Rule of Cuteness #THIRTY FIVE (I can’t believe we’re on 35 already)

If you try and eat your own appendage, it’s cute. [insert Ron Jeremy joke here]

aRrrrng aRrrrng aRrrrng


Alexandra R. says this is Maverick, a beagle and ESTEEMED DAILY PUPPY. You must go see his other photos. You will dieeeee!



  1. metsakins says:


  2. wow my first bleen..

    now where is that puppeh so I may keees eet’s little tummeh

  3. a different Laura says:

    Wow, I’ve never been this close to a Bleen before…

    Cute puppy!

  4. I think the second photo on the linked page could actually bring about world peace and all that.

  5. Sweet Madre Dios! This puppers is so sweet, I’m aching to snorgle his tummy.

  6. I think he’s got an itch between his toes that he just cannnt reach!

  7. Or an itch on his tonsils.

  8. zosterops says:

    must be the tonsils.

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:


  10. Poor socially inept Beagle. Always putting his foot in his mouth.

  11. Gotta be the tonsils.
    Get this pup some jell-o and ice cream, stat!

  12. OMG !!!!!!!

  13. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOO, he’s too adorabuhls!
    I agree with muzz that his pics COULD briing about world peace. Let’s lock the governments in a small room with the pix & not let them out until we have acchieved world peace! (Watch CO’rs take over G8…..)

  14. AngiePangie says:

    ooops.. the “OMG !!!” was mine but I was so engrossed in the cuteness, I forgot to type the rest of my name. teeheehee

  15. AngiePangie says:

    I don’t think this would fall under Rule #35. LOL

  16. The puppy is definately cuter than Ron Jeremy. Maybe not as talented, but hey…

    /stops self at that

  17. I’m pretty sure beaglepup here will grow up to be elected to Congress. At *least*.

  18. Tiffany says:

    OMG! Eating your own appendage IS cute!

  19. Oh!

  20. OK, Maverick Beagle is Teh Qte™, no doubt. But I’m kinda partial to Kaya the Great Dane pup:

  21. HeidStar says:

    Yeah, Maverick and Kaya are cute puppies alright (aren’t all puppies cute?) but did you get a load of Butchy the lab mix??? *dies*

  22. SeaBreeze says:


    Which just goes to show that putting your foot in your mouth isn’t always a bad thing.

    “One order of foot, coming right up…”

  23. Guh, beagles in general are adorable, but this little guy takes the cake. LOVES him!

  24. TracyFlick says:

    Silly bebeh!

  25. This pic makes for a huge-lookin’ head!

  26. hey-helen says:

    This is my favorite Daily Puppy:
    It’s a great dane. Scroll down through all the pictures, and you get dignified…dignified…dignified…oh.

  27. Ok, I’m not a Ron Jeremy afficienado so I don’t get the reference.

    Can someone explain? (in clean, family-friendly terms)

  28. “(in clean, family-friendly terms)”


    good luck!

  29. michellemybelle says:

    After the “yikes!” of reading Ron Jeremy’s name on CO, I remembered that his nickname is “Hedgehog…”

  30. Dear Whatever Higher Power There May Be. Have you SEEN Maximus the Corgi pup??? *swoon*

  31. I also have no idea who Ron Jeremy is. I do know who Jeremy IRons is.

  32. the ULTIMATE “open mouth insert foot!”
    adn the very cutest, and those Daily Puppie pics are TOO much!

  33. Ron Jeremy is a porn star (not that i know anything about THAT) it is said he has a very large, um , “appendage” (not that I know anything about that either).

    Who is Maximus? I would Love to see the Corgi Pup pics!

  34. Shannon Johnson says:

    How cute is that? I love the puppy.

  35. I was all about the cute pup, but then the Ron Jeremy thing squelched it. >.<

  36. Peace, I’m out.

  37. soulcal006 says:

    i agree with the puppy…paws are delicious ^_^

  38. I’ve heard (& seen) Ron Jeremy before but is he famous for actually inserting one of his own appendages in his mouth? He can barely walk, I don’t see him being Mr. Pretzel of any kind.

  39. Did you see the picture of him smelling the flower? Too moishe!

  40. Liz–type Maximus into the Puppy Search thingy and he will appear in all his fuzzy glory!! One word: tongue. 🙂

  41. thanks Jen! –
    ok. that is JUST RIDICULOUS!
    he’s an angel from heaven.
    I want. NO, I want two!

