YAWWWWN [streeeetch]



Hmm?  Whaa?
…Oh.  Sorries.

As the cliché goes, we’ve been up to our eyeballs in alligators.  (Hmm, maybe shoulda used that as the photo?  Dunno.  Can’t think yet.)  Wasn’t what you’d call a relaxing weekend.  Updates a-comin’ though.  This one’s from the San Francisco Chronicle again… gotta love ’em.  Photo of Mei Xiang snapped by Ron Edmonds (AP).



  1. I am sleepy tooo!

  2. Karen in Toronto says:

    A break-dancing panda.

  3. morgat (useta be useta hada kitteh) says:

    Dat guy’s fur coat is a couple o’ sizes too big, don’t ya think? Maybe needs to go to the tailor and get it taken in a notch… (Or maybe that’s just the loose-fittin’ jammies he prefers for sleepin’, and his regular-size fur coat is hanging on a bit of bamboo waitin’ for him to put it on and face the day…)

  4. firefinch says:

    Someone has a case of the Mondays!

  5. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OHHHHH! I love love pandas. More Pandas More pandas.

  6. you ain’t kiddin, firefinch

  7. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That’s silly Mei Xiang from the National Zoo.

  8. OHHH!!! I JUST WANNA SPOON WITH HIM!!! And Morgat…does this mean you hasa kitteh?

  9. Useta Useta — yeah, I’m confused too

  10. Theresa says:

    Panda Pajamas!

  11. Pandajammies pandajammies pandajammies

    *beep* the squishy rollage

  12. hee hee

  13. Pajandaies?

  14. no..


  15. I’ve just spoken with NOAA, and this pic registers 11.6 on the pandamometer.

  16. I have pandamas, but no one squees when I wear them.

  17. I have no pandamas, and no one sees me not wear them.

  18. What a perfect stretch for a Monday morning!

  19. Panda Jammies… Girls Love Um Pandamas???? do they make you look like a panda bear??? can I get a pair??

  20. Here in Sunny California we have just experienced a 11.6 on the pandamometer.

    people are squeeing all over the place.

    And the National geological survey is warning all to be beary careful in case of Pandaftershocks!

  21. LOL everyone! pandameter, pandaftershocks, pandamas, I’m still snickering.

  22. Bummer…the link to the SF Chron only takes me to the front page. When I searched for Cute Overload at the site, it returned an article on Lindsay Lohan…?

  23. M. V. — click on the photo itself. You won’t get much more info, though.

  24. AuntieMame says:

    Here’s a link to the National Zoo’s giant panda page with more info.


    Mei Xiang is Tai Shan’s mama.

  25. Thanks, Theo.

  26. I don’t beleive in pandas. they’re too cute to be real. How could such an amazingly cute animal evolve? What kind of evolutionary pressures caused the panda to be so cute?

    maybe pandas are proof of “intelligent design”!!!

  27. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    According to the article, Mai Xiang might be preggers again! That’s right, that means… PANDABEHBEH!!

    Pandas and red pandas (no relation) are my two favoritest aminals… Seriously, besides kittehs, what’s cuter than a baby red panda?

  28. coffeeboss says:

    That panda has got a lot of extra neck meat!

  29. OSoCute! says:


    Oversized fur coat!!!

    Reminds me of a friend who used to have a cat … who’s coat was not a cat-coat, but more like a ?bob-cat? pelt!! Her pelt was at least 3 sizes too big!!

  30. Cheyenne, Teho, and anyone else I’ve confuzzled — Unfortunately, my name change doesn’t mean I now hasa kitteh. That woulda beena good thing, but no, that ain’t it. I needed a more positive sounding name. There’s a long story involved in the name change, which (now, for a limited time only) is currently “public” on my vox. Click teh link for to get teh story.

  31. R. Moore says:

    Its skin! Look at those foldy extra bits.

  32. soulcal006 says:

    contortionist panda. ^_^

  33. Shannon Johnson says:

    Ok, who ordered the pandamas? They are so cute! I wish I had some.

  34. beenclawed says:

    Paws up!

    So, instead of “jammies” is it “pammies?”

  35. That’s some serious squidge!

  36. LOL GrwaaAAAgh(smak, Smak)
    Great Hover Text.

    On your rock Scratchin my back

  37. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Bwahahahaha!!XD!! He looks like he doin’ that, “Blargh, I’ve been hit!!!”

  38. i agree n. look at that redonkulous face, tongue lolling, paw pads waving in the air – the pandas are obviously here to be so darn cute we can’t help but want to save endangered animals. they have no other purpose but unbearable cuteness.

  39. Yitzysmommie says:

    YM jumps the fence, runs in, places one leetle kees on the uppermost earsie and books it for the fence again before the panda po-leece catch her…..

  40. Yitzysmommie says:

    HMMM, I just realized I will be in Washington DC starting Wed til Sat for a conference. May have to skip a boring session & go see the pandas (and carry out my plot!).

  41. Yitzysmommie: Oooh! Oooh! *holds arm up in the air* Can I go wif ‘ya? I’ll help ya by distracting the Panda po-leece. But’cha gotta give ‘im a kissie for me too!

  42. Yitzysmommie: Can you gives ki9sses for me too. Pretty Please. (raising hand and jumping up and down)

  43. Catrina says:

    Just look at the delish roll of fur behind its little black ear!
    Good lord, sooo cute! 🙂

  44. Yitzysmommie says:

    MC2 – you betcha you can come. My normally wonderful husband looked quite askance at me when I said I’m going to the zoo!
    Annie – I weel kees twice -one for you and one for me!

  45. he iz so cute how can i suck his blood (also i think hes endangered so that might not besuchagoodidea

  46. ezeader says:

    LOL, just raised a panda-monium in my office catching up with all the squee-worthy items I missed. Thanks all…