Walk dee planck!

Walk… dee… planck….[say in pirate voice]

Will you please check out the prosh footing of these lil’ Dewds? Born in a large planter inside a sunken reflecting pool in front of in downtown Toronto no less.






Nice Financial District, with a nice green project space, Scott F.!



  1. ooooooooo, I’d never get any work done!
    Cuuuuuuute babehs!

  2. Eeep – floooooofy!

  3. Now I *totally* have that Bridge on the River Kwai theme in my head.
    “Comet, it makes your mouth turn green
    “Comet, it tastes like gas-o-lene…”

  4. Laurie C says:

    I know these ducks! I see them on my walk to work and just posted about them on my vox blog. The building staff put the ramp out for the mating pair every year, and in the planter where they nest, is a round, blue shallow container of duck feed. Yay, downtown duckage!

  5. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Sorry I’m working outside today, someone has to feed the quack quacks.
    They are so dainty when they walk.

  6. Lerrinus says:

    I’ve walked passed this the Roy Thompson building many times before and I can’t believe I missed the little ducky-kins all this time! It’s a perfect place for ducks to hatch their young – cute little fuzzballs! 🙂

  7. Yay, Laurie!!!
    And an XCU on the little ducker high-stepping up the ramp.

  8. Yup, this has been happening for several years now. I pass by via the underground a couple times a week (when you go from the St. Andrews Subway station to the Metro Centre Food Court, part of the route goes past this pool, and it’s all glass windows facing the pool.). I’ve always found it totally adorable, and have been late coming back from lunch on more than one occassion.

  9. Peg of Tilling says:

    It’s the biggest planck ever! That’s right, it’s a Max Planck.

    [your wit is constant… – Ed.]

  10. Laurie C says:

    Now we see who all the downtown Toronto cuteologists are (waves at Teri)! It’s not unusual to see a dozen office people gathered around the window watching the babies. A couple of years ago they moved the ducks to a wildlife center after the ducklings got bigger and they were kind enough to post a letter on the window to tell the “Friends of the Ducks” where they had gone.

  11. Yup, this has been happening for several years now. I pass by via the underground a couple times a week (when you go from the St. Andrews Subway station to the Metro Centre Food Court, part of the route goes past this pool, and it’s all glass windows facing the pool.). I’ve always found it totally adorable, and have been late coming back from lunch on more than one occassion.

  12. I ruv the foot of de footfoot in mid-air…

  13. Makin' Way says:

    Holy “Make Way for Ducklings” batman!

  14. the lil duckie dude is all like “come on mommy! come up this way! its EEEEzy!”
    how adorable is THAT!

  15. Well, I recognized Roy Thomson Hall right away! I was just there Saturday night for Eric Idle’s “Not the Messiah”, and back in March I saw Peter, Paul and Mary there. I used to walk by this theatre every day on my way to Union Station to take the GO train home to Mississauga! Hi to so many of my fellow GTA’ers who post here! And yay for cute, high-steppin’ duckies!!

  16. OMG. this is TOOO CUTE!!! i am feeling that gagging feeling at the back of my throat.

    gawd, so precious.

  17. Theresa says:

    Just like the ducklies who were hatched in front of some govt building in DC a few years ago. When they were big enough, they and their Mom got an FBI escort to the pond in Rock Creek Park.

  18. what a beautiful downtown area.
    so lucky if you have the privilage to work/live there.
    plus duckies!!!!what could be better!

  19. Shannon Johnson says:

    I love it. the duckies are marching. One, two, three, four! One, two, three, four!

  20. Laurie C – At first I thought this was your post!
    Yay for Downtown Duckage.
    I promise will not make a walk the plank joke.

    [shiver me pinfeathers… – Ed.]

  21. metsakins says:

    AArgh! I sees cute duckies on the horizon!

  22. Laurie C says:

    The street shot is taken from a *very* advantageous angle. This area really isn’t so terribly green. But is is a nice-ish downtown, anyway.

  23. joodster says:

    waves hello to all of our fellow co-ers in toronto. what an adorable duck tale. 😉

  24. Well, there is a nice park between Roy Thompson and the Metro Centre/SunLife building. Across the street are old warehouses converted into various office spaces and shops/restaurants, plus several old theatres like the Royal Alex. It is an advantagous angle though….lol…and I’ve eaten my lunch and sat and knit many a summer’s day in that park.

