“Ehn” sounds CAUGHT ON TAPE

Wow, I didn’t know "Porcupets" even read this site…

Well, apparrrrently [eye roll] they dooooooooo [singsong]


Jocelyn A., Holy Wildlife Rescues! (…and BirdChick too!)



  1. bleen!?

    oh porcys…so cute, so unfortunate smelling

  2. sweet

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    Why yes, I DO want to kiss him on the nose.

  4. *dies a thousand deaths*

  5. Good googly moogly. That.. that actually hurt me deep in my soul. Sweet, precious beastie.

  6. ohhh, sweet precious beastie indeed! *kissie*

  7. EHN!

  8. I just tried to set the hovertext to “porcupehn”, but it didn’t take. Ah well.

    Maybe I’ll add an “I Shall Leeck You” tag instead…

  9. caerulius says:

    Aw, his little HANDS!

  10. OMG!
    that is the cutest little baby sound ever! lil porcupine says “HEY! , I’m suckin air here! gimme some more!”
    that’s just the sweetest thing.

  11. Oh, gosh, I haven’t seen a porcupine since a 2nd-grade Girl Scout outing. I love them – spiky cute things are my weakness.

  12. heh heh. i pressed play when another window popped up, blocking my view, and i thought i was hearing continuous farting

  13. tracyflick says:

    At the end of the day, they’re all just bebehs.

  14. Squee, squee, a thousand times squee! What a sweet little piggie-nosed muffinhead.

  15. Kallisto says:

    Yep, me too, kiss that nose, like, need to /now/.

  16. fooo…. there should be a ‘video’ tag so it’s easier to find the living-cuteness.

  17. waaaa-aaaah I’m in love….

  18. Sweet bebehs, full of “Ehn!” *Sigh*

  19. oh no! un-snorgleable cuteness!

  20. MissAntithesis says:

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    I “gi” in awe of the amazing cuteness.

  21. Shannon Johnson says:

    OMG! Where did he come from? I love him

  22. O.M.G. Until this moment a sheep sneezing was the cutest sound I’d ever heard. Step aside, sheep: there’s a new Cute in town!

  23. chelonianmobile says:

    … Up till this moment, I don’t think I’d ever seen a live porcupine on film. What a perfect introduction! Aww.

    I’d hug it, but can’t, for obvious reasons. *quietly looks around to make sure no children are in earshot and launches into the Hedgehog Song*

  24. yes.. yes I want to keees him on da nosicle.

  25. chelonianmobile says:

    Actually, scratch that – it’s young enough to have soft quills, isn’t it? Hug away, then.

  26. Theresa says:

    How does one snorgle a teensy porklypine? Very carefully!

  27. Mee-owlk…mee-owlk…me LUBS my mee-owlk…ehn! ehn! ehn! *suck suck suck* May I please have some moh?

  28. sadtomato says:

    His little flaring nostrils are too much!

  29. awww the Ehn of it all

  30. bats :[ says:


  31. That is the most adorable sound I have ever heard an animal make! That just makes me want to cuddddddle that little sweetheart!

  32. That is the most adorable sound I have ever heard an animal make! That just makes me want to cuddddddle that little sweetheart!

  33. soulcal006 says:

    lol…the porcupine is all like…bring the bottle closer.


  35. Oh. My. God. *THAT* is the most *ridiculously cute* thing I’ve *ever* seen!!!!!!!!


  36. I was pretty sure that’s what behbeh porcupings sounded like. Snurfle-y.

  37. Allergic2Kitties says:

    OMG!!! That is the cutest thing EVER!!!! I just melted. ~sigh~

  38. Cute! It’s too bad that porcupines are not snorgle-able.

  39. That noise is so redonk that my ears refused to hear it at first. I heard the slurpage but was all puzzled by the title “What ehn? Oh. That EHN EHN EHN! Eeeeeeeeee!”

    And then my head asploded. Porky nose does need kissing.

  40. Laura B. says:

    Enh should really be it’s own category. It’d be funny to see those snail photos with these noises.


  41. Tina Rhea says:

    Baby beavers make that noise too. And slightly older baby beavers, when they pile stuff up in one corner and then grab you by the leg and try to drag you over to put you in their dam…. “Ehn! Ehn! My tree is escaping!”

    FYI, I just did a Google seach on myself– for comparison, after doing one for my mother, who wonders why everyone official on the phone already knows all her information– and found something troubling. I made a reasonable, informative comment on the baby caracal photo, yet what Google displays is the comment that FOLLOWS my name, i.e. “OOH PRIDDY I WANT HEEM!” or words to that effect, with which I had nothing to do. This is something up with which I do not wish to put…. I may be forced to adopt a pseudonym.

  42. R. Moore says:

    I say tomorrow should be Wildlife Wednesday!

    It’ll be fun!

  43. OMG BABIES!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    Is that the sound of him breathing? Maybe he has itty bitty, baby porcupine asthma or something. Or maybe it’s just hard to drink so much formula and breathe at the same time.

  44. …I even love the nurse’s “Dr. No” hands!!!1!

  45. omg snout!

  46. Dynayellow says:

    I know that voice… that video’s from the Birdchick!


  47. Thanks, Jocelyn A. for posting the video that I took. I just saw the young procupet today and already after a week he is about a third size larger.

