This horn o’ plendy gerbils is well…a blessing [cross eyes, head tilt]

Love Señor Muzzlepowsches there on the right. He’s all honkin’ and shuin’.


Excellent B.E.F., Rebecca A. You have learned well.



  1. pistache268 says:


  2. leetle tiny palm pets.

  3. metsakins says:



  4. *faints ded*


  5. OK, I’ll just pick up this handy basket and be going now. [Whistles nonchalantly]

  6. Look at teh nosicles! OMG, so sweet!

  7. hrh.squeak says:

    Sleppy eyes, so kyuuuute!! I lof the tiny fuzzbutts.

  8. Shannon Johnson says:

    OMG! i must have one. *restrains self*

  9. omg, they are adorable!!

    a lady at work was giving away baby dwarf hamsters… I *seriously* had to tell myself NONONONONOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  10. honk-shuuuu, honk-shuuuu….can I come in ‘dere and nap wif you guyses? I pwomise to be vewwy vewwy qwiet!

  11. Aww Look At the Sweet little Hmamy’s with their sleepy eyes . Picks up Basket and kisses all on their noses. Night Night Little Babies.

  12. soulcal006 says:

    the brown looks like it’s about to cry since his friend is asleep. so, now he doesn’t have anyone to play with. aaww

  13. AlbertaGirl says:

    I see some serious disapproval going on here, magnified by the high BEF. Lof eet!

  14. SeaBreeze says:

    Aw! =)

  15. Zai Meow says:

    Zey so cumfies and watchables, for hours, like.

  16. Hunh Why you wake me? I is having a great dream.
    Go away. Now I go back to sleep ZZZZZZZ.

  17. Maybe it’s the flash but that’s the most amazing coat on the front one.

    I wish my hair was that shiny.

  18. Gerbil Power says:

    Let me tell you something. Gerbils are far to underepresnted on this site! Hams are way cute, but they can’t BOUNCE like a free flying gerbil can, and they can’t bunk as snuffly either! Gerbs ROCK!

  19. luvsgerbils2 says:

    i love gerbils! more! more! thank you! and i definitely agree with gerbil power saying that gerbils aren’t posted often enough

  20. Awwww.

  21. Aaaahhh! Tiny widdle gerbel puppy!

  22. Hmmm… Gerbilcopia? Or Cornugerbila?

  23. darkshines says:

    I love gerbils, at one point we had 25+, all beautiful colours…. They really can jump, and have best fluffy tails this side of squirreldom.

  24. That one in the foreground has a slicked-back, car salesman look about him. 🙂

  25. awwwwwwwwww.

    a tisket, a tasket, a few gerbils in a basket.

    nope, no gerbies in my baskets. harumph.

  26. CatFan76 says:

    Teeny tiny gerbillys that I could nuzzle and smoooooosh and love… I want to bathe in a bath of bebe gerbillys… My idea of heaven!

  27. This site needs more small rodents! 🙂 yay squees!

  28. Two Silver Cats says:

    After seeing this I now proclaim to my kitties, “Are you honkin’ and shuin’ AGAIN? Don’t you have anything ELSE to do?” and they look at me just like the brown behbeh here and say, “whaaaaaaaat?”