  25. firefinch says:

    They’re on their way to Anaheim to watch the game tonight.

  26. That outdoor area just beside the big pond? Doesn’t it just SCREAM for a patio/café? I always think that’s such wasted space! It’s got all that water — who wouldn’t want to sit there with a beer or cooler on a summer day, watching all the bebeh duckies!

  27. Danielle says:

    i see them on the way to work as well , and always worry when they’re not there.

    Too cute

  28. Peppi: The area is sunken below street level. I have seen tables & chairs stacked up when I’ve gone by via the underground (like I said earlier, there’s big glass windows next to it alongside the Underground Path that lets you see the pool). I *think* it’s used when there’s stuff going on at Roy Thompson Hall, but never having attended anything there I don’t know for certs.

    The park next to the hall is street level, and is public space, run by the city. Office workers use it in nice weather as a place to eat lunch. In order to set up a patio or beer tent would mean all the red tape of obtaining necessary permits to sell alcohol on city property.

  29. Laurie C says:

    It may be just as well no one can sit right poolside to the ducks. Everyone would want to toss them bits of their coffee-break croissants and muffins and they’d pudge out and be too fat to fly before they even knew how.

  30. Is EVERYONE on CO today from Toronto?
    I can’t be the only person here from the US west coast (Portland/Vancouver) I love reading your comments, and I still think its a pretty area, even if it is just ” a forgiving camera angle”
    Duckies Rule

  31. Hi, Teri, I know that underground tunnel very well. It’s a godsend in winter! I know the Bay Street PATH pretty well, and portions of the King and University PATHs. This girl gets AROUND! *g*

    The tunnel that passes RT Hall does indeed offer a splended view of the pond — although I can’t say I’ve ever seen tables or chairs there. And I’m pretty sure they don’t set up there when there are concerts going on at RTH, but I can’t say for 100% sure. It seems like a good idea for a patio, though, but yeah, good ol’ red tape.

    Did you know that RTH was one of the venues for last year’s International Film Festival? And that Brad Pitt stood on the red carpet in front of the Hall to introduce his new movie, Babel? Of course he had to do it on a Saturday night, when I’m home, and not in Toronto. What an inconsiderate man! *g*

  32. metsakins says:

    Liz – Hi Barb from upstate NY here….

  33. Peppi, well, I’ve seen them stacked along the sides and sometimes set up across the way from the path. And yes, that path can be a Godsend on a nice sunny day, even in winter. Especially if like me, you work in a cubicle.

    Yup, I watched Brad walk the red carpet there on the tv. I did a few years ago stand there and gaze at Nic Cage!

    I didn’t know you lived in the GTA. 🙂

  34. chet's momma says:

    has anyone seen the adorable duckies and turtelettes in the fountain at the NorthPark Mall in Dallas? Me wuvs dem!

  35. I live near Beaumont, but that may a good excuse to visit Dallas (a 5 hour drive can’t be that bad).

  36. Hi Liz, Annie from California Bay Area

    Love the duckies I now have the bridge over the River Kai Wistling thru my brain Thanks T(Ed.)Love that song.

  37. Teri, you saw Nicolas Cage? How cool! I saw Eric Idle on stage on Saturday night! What a riot! Great show.

    I live in Mississauga and commute in to Trawna every day. What general area are you in, out of curiosity?

  38. I just took pics of the bebbeh duckies today too! On the day they first showed up, there was a chorus of women by the glass that separates the walkway from the pool, cooing over them.

  39. hi Barb and Annie-
    ok- so CO spans the ENTIRE continent- nice to know you’re on her w/ me. 🙂
    We have baby duckies here on the pond/stream that goes through the Columbia Sportswear Headquarters property.
    Very Adorable and entertaining!

  40. I’ve been through that walkway many times en route to Jays games…will keep an eye out for ducklets the next time!

    (from Burlington)

  41. Cissslepants says:

    Wasn’t there a Kids in the Hall musical number at this same location? “Doe, A Deer” if I remember correctly?

  42. Hey, they did the planckage for similar reasons outside Stanford Hospital a few years ago too.

    In the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcolm: “Life Finds a Way”.

  43. SeaBreeze says:

    Guess that when a Mama’s gotta lay her eggs, a Mama’s gotta lay her eggs!

    … at least no one mentioned how the little fellers are goose-stepping up de plank…

  44. Peppi, I’m in Toronto proper actually….lol…Parkdale area in the West End. I works down in the King/Yonge area.

  45. Ohh I love Jurrasic Park the movie. When it first came out and the first scene with the mama dinosaur breathing I almost cried it was so real. It took my breath away!

  46. metsakins says:

    that babeh duckie’s foot looks as succulent as a babeh fawnie’s ear

  47. Suzanne says:

    Okay, I realize I’m showing my age a bit here, but YEARS (not eons as my neices & nephews would have you believe) ago on Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans read a story about a duck family in China and how the baby ducks had to walk a plank to get onto a boat every morning and there was always one little beh-beh that was a bit too slow. Anyone remember the name of the book? It’s not “Make Way for Ducklings” is it? Cuz I thought that was about a duck family in the Boston Gardens.

  48. Those Tronna chics, eh? So cute, eh?

  49. Wasn’t the duck’s name Ping?

  50. hey-helen says:

    Yes, Ping! Here it is;
    My mom read that book to me.

  51. oh I remember that book!
    I really liked the illustrations when i was a little girl, and i remember Mr Green jeans reading it too.
    loved Captain Kangaroo’s show! that takes me back a little(ha, a lot)

  52. Theresa says:

    Suzanne– That was “The Story of Ping.”

  53. Adorable little duck fambly! Alas I’m in Seattle, not Toronto. But if I were, wouldn’t it be fun to all meet down there one day at lunch? I’m looking forward to meeting some Cuteologists in San Francisco over Labor Day weekend. But you guys have a built-in CUTE land there!

  54. Liz,Oh I loved that story and Captain KAngaroo and Mr Green Jeans and Bunny Rabbit. And Mr Green Jeans always had carrots for him.

    Did you also watch Romper room.
    Romper Bomper stomper boo! Tell me Tell me tell me do. Who has been good today.

  55. That’s it! I can’t take anymore! Who ever heard of spotlighting little duckling feet!?!?!? The cuteness is just too much!!!

  56. Hullo. My dad used to have ducks on our backyard when i was a wee heathen and they would follow me around. LOL

    I just discovered this lovely site. How cute! 😀

  57. Suzanne says:

    Ping! Yes! Yes! Yes! Nice to know I’m in such well read company!

    Annie…yes, Romper Room, Garfield Goose, Captain Kangaroo…I was a tv junkie before I was 5! Still think of Mr. Moose whenever I see a ping pong ball. 🙂

  58. I can just imagine the little stomps those little feet are making.


  59. HUP, two, free, four…HUP, two, free, four…

  60. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen it…but does this area/building look exactly like outside the hospital in K-Pax??

  61. soulcal006 says:

    do what you want cuz a pirate is free…you are a pirate.

  62. Hoorah fellow Torontonians! I work around the corner from THS, how have I not seen these little darlinks?

  63. Sarah…pop down to the underground PATH that goes past the below street level pool in front of RTH. That’s the bestest viewing area!

  64. Liz.. if you’re still there.. I”m also in Portland/Vancouver (specifically the latter). Glad to find someone else from the area and not all Toronto people. (ok I tried “Torontans” but that didn’t sound right.)
    Back to the duckies, they’re adorable and love the frisky footedness on the little dudes.

  65. R. Moore says:

    I got the best of both worlds. I’m from the Toronto area (a little bitty town in the Township of Brock–so tiny that they sent back my birth certificate forms saying that we’d filled it out wrong and that I *couldn’t* have been born there) but I’ve lived on the West Coast for years. I love SF and Seattle 🙂

  66. Cassandra says:

    My Nana had a copy of Ping the Duck when I was little. I loved that little duck and always felt so sorry for him getting spanked in the end. These little duckies look to be high stepping pretty quickly up the plank though, no worries for them 🙂

  67. hi mary!
    actually i’m in Beaverton!
    and live in vancouver over in washington.
    n ice to meet you!
    Love the duckies!
    love this site!

  68. annie and suzanne-
    yep! Romper Room, the Cap’n and also Hobo Kelley!

    loved them all. that silly romper room chick never called my name though 9in her fake mirror thingy) . and i waited and waited….

  69. soulcal006 – yar har fiddle dee dee being a pirate is alright to be.

  70. a different Laura says:

    Oh, I totally thought of “Make way for Ducklings” too. It does take place in Boston, and it’s based on a true story. There are very cute little broze duck statues on the Common, if I recall.

    What do you people from Toronto call yourselves? Torontonians? Toronites? Tories? (just kidding!)

    (I’m in Maine, BTW, and we’re either Mainers or Maineiacs…)

  71. (waving at Liz) I live and work in Vancouver USA. Whoo hoo! As for Romper Room etc.. I’m probably the only person here who can say he/she was on the Pinky Lee show! hahaha talk about revealing my age. (Maybe that was a local show. Has anyone heard of it?)

  72. Suzy's Mom says:

    Cute Canadian Duckies!

  73. jumping and waving at mary-
    Pinky Lee is not familiar. what year do ya think “about?”
    oh and i just have to bring up that nasty Ramblin Rod guy…
    gimme duckies!

  74. canadian duckles.

    quack quack, eh? quack quack, eh?

  75. beenclawed says:

    Hi Tor… right now there are baby ducks in the fountains in front of Stanford Hospital/University where I work. Yep, they have the same planks for them. And when they were super teeny (a week and a half ago) they had a couple platforms in the water where mama and babies could rest. And papa duck is there too. It’s all I can do to drag myself away and go inside to work. When the babies lean forward and put their head in the water, and their little buts stick up… omg it’s the MOST adorable thing ever!!!

  76. Laurie C says:

    different Laura: we go by “Torontonians”, but I just love that you guys are Maineiacs.

  77. R. Moore says:

    Oh hey, there’s still time to make this Wildlife Wednesday!

  78. Laura, we’re Torontonians! *g*

  79. Liz She never called my name eiteher and I even went to the set when they were in Milwaukee. THey actually used real kids. DOn’t know how my Mom did that. I just remember it was way boring compared to watching it on TV

  80. Jen: (Quack Quack Eh.) Hahahahaha

  81. Well Pinky Lee was in Calif. and about (er) mid 1950’s when TV was young. (And so was I.) At the time I assumed it was the only show in the world.

  82. Hmm… if it were up to me, I think a better name for citizens of your northern town (hey ya na na na) would be Torontosauri.

    As in, “Hi, I’m Jack, and I’m a Torontosaurus.”

  83. Laurie C says:

    Well, we do have a Raptors basketball team…

    Hi, I’m Laurie and I’m a Torontosaurine.”
    (feminine variant)

  84. Hey, it’s Roy Thompson Hall. With ducklings. Kewl.

  85. And hi, fellow TO-ers! (shorter and easier to type than Torontotonians, which I just did anyway).

  86. OMG!!!!1 Those are the CUTEST, most ADORABLE, most CUDDLY-WUDDLY yellow arrows I’ve EVER seen! SQUEEEEEEE!

  87. step aside, Captain Jack Sparrow …

    this baby ducklet is way cuter than you …

    (and way cleaner)

  88. Capt. Jack shez, “Shtop the quackin’, er, Kraken, savvy?”

  89. NTMTOM: cute arrows – bwahahaha!

    Looks like Mom is taking her ducklettes to the Radio City Rockettes audition…

  90. yankeebird says:

    Hey, different Laura, you are correct! There are lovely statues in the Commons of the Make Way For Ducklings ducks! I love to watch kids play with them… it’s very cute.

    A New Englandah in Bahstahn

  91. guttersnipe says:

    Someone send this to Ze Frank!

  92. moon_custafer says:

    does this area/building look exactly like outside the hospital in K-Pax?

    I haven’t seen K-Pax – however a lot of movies use Toronto as an outdoor location so it’s possible you did see Roy Thompson Hall. Watching movie in Toronto can be an odd experience – at least once friends of mine have seen characters travel past the theatre in which they were watching the movie – kind of like the end of Blazing Saddles.

