Take…these ridiculous things off

…Or, I shall poop on your bed.

At night.

While you sleep.

And you will roll in eet.

Scratch-free floors, redonkulous Pup

Beth L., Beth L., Beth L. [shaking head] is it really worth eet? [giggle]



  1. LOVE IT.

    Rarely do I empathize with toydogs, but man…

  2. likewise Teho. This is just wrong.

  3. Maybe pink is not her color..


  4. AND little dogs like this have enough trouble walking er running on wood floors without slip slidin away…sleeeppers cannot help moische. 🙂 Oh. Maybe that’s the point.

  5. Wrong on SO MANY levels, I hate to count.
    I , as a yappy-pomeranian owner would not humiliate and degrade my dog in this way. ARE THOSE BUNNY SLIPPERS???!!!
    Stop the carnaige. Dear Beth, maybe counseling or electric shock therapy for you?

  6. But the puppeh looks like she’s smilin’.

  7. ok.
    i wont call the authorities THIS time…..
    could this be the same “dee-lee-shous leepy steecky” pup only with hair grown out!!!???

  8. Lioness says:

    Geez. I have a Maltese and I would never do that to the poor boy! I just don’t understand how people think dogs are dress up toys.

  9. Lillith says:

    Hee. Poor thing. It makes her look even more muppy-like.

  10. looks blinks looks again, this is like a horrific accident you don’t want to look but you just have to. What will be worse the dog for the slippers or the buns when they see the slippers.
    Walks away shaking head the doginity the lagarmanity, why oh why

  11. That is so WRONG!!! Please get that cute pup some SoftPaws!


  12. Michelle says:


    Even the bunnies look a bit chagrined. I love how each slipper is twisted in some odd direction completely independent of the pup’s actual feet. *snort*

  13. a different Laura says:

    The puppy AND all four rabbits disapprove!

  14. Shannon Johnson says:

    We tried to do something like that on our Toby, he didn’t like us very much for that. I think that is very funny.

  15. I’m laughing my buns off.:-p

  16. Karen in Toronto says:

    I just think pink bunny slippers on toy dog breeds compounds the fashion sins. What next, bustier and bunny ears? What happened to the good ol’ checkered bandanna?

    This is why cats have claws.

  17. Why, oh why, as pet owners do we put our animals through this? (hangs head in shame and slinks away…..)

  18. What we now is a bunny with puppy slippers on….

  19. oh. I have experiences like this. My sis used to work in a pet “fashion” store, and she’d take in our poor dog and put her in mrs clause (claws?) outfits. my smart pooch ripped them off with her teeth.

    WHY doesn’t this pupster chew those things off?

  20. Karen – exactly! No self respecting CAT would EVAH allow such a thing to happen. Doggies are like “whut-cha doin’ Mom? Dressin’ me up? Hmm…well…ok I guess… Dur de dur”. I didn’t say puppies are dumb or anything, but…. *raises eyebrow*

  21. mervtheflamingo says:

    I think this person isn’t making a fashion statement, playing dress up or whatnot, I think this is a newly installed floor or newly sealed floor, and the slippers are-hilariously- protecting it temporarily.

  22. Snicker Snort HEhehehe. Pink bunny slippers HEhehe poor puppy. Hhehehehe…

    Some one is getting a very special gift in their own bunny slippers tonight.

  23. mervtheflamingo says:

    These are children’s/ baby’s slippers more than likely, so they have some slip-proofing. Not to worry, Nuffs!

  24. beenclawed says:

    I’m… dumbfounded. Wha the… why? Is it a floor scratching situation, or a “I will dress you up as I see cute” situation? It’s hilarious to look at… but as has been mentioned, I have a cat. And there is NO WAY…

  25. bats :[ says:

    What a great pup-face!

    Of course, the next minute, it’s going to go Cujo…

  26. Is it a Lhasa Hopso…?

  27. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    I did this to my cat. He bit me in the face, ran an hid under the bed and horked up fuzz right onto my pillow. I was picking up peices of slipper for a month. Basically, I thought it would be funny. Like when I tie toilet paper to his legs. LOL!

  28. well Beth.
    what have you got to say for yourself??? 🙂

  29. Perhaps she’s getting him in shape to run the Iditarod. The mushers routinely put booties on their dogs to protect them. Maybe this lil’ guy is in training.

    Did anyone think of THAT?!?

    (amazed no one thought of it.)

  30. “Guys, it’s the color, the COLOR. Someone pretend I’m a computer and re-bootie me!”

  31. soulcal006 says:

    the dog looks all mad that it has to wear those shoes. it’s like…these shoes are tacky.

  32. Jarrah is a 4yr old toy poodle and yes she hates them. But you should see her run in those slippers. It is the funniest thing in the world!!! I practically lay on the floor and laugh myself silly.

  33. Come on guys! Those are Dog Slippers! Made for dogs. Hence the velcro strap around each wrist/ankle to keep them on. They keep the toesies warm, they are probably non-slip, and some dogs really like them.
    There are several different sizes and styles.
    If the dog really hated them, don’t you think it would be chewing at them?

  34. Don’t worry Jarrah is well loved. She is a 4yr old toy poodle and yes she hates them! But you should see her run in those slippers. It is the funniest thing in the world!!! I practically lay on the floor and laugh myself silly.

