Delicious McDonkersons

Check out the look on this pup’s face.

First, he checks out the flavor of this donk:

UR forelock has a flavor

Then, he’s all:"Meession Accompleeshed!" [eyes crossed]

Redonkulous Meession Accompleeshed [head tilt]

Whatevs,  Kelley L., you’re inthsane! 😀


  1. awwwwwwwwwww
    he’s so happy to hang out with his donkey friend.

    (but so very serious when he’s giving forehead kisses).

  2. and the donkey’s so happy to be hanging with his puppy friend too. tooooo cute!

  3. Yay! Nowhere near enough donkeys on CO, but this one’s worth the wait! 😀

  4. Happiest Puppah Evah!!!!!

  5. Interspecies snorgling at its finest! Love the donkey and his pal!!

  6. hahaha the dumb look on that doggy’s face is just priceless XD

  7. For all the disapproving creatures on this site, it’s good to see one who totally whole-heartedly tongue-and-tail-waggingly approves!

  8. Oooh, I wish I could have a donkey so I could name it “Delicious McDonkersons”. What a sweet pair of ani-pals!

  9. Redonkulus!

  10. so ca-ute!

  11. violetgreen says:

    I’m at yer corral, kissing yer ass!

  12. [snicker]
    Very Good, VioletGreen

  13. Fantastic capture! Thanks so much for sharing. It’s bringing a big smile to my day, as only animal love can do!

  14. guineapiggin9 says:

    OMG! My cousin’s horse and dog are really close like that. If you take the horse, you almost have to take the pup and vice versa. LOL!

  15. joodster says:

    look at the smiles on ms.delicious mcdonkersons and mr.lickey mcpuppersons. they look so happy to be together. i feel da luv…i really do!

  16. Awwwwwwwww, they’re so sweet! Love how happy they both look!

  17. Take The Mule-Ex 3000 Taste Test For Yourself!

    Hello, friends — Bob Sheepdip again for Mule-Ex 3000, giving YOUR mule the Fur You Love To Lick(tm).

    In taste test after taste test, more people prefer the taste of Mule-Ex 3000, now with 40 percent more Banana Slug Oil, to other leading brands.

    So why not pick up a can of Mule-Ex 3000 today, available at your local supermarket, pari mutuel racetrack, or Christian Science reading room.

    Mule-Ex 3000: It’s Fant-ASS-tic!

  18. NTMTOM – You’re not well, I like that in a person.

    What a kyoot pair of happy animals.

  19. SeaBreeze says:

    Awwwww! =)

    “What the world needs now, is love sweet love. That’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…”

  20. That second picture is priceless. The pup’s all 😀 and the donk’s all 🙂

  21. share the love!! the happy puppy made me smile too.

  22. Cassandra says:

    Gah it’s the “wheee!” face, I’ve waited all weekend for the “wheee!” face! Thank you thank you thank you for this rediculous and happy pair!

  23. That pup is soooo happy! 😀

  24. soulcal006 says:

    pup is all…yup, donkey is yummers. donkey likes the puppers too. ^_^

  25. ANIPALS!!! 😀
    This could only be cuter if they were both babies.

    My opinion has been heavily influenced by watching Muppet Babies, however.

  26. Bet it tastes like Donken Donuts.

  27. that pup looks like mine when she’s on her anxiety meds…all “wheeeee…life is good” and looking slightly stoned.

    too funny.

  28. yay!! donkey donkey donkey donkey donkey doooonnnkeeeeey!

    i heart delicious donkey mcdonkersons and i would also like to leek him, and whisper sweet nothings in his big velvety ears, and lay down to snuggle in delicious hay while puppysnusses leeks both our noses…sigh.

    will puppers like to share?

  29. Courtney says:

    Meg, you don’t need to put up any more pictures. This is the cutest thing ever. The End.

