um, Eric H., “‘tocks” are on the backside of an animal

I’m scared to imagine what Sender-inner Eric H. thinks " ‘tocks" are… The title of his email submission was "Snorgleable Kitteh Tocks".

Though this kitteh is certainly snorgleable [looking over glasses] those are not his ‘tocks, but his, like, knees. [adjusts lab coat]

Can I git a witness on this, People!?

Tocks? I don't see no schtinkin' 'tocks

Embiggen moi!OK, OK, here’s the full shot for more context, so you can make a proper analysis. Click to embiggen.

Eric H., I think you best be checkin’ the glossary!



  1. Beautimous puss.

  2. Yeah, knees or something. But I bet the ‘tocks are cute, too.

    Bendable kitty :o)

  3. LOL!

    Meg, we need a diagram of Animal Anatomy in Cutespeak. STAT!

  4. I was going to suggest calling that part the “front tocks” but somehow that sounds rather vulgar…

  5. firefinch says:

    Well, whatever, it’s a beautiful cat anyway. And check out the blending-in-with-the-carpet effect on the head and front paws in the full shot.

  6. One man’s ‘tocks are another man’s ——

  7. joodster says:

    such a cute kitteh, all foldey ‘n proper like. as to the “tocks” question. front tocks, pre-tocks, tick-tocks, kit-tocks…such a quandry. i agree with subhangi we need a cutespeak anatomy lesson.

  8. BumbleBee says:

    Snorgleable kitteh loins?!

  9. Stacy Horn says:

    That’s a belly shot. Bellies are one ofthe most snorgeable parts!

  10. [snort!]
    You people are *terrible*. For shame.
    No, really.

    (SarahP — “frocks”?)

  11. Maybe they’re hocks, not tocks???

  12. Well, if he wasn’t pulling the kitten 180 on us, but rather lying like all us other mammals with spines, that would be the supposed position of the tocks.

  13. Theo, I have quite enough trouble with my vocabulary (thanks to CO and ICHC) already! If I start mentioning cats’ frocks I’ll probably be locked away.

  14. zeldapie says:

    Gumby kitty!

  15. Tocks? as in buttocks?? makes a little sense… anyways simba there IS really cute!!!

  16. That is clearly the more desirable and highly snorgeable kitteh belleh.

  17. Well, there’s no label on the kitty so it’s hard to tell which is the front or the back. Anyway, it’s Monday, we’re allowed to put our underwear on backwards by mistake…..

  18. well, THAT’S a relief

  19. I vote hocks. hocks in front, tocks in back. Incidentally, the proper name for the fur on the back of a cat’s rear legs= “bloomers”. <3

  20. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Cute little feetsies. Such a proper Kitteh.

  21. cataloons, right?

    btw, in case anyone is wondering, “embiggen” is a perfectly cromulent word.

  22. Maybe Eric meant to attach a ‘tock photo, and got the wrong one (with hocks, instead!)?

  23. Phew! Hocks it is, then?

  24. that would be the infamous “frontal-tockage”
    and it is snorgable.
    and a nice kitteh smile.

  25. i want that cat…right now…

  26. Tarzman says:

    EMBIGGEN ! At last! I no longer sprock alone! Thangk yous!

  27. I think we did that yoga pose in class the other day.

  28. Kallisto says:

    Yup, wonderful kitteh.

  29. I’ve always called them shanks or cat shanks although hocks is good too.

  30. They’re cat knees! Doi…

  31. Suzy's Mom says:

    Maybe the kitty moved when Eric was trying to take a picture of kitty tocks and got a picture of kitty hocks instead.

  32. If these are hocks, what are the cataloons?

    Is that only when they’re standing up?

  33. I think Meg and Theo live in an alternate universe, find cool stuff, and bring it back to earth for us. WHERE did you ever find the cat knees song, for crying out loud…?????? Good news is it’s cute, bad is the tune is irrevocably stuck in my freaking mind for minimum 10 more days.

  34. Theo, I will not be held responsible for the earworm-fueled lunacy that will be unleashed upon the household by me, thanks to you and your infernally upbeat contribution… &-P