo mean?


  64. Wolverine Librarian says:

    OMG! I’m so having a Beatrix Potter and Tom Kitten Moment! Kitteah looks just like the illustration where Tom Kitten is rolled up in dough by the rats.
    He sure looks yummy, a teeny little kronsch on the ears and a little nose snorgle….. sigh

  65. Oh I love that story! The Two Bad Rats, right? Tom is all covered in soots, and then the puppeh saves the day! The best part is when the cook uses the gross dough anyway…

  66. Aelfwyn says:

    yay, I wondered if anyone else was going to think of Tom Kitten! I think it’s in the Tale of Samuel Whiskers.

  67. supercuteboymom says:

    The soft pink nose and leeps . . . and I bet she has stripes on her belly . . . I luv that!

  68. maybe some people consider harbls a delicacy and call them “sandy litter-box oysters”. probably not though.

    anyhoo, check out kitteh’s defiant widdle chin. so prosh!

  69. Dang, you had to go and ruin my diet with this nummy burrito!! I can’t hardly resist those marmalade kittens and YOU KNOW IT!!!

  70. Theresa says:

    I always thought that “harbls” as a word for um, kitty ornaments was short for something like “horribles,” and I thought that it was really funny. I think I shall continue to think that. 😉

  71. I always thought harbls was “hairballs”…

  72. That’s one little burrito I wouldn’t send back!

  73. Can I order one with extra purr and paw stretch?

  74. aww how cute.

  75. grammyD says:

    A kitty burrito!

  76. not tasty . . . not nootrishus . . . but snorglable! (snorglesnorglesnorgle)

  77. “Yes,I would like a #1 with a side of kitty litter and extra cheese”

  78. “ohh no onions or peppers

  79. kitkat aka kittykat says:

    cute but can get outside the bun