  30. leah b. says:

    best freinds come in all shapes and sizes, thats what makes the world go around. I think just look so happy to see eaxh other, thanks for making me smile.

  31. Michelle says:

    awwww. So, so, sweet. I luv me some cattle dogs and donx. Together? Off-the-charts cute!

  32. Caption under the 1st pic: it has flavor.

  33. Aww man, I want another cattle dog. And a donkey. And a farm. And enough money to pay someone to run it far better than I ever could…

    But mostly the cattle dog. 🙂

  34. Donka pals! Pupperdonks? I’m cornfuzeld. Still kyoot though, and they look like they’re having so much fun! 😀

  35. acelightning says:

    “Tastes like ass…”

  36. Okay I am thinkin Miniature Donkums here.

    And can’t ya just feel the LOVE <3

    NTMTOM: All I can say is ROFLMAO Still Laughing.
    (Bob Sheepdip??? Snicker..)

  37. book_monstercats says:

    They are both smileeeeeennnnnggggg.
    So am I.

  38. R. Moore says:

    This reminds me, I haven’t tried to sell my father on donkeys in almost a year now. In th summer I shall visit him and my donkey, and then I will leave ALL the work behind 😛

  39. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:


  40. Oh jeez, SO CUTE! So absolutely mind bogglingly adorable! Their sweet faces.

  41. By the way, does anyone know what breed of dog this is? He’s adorable!

  42. Awww, old doggo looks really pleased with himself.
    “See, I can’t only lick my own bum, I can also keep my bestest friend clean.”

  43. The dog just has the funnest dumb grin in the second pic…
    “heehee… i licked a donkey.”

    donk’s all “does this mean you’ll be my friend?”

  44. violetgreen – what a perfect comment. By the way, I think the donk must be chocolate flavored!

  45. acelightning – now I just read your comment… ROFL!!

  46. that is the cutest doggie smile. lovelovelove these two pics 🙂

  47. foxy bingo says:

    I love it when dogs say ‘Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaa!’

  48. Kaye, that is an Australian Cattle Dog of the blue variety. Awesome, awesome dogs. Energetic, funny and smart. Mine was a little nuerotic (and would consistently startle himself when he farted!) but they all seem to have that big, wide grin.

  49. Ew 😀

    Just another day on the country.

  50. Ugh I meant IN… IN the country.

  51. Pam Howell says:

    The dog is an Australian Cattle dog, also known as a blue heeler or Queensland heeler. I LOVE those dogs, they’re a VERY devoted breed. Usually a one-person or one-family dog. And I love that little donk, too!

  52. Oh man! Look at that grin of satisfied accomplishment! Not to mention the secret caption “forelock has a flavor” bwahhh hah!

  53. zosterops says:

    so funny. what a smile.
    very very contagious.

  54. What a Smile! Just curious have pics been tweaked for to adjust for glare? 😉 Not nuffing or anthing, just wondering. Great pics!

  55. Pippuri says:

    Awws, I think this is my favorite post in a long time 🙂

    What a cute pair!

  56. Aww!!! ACDs have the best smiles of all the doggies in the world, I think. My doggie, Jaz, TOTALLY wants to lick a donkey, I’m sure. She’ll be jealous is she sees this.

  57. Lawrence says:

    Yeeessss… de dongkay has a flavour!

  58. Noelegy says:

    I have really got to get some pictures of my Rocky pup submitted. He’s part ACD, part Great Pyrenees. Oh, the fluff. Oh, the smile. Must get busy with camera.

