‘Tocks up, Hocks out

Oh, for reals, People.

All this puppeh needs is a cape—a short one, so we don’t cover up her hocks’n tocks combo:

I am carpet.  Hear me floor.

Excellent work, sender-inner Eva H. 😉



  1. Lots of cute fattiness for nibblin’. Yum!

  2. never a bleen

  3. ahhh, look at the hocks chub!!!!!

  4. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I wonder if his face is as cute as his tuckis.

  5. Chubbalicious!

  6. I love when pups sit like that! I call it frog legs! Snorgle-able tocks!

  7. Andrea|Nash says:

    First is worst
    Second the same
    Bleen is best of all the game.

  8. Ovah heah we refer to that as the “frog dog” position.

  9. Oh mah Lord! the sweetness of it!!!!

  10. Andrea|Nash says:

    Hooberdumpin double post

    [now, NORMALLY I’d delete the dup comments… but since you’ve actually used the word “hooberdumpin”, how could I possibly? – Ed.]

  11. Look! Up in the Sky! Its a doggy shaped kite! One of those suction cup stick on the window thingeys! A lost puppoon!
    No its Prosh Pup! Defender of cuteness everywhere!
    One look and bad moods and Monday morning blehs roll over & play dead.

  12. Karen in Toronto says:

    “I am carpet. Hear me floor”?? (That’s the rollover tip on the image, FTWDK.) Hilarious.

  13. Does this mean Hocks is an official cute-isim?

    Sometimes I wish I could just plop down on the carpet and snooze like this pup. I think everyone has.

  14. oi. that there’s some impressive tocks.

  15. My basset hound does this to make sure we see the silky tufts of fur sticking out from between each paw pad. You can look, but don’t touch!

  16. how shweet!!

  17. Love the little black paw pads! scrumptious!!

  18. Book_monstercats says:

    Love the rollover. Made me LOL; on a Monday morning, no mean feat (and the pup’s feets aren’t bad either). Don’t get me started on the tailio or the fat belly….

    [Hehe. I did the hovertext, but that’s all I can take credit for… – Ed.]

  19. That’s what we call the “flying frog position” in our household!

  20. Super Snoozin’ Pup! Making the world safe for Cuteness.

  21. Lookee the multi-colored paw pads! The floppy ears! I cannot take it!

  22. LOL the hover text.

    Looks like some one is recharging their battery. Go Puppy Power.

  23. Michelle says:

    sigh. remember when you could get that comfterbuhls in any posische? me either 😦

  24. CCat – hocks is not a cute-ism, but the actual name for the rearward facing knees on quadropeds. at least on horses, and i am pretty sure it’s true elsewhere.

  25. AuntieMame says:

    Once again, I have several things open on my computer, including a database, and at the moment, it has abbreviated the title of the button in my taskbar to “AMS, The Ass…”

    Oddly appropriate, no?

    (And Michelle, I don’t think I could ever have found that position comfy, except maybe when I was an infant, because we all know infants have no bones. Sorta like cats.)

  26. Nice Christine says:

    I love the parallel legs relaxed pose. My bunnehs rock that all the time.

    TOTAL sidebar: Do any of you own and use a roomba or other robot vacuum? Does it freak out your pets? I really want one…

  27. I loove puppy toes! 🙂

  28. My friend calls that full froggy. Adorabulls

  29. Noelegy says:

    When our ferrets lie down that way, we call it “speed bumps.”

  30. HeidStar says:

    HA! This is my typical deep sleep position, which I refer to as Girl Who Fell to Earth. I guess that might make this Pup Who Fell to Earth then. BTW, my cats rarely (almost never) nap in this pozische…is it more of a pup thing? Anyone? And one more thing…Dachs Tocks! http://dailypuppy.com/images/07/biggies/gus_dachshund_05.jpg

  31. Noelegy says:

    When our ferrets lie down that way, we call it “speed bumps.”

  32. R. Moore says:

    I want to squish my face on heem!

  33. One of my cats lies that way, only when I first come in the door, as a sort of greeting I guess. But she sticks her front paws straight out ahead too, kind of like diving.

  34. HeidStar — nice Tockshund.

  35. HeidStar says:

    Tockshund (giggle).

  36. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:


  37. soulcal006 says:

    pup is all…I wuv the pink carpet

  38. Shannon Johnson says:

    I love the pup! HE looks so cute! OR at least what i can see of him.

  39. Hello. I have such a love for your blog. I was just doing my daily surfing when I saw these cute pics…I thought of you. So here is the link and you can see for yourself.


    Keep up the good work…i love the blog…

    [awww! they’re holding paws… – Ed.]

  40. Loooove me some puppeh hocks… So friggin adorabuls.

    Is that red denim?

  41. Catman dude, I feel your pain, I also am suffering X.C.O.W. – extreme c.o. withdrawal– but we must just be patient. There are always archives, on Friday I found some delightful posts that I had forgotten so they were like new. That’s what’s kept me alive so far.

    barrrrrooooooooooooooo (mournful howl for new posts)

  42. Ahn.

  43. lop-eared rabbits rock this posishun.

    we call it the puddle at our house. or the throw rug 😉

  44. Whitney says:

    I call this posishe “turkey butt”. Looks like a a cute roasted turkey on a plate (with tail though…)

  45. Face down tocks up that’s the way we like our pups!

  46. It’s Maddie from the Daily Puppy!