    I dont think the Ron Jeremy reference was offensive.
    who the heck cares about that? what’s the “big” deal anyway. 🙂

  42. BACK to the cute, peoples!

    “I has a flavor” should do it.


  43. Suzy's Mom says:

    Maverick is one of the cutest Beagle puppies I have ever seen. I love Daily Puppy. I go there every morning after visiting Cute Overload.

  44. Wouldn’t a Ron Jeremy joke have been more appropriate for Rule 34?

  45. TukaWuvy says:

    love all the pics but my favorite is the second from the end. what a shot…
    tuka was the runt of the litter also and he’s given us 12 years of happiness so far. I truely believe the runts make a far more loveable pet than the others by a long way

  46. Karen in Toronto says:

    This is a self-GALGH, isn’t it?

  47. Theo… I agree, Kaya IS QTE!! It’s those ears floppin’ all ovah the place that slays me! BUT Maverick could break your heart he’s so cute. I vote for Maverick (mainly because Kaya will grow into a small horse which is not so cute).

  48. Pup’s got a bad case of “foot in mouth” disease. Better get it treated before it spreads!

  49. This is the VERY picture I thought of submitting earlier this week. Daily Puppy is a rockin’ site. Head dog Michael has been kind enough to give me some advice on my own blog *cough* *plug* *cough* Nice CO Daily Puppy synchronicity.

  50. Is it cannibalism if you’re eating yourself? Mm.. I think this joke was in bad taste.

    Oh god, stop me before I pun again!


  51. AnnieMalPhiles — I like this one!
    Nice bebeh heffalump.

  52. As cute as this is… doesn’t it strike you as a poster ad for bulimia? Seriously, talk about media bias.

    If you stick your appendage down your throat, you’ll end up THIS CUTE!

  53. Well *that* was twisted, Randi. How about:
    If you stick your appendage down your throat, you’ll end up A DOG!

  54. mojojojo says:

    “You must go see his other photos. You will dieeeee!”

    Gaahck! I’m daid…

  55. There should be rule 36: if the appendage fights back, it’s also cute.

    My dog does this, and he totally kicks himself in the face every time. This does not bother him.

  56. You can totally see his pink little tadger in one of the pics!

  57. BenPanced says:

    “I HAZ A FLAVR!”



  58. Nawm nawm nawm!

    Kittens always try to eat their own tails. Now we have an Official Number to refer to this by.

  59. Peg of Tilling says:

    …shred of chicken…caught in back teeth…can’t reach!

  60. Sabella says:

    “Foot! You have offended me! For I shall now teach you a lesson you shant soon forget!” *Keyronch!*

  61. acelightning says:

    Ron Jeremy is a very famous “actor” in the kind of movies that are rated with five or more X’s. He is short, tubby, hairy, and not at all attractive, and not that good an actor (although he does have a bit of a comedic flair). The only reason for his fame is that he is, um, superlatively anatomically endowed. Let’s just say that it’s not his *foot* that he’s capable of putting in his own mouth…

  62. R. Moore says:

    Wow, acelightning, I think I’m going to throw up now.

  63. stretch!!! Stretch!!!!

  64. This reminds me of a video:

  65. Oh my GOSH.

    The second to last picture there totally meets #28 (your head looks down, but your eyes look up), too.

  66. Karebear says:

    I love it when pups eat their appendages! It’s usually followed by a yawn 🙂

  67. yankeebird says:

    Kar, he is. He is actually known for his ability to self… um, stimulate?

    (I have no first-hand knowledge, the above info was found through Wikipedia. I’m sweet and innocent, I tell you!)

  68. maverick displays another behavior on his daily puppy page that should be a rule of cuteness, in the photo of him sniffing the flower. suggested rule of cuteness #36, if an animal performs a human-like behavior, its cute.

  69. Rule of Cuteness #6: Mimic Humans

  70. mmmmmmmmmm, tasty toes!!!

  71. Why, oh why, did I follow those Wikipedia links?

    Um, cute beagle.

  72. ‘insert’ and ‘Ron Jeremy’ should never be in the same sentence.

    Love the beagle kronche action, however.

  73. One of the reasons cuteoverload is one of my favorite websites is that it’s not just cute-for-kids g-rated content.
    This is cute-for-Adults, witty and subtle, and I LOVE it!!

  74. FanOfTheSite says:

    THIS pic id cute, I’ve got 2 of them at home. As for Ron Jeremy, I’ve met him.. ahem… it’s not cute