  59. Once upon a time there was a teenage roostet, a farm dog, and a beautiful donkey. One fine day, the rooster found a mobile ‘phone with a built in digital camera, and he just lay on the fence, as cats do, and waited. Soon the farm dog walked by.
    “‘sup!” said the dog.
    “Not much,” said the rooster, “But I dare you to lick the donkey.”
    “You dare me to lick the donkey?!” replied the dog, “I mean, do you normal dare me, or do you super-ultra-mega-hella dare me?”
    “Totally the latter, dude” said the rooster.
    “Well alrighty, then!” said the dog, and he licked the donkey. And he turned to the rooster and grinned, as if to say, I bet you didn’t think I was really going to do that, did you? But I did! See? I did! I LICKED THE DONKEY! And he turned to the camera and grinned, so that when the rooster posted the pics on the internet, as he had been intending to do all the while, everyone knew that the dog had licked the donkey of his own accord.
    The moral of the story, of course, being…

  60. Drat! The whole thing’s so cute, I forgot how rude the punchline to that joke is. Now, was the joke inspired by these pictures, or is it just an unfeasibly happy (and CUTE!!) coincidence?

  61. Are these photos that were photoshopped? The donkey looks not quite real. Just my opinion here (and maybe it’s my computer which, even at it’s brightest display darkens images quite a bit): But the painting-look of the top image in particular isn’t a bad thing, it’s just such a sweet moment that if it’s really a photo I wouldn’t photoshop it to look like a painting–even if the donkey is a wee bit out of focus. Either way though, it’s great.

  62. Tracie — there’s been some sort of filter applied to give it more of an impressionistic or brush-stroked feel… but that was probably done by the submitter, not Meg (or me).

  63. I don’t think it is photoshopped. I think someone jiggled the camera.

    […twice? In exactly the same way? – Ed.]

  64. Purple Belt says:

    That is REEEDICULOUS. The joy in that dog’s face is too much!

  65. i love this!

  66. I think it’s just a fuzzy picture, maybe something wrong with the camera or done purposely. See how both pics are clear in the very center then slowly get fuzzier as it expands?

  67. That’s what I posited before that maybe it was tweaked because of glare, I know when I take pics of my lighter pets (the dogge has white/light patches throughout) those spots tend to flare up and bleach out the rest of the photo. I thought maybe they’d done it up this way to correct for that glare and make it a tad bit clearer.

  68. ezreader says:

    MY donkey will be named Maxwellton, and some people will know that’s because “Maxwellton’s braes are bonny, where early fa’s the dew…”

  69. So sweet! I love the donkey’s gentle eyes, too. 🙂

  70. This post made my day.

  71. I think its just a camera phone picture, not photoshop 😉

    [I didn’t think of that… – Ed.]

  72. Shannon Johnson says:

    Yes! Interspecies Love! I love it!

  73. Meredith says:

    More Burros! They are the cutest animals EVAH!

  74. elliottsmommy says:

    Yay! This is my favorite post, whether photoshopped or not, since the climbing EHN bat! 🙂

  75. My Sparx’s father is a Dalmatian, and her mother is a blue heeler like the one pictured. That is Sparx’s grin if I’ve ever seen it! Must be where she gets it.

    She looks like a shortish, dumpy Dalmatian with blue spots. Best Dog Evah!!

  76. My head splode from teh cute success.

    Clearly, this has already been lolcatted into “YR ASS HAS A FLAVR” or some such.

    Is wonderful.

  77. Dr. Doggie is like: You look peaky, let’s have a lick…No fever today, you get a clean bill of health! Yay!

  78. I was having a crappy day until I saw those pictures. THANK YOU!!!

  79. ^ Thank you to those who (way up at the top of this page) answered my question. Sorry I’m late. XD


    Lookit them happy pup n donk! Awwwww.

  81. wow. this has got to be one of my fave posts ever.

    actually, i should probably have a macro that writes that, because there are so many. i feel like crap today, but CO has uplifted me once again!

  82. Teresa :O) says:

    What a happy doggie!!! 🙂

  83. See, I think it went down like this:

    Photog: Hold still please, no no, hold still, would you hold still please? Argh…kiss my ass!

    Dog: *lick* last laugh.

  84. How long have this dog known the mule? Since he was a puppy?

  85. Lily, I think you’ve nailed it.