    I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have finally met CO’s standards. Seriously, this was a life goal.

    Whoot! I heart this site so much!

  48. SQUEE-ehn! SQUEE-ehn! I could listen to this all day every day. I wonder how impossibly cute his other sounds are – like his honk-shus…ahhhh *splode*

  49. Ohhh Bird Chick I love your web site. I went and visited a while ago. Totally awesome.

  50. She is awesome. Very very cute. I love the noises she is making. I’d like to see more.

  51. It’s more like “Ehn!-Yeah!-Wheez . . .-Ehn-Wheez . . . . Ehn!-Yeah!-Whez . . . .

    I, too love his own little gloved fingers and large, glistening, breathing nostril=noisicles. Wow.

  52. OMG I do want to kiss him on the nose!!!!! What a perfect piggy snout!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. I’m pretty sure I can die happy now.

  54. Wow. How strange! He sounds just like a human baby cooing. Cuuuute.

  55. oaklandcat says:

    Sara N, I was thinkin the saaaame thing. Sounds just like a human baby, greedily nursing. Makes my heart asplode every time.

  56. i wonder if mama porq-pines have that same heart melting “awwwwe, sweet thing!” feeling we get hearing those little “ehn”s… something has to motivate the care-taking behaviour!

  57. Awwww, sweet hungry lil’ dude.

    He looks very unporcupine-ish, though … more like a coarse-haired pig. What kind is it?

  58. How cute would it be to stumble upon a porcupine mama with all her little nursing babehs making that sound all at once? *sigh* It would be too much! Please avoid the woods at all costs!

  59. CB, could we please have some audio of the sheep sneezing?

  60. Ima say for the record that if this clip ever finds its way to UTube,
    it will give the superstar hand-holding otterpops a major run for their dinero.

    could be one of the cutest animal sounds ever made or heard.

    dangerously cute.

    a cute overload, one might say.

  61. I. Have never seen. Anything cuter. IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.


  62. darkshines says:

    I actually said “OMG thats amazing!” out loud, he really IS saying ehn! 🙂 Love it!

  63. This is a North American porcupine and was found orphaned on the side of a road in Duluth, Minnesota.

    Someone asked earlier about his quills: Porcupine quills are soft when born, but harden about an hour after birth.

    If you go to the link Dynayellow posted in the comments, you can see a video of him learning to climb and on that blog entry is a link to another video of him playing (and practicing his quill-fu).

  64. Theresa says:

    Even better, if you listen carefully, you can hear a kind of echo-squeak between the “ehn’s.” Sweet leetle porklypine!

    *suck suck suck*


  66. awwwww, it made me think of all the bebhe animals in all there little hideouts making that same precious little noise. a world of sweet bebeh noises all around us…

  67. OMG
    in my mind, “ehn” didn’t even come close to the cuteness of reality.

    i am going to pass out. i just know it. too precious, too too precious.

  68. argh ‘their’ not ‘there’. i hate when that happens.

  69. *raises hand* I also would like a sneezing sheep!

  70. what’s the name of that tune the porketpane is hummin’ while he’s getting his lunch on?

  71. TeratoMarty says:

    Actually, I’ve heard that porcupines have silky-soft fur on their tummies. Possibly you’d have to go for a targeted snorgle.

  72. savonnette says:

    That is – so – damn – cute.

    Love your site.

  73. Oh, that went straight to the amygdala. I need a moment…

  74. Alice Shortcake says:

    The lickle hands! The lickle dilating nostrils! The SOUNDS!
    By the way, on more than one occasion I’ve heard myself making an “Ehn!” noise when straining for something just beyond my reach. Which just goes to prove that the gap between humans and animals isn’t that wide, unless you’re a creationist.

  75. Suda Nim says:

    Anyone ever read “How Do You Spank A Porcupine,” about a Vermont family that raised an orphaned, mischievous porky?

    The answer, of course, was “Very, very carefully.”

  76. That’s the same noise my daughter made when I used to bottle feed her as a baby. Sometimes, if she’s really thirsty, she’ll make that noise while drinking=)

  77. The paws! No one has mentioned the little paws fidgeting against the gloves!

    Sweet thing.

  78. I love the word “porcupet” almost as much as I love this little fella him/herself! and yes to all who’ve mentioned the similarity to baby human sounds.

    Very, very sweet – thanks so much, Birdchick!

  79. my blogworlds are colliding. cuteoverload and neil gaiman. both featuring birdchick. brain splodey! also, that’s… freakin adorable. 🙂

  80. When the lady says “I just want to kiss him on the nose” all I could think was “IT’S A TRAP!”

  81. AAAAUGH! Mine eyes! Mine ears! The cuteness… too… great… to…. *keels over*

  82. Oh happy day! I like Nater!

  83. furbabies says:

    Slurp, slurp, slurp. Ah, yummy meelk.

  84. Ohhhhh! The way the nose holes move is mesmerizing, I am under its spell! ^_^

  85. fluidstatic says:

    I was so qte-ified by this my eyes were bulging out of my head, trying in vain not to “AWWW” out loud.



  86. yeah! it’s so ehn, ehn, ehn! I want one! no, wait, half a dozen!

  87. Posh Tater says:

    The noises!