  35. OMG Beth. I was laughing at the photo but when I read you post I disolved into a puddle of giggles.
    Every time I look at the photo I crack Up.
    Funniest thing ever.


  37. 😦 My mom bought some shoes for our Bichon for her 10th birthday and I wish I were there to stop her. lol. I do love this pup’s facial expression, though.

  38. I know that look. I know it all too well from having done it to my own dogs as a child. “Why have you done this to me…. you’ve had your fun now give me back my dignity!!”

  39. Yes…

    It is so wrong, and yet so right. Loves it!

  40. pyrit, I think it’s a BUNese Mountain Dog. (Okay, I was a bit late on that one.)

  41. kit kat says:

    OK weird

  42. This reminds me of that part in A Christmas Story when Ralphie comes down stairs wearing the bunny suit his grandma made him. *snickers*

  43. Violet's mama says:

    She looks like the latest arrival at Build-A-Bear!

  44. Cheeta Lee says:

    Speaking of rolling in eet… one of my cats totally horked up a hairball last night, which I discovered this morning precariously perched on the edge of my box spring…it could have been MOI rolling in eet!

  45. eikoleigh says:

    OMG, this is so funny…the doggie’s expression is like, “Am I suppose to, like, walk in these?”

  46. Please tell us you’re doing this for more than your amusement.

    Otherwise, I would do laydown service on your bed so that Jarrah could pee, right down to the mattress.

  47. Kar, dogs generally love to amuse their owners. You laugh and show delight and they’re more than happy to repeat whatever behavior caused that. Yes, the owner said the dog “hates” it, but that’s probably not quite accurate, as it’s not so easy to translate dog emotions to human emotions.

  48. Uh, this must be the Overload part of Cute Overload.

  49. LOL and GOOD GRIEF.

    Dunno why, but to me he looks like two teletubbies tolled into one!

  50. LOL@ Christmas Story.. oh so right and oh soo wrong poor thang 🙂 🙂

  51. the hen says:

    It’s wrong, just wrong…..

  52. this made me laugh out loud. really loud. slightly hysterically. my colleagues now think i am insane

  53. I should post a pic of my mini schnauzer in blue pajamas and her non-skid shoes (vinyl flooring).

  54. “Okay, Mom. I’m reddy ta go ta swumber pardy nao.”

  55. i wonder if dogs know how stupid they look?

  56. Where can I buy those pink slippers? I need to get some so my dog doesnt leave paw prints all over the house

  57. ok I give.
    Beth- this is the cutest picture ever! i know your puppeh likes to dress up and amuse you! Jarrah is a little angel and i LOVE her bunny-slippies!

  58. hilarious captioning.

  59. StormCat says:

    I have 4 Cats who would absolutely force me out of the house if I dressed them up like this…

    But this little guy is sooo cute!!! Beth, I can just imagine how he looks when he runs!!!!

  60. I too thought of “A Christmas Story.”

    I was trying to remember Raphie’s line… something about the bunny faces staring sappily up at him. 🙂

  61. LOL, Megan–“He Looks Like A Pink Nightmare”…or something like that.

  62. Hi Jen,
    I bougth the slippers at Doggie Style in Phila. but they have a website if you are not from the area. ENJOY!

  63. Rachael says:

    @ musicchick2, etc. – you all must be basing your opinions on the bred to docility breeds of dogs. My terrier puppies are smarter than my 7 year old cat. And they would probably figure out how to kill me in my sleep if I put booties on them.

  64. The funniest thing to me about this picture is that his ears kind of look like giant fuzzy human ears.

    That and he’s wearing little pink bunny slippers! So cute!

  65. Chris B. says:

    I must have the weirdest dog. If you show her a shirt or jacket, she will run over and stuff her head into it. Dutchess loves to dress up. She is a rescue dog I got when she was almost five years old. She lost most of her hair over winter and needed to wear a sweater outside to keep from freezing. She has a jacket, three tee shirts, a sweatshirt and a princess costume. 🙂

  66. LOL “…a sweatshirt and a princess costume”.. for a dog!! LOL sheesh. I’m beginning to think I have to get a dog just so I can indulge in some fancy costumes. hee eheee

  67. Every time I look at this photo I laugh, his sticky out ears and the total scruffyness of the fur and best of all is the pink (Hahahaha) Bunny slippers.
    You just have to get him a bunny pagama outfit too.

    I lof eeet I tell you Lof Eet!

  68. I don’t know, Beth. I’m sure you know how to read Jarrah’s face, but to me… well… just looks like she is cooking up something devilish to get you back. See that little smile? You might want to watch where you’re stepping when you get out of bed tomorrow morning. Just saying.


  69. Chris B. says:

    Actually my other little dog hates to wear clothes. You even show him a shirt he growls and runs away. Dutchess had a really bad start in life so she is quite spoiled now. I should find my pictures of her and submit them to the site.

  70. That is totally redonk. But what really made me post is seeing another Beth L. >.< Right on, Beth L's of the world unite and dress puppies up in silly clothing!

  71. wow! what a gay dog!

    [welcome to the internet, moron… – Ed.]