  93. Regarding “The Story About Ping,” which was mentioned above, I recall this hilarious review at Amazon:


    (OK, so it’s hilarious to networking experts. Fine. Be like that.)

  94. NTMTOM, having a deprived childhood, I actually knew about the networking before the duck!

  95. Christine H says:

    We are indeed Torontonians, for those who were wondering.

    I need to go see these ducks! I live up near St. Clair West and go to U of T, but I don’t go south of College all that often except to shop at the Eaton Centre.

  96. ntmtom, saddly I actually understood that and I am not a hard core computer fanatic. Oh crap now I am a geek.

  97. Annie: “Oh crap now I am a geek.”

    Gooble gobble, gooble gobble!
    One of us! One of us!
    We accept her, we accept her!
    One of us! One of us!

  98. acelightning says:

    I’m in New Jersey, within sight of the Manhattan skyline – I’ve lived somewhere near NYC all my life. (And that means a pretty long time, because I remember Pinky Lee, too.) I’ve only been to Toronto once (so far), and it was the middle of winter, so I didn’t see any ducklings. But that little green urban space, with its reflecting pond and “wildlife”, is just ducky!

  99. metsakins says:

    centi BLEEN

  100. Speaking of Toronto being used as a stand in for any given city in a movie…Bulletproof Monk was shot here, and I swear they did NOTHING to hide where they were, despite having it ‘set’ in whatever city it was supposed to be. It was totally weird, they didn’t even remove the Globe & Mail and Toronto Star mailboxes, a shot which included part of the downtown skyline had both the Scotiabank Tower and the Bank of Montreal Tower (First Canadian Place) promenant and with the logos showing. Utterly bizzare.

    And I really like “Torontosaurus”.

  101. sooooo cuteness!!! I loves me some DUCKIES

  102. Reminds me of the smaller fountain in front of the library at Michigan State University.

    Ducks and ducklings would go in. Ducks would get out. Ducklings would swim around in fountain unable to get out. Service worker would scoop ducks out.

    … Ducks and ducklings would go in, etc, etc.

    I wonder if they ever found a board.

  103. KaitouJuliet says:

    (Going all the way back to comment #3)

    Theo: “Bridge over the River Kawaii,” maybe?

    And hey, I think I recognize that building from my trip to Toronto last Labor Day! Too bad I was too early to see the duckles…

  104. OMG! That ducks are awesome cute.

  105. Love the TO ducks Scott! Awesome photograph too. It’s all about the ducks.

  106. I used to work at Pacific Science Center in Seattle. PSC has several shallow ponds, and there’s always at least one momma duck per year who decides to give birth around the ponds.

    PSC staff put ramps in at least two of the ponds so that the little ducklings can get out (for the first few weeks after birth they’re too little to jump out of the water onto the walkways). The ramps even have little cross bars for better traction. Too cute!

    The staff also give the ducks a safe place away from the throngs of children who visit the science center.

    There’s a meeting room at PSC that has windows overlooking the ponds. I remember attending several meetings in that room that dissolved into choruses of “Awwww!” when momma and baby ducks walked past the window. It’s just not possible to ignore a sight that cute.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories with this post!

  107. I had to comment because that adorable XCU reminded me of “The Story of Ping” — glad to see there are some other oldsters on this thread who remember that wonderful book! The eyes painted on the boat scared me…. Remember the fishing cormorants and the bands their owners put around their necks so they wouldn’t swallow the fish they caught?

    I enjoyed the trip down Memory Lane…yes, I watched Captain Kangaroo too…childhood has certainly been different for our kids!

  108. NTGTOG, Wow your web site is awesome. I love how the Magnifying glass on the front page is set up so you change the picture by rollig over from the different topics. Tis the Awesome. Also Extra points to you for organization of information and ease of navigation. And its pretty 😀

  109. That’s on my way to work!! Yay!!

    Go Toronto!

  110. Hi, beenclawed. Awww, sorry to miss them. At Duke now; gotta find some duckling planckage somewheres in the vicinity–stat!

  111. Very cute pics! Good eye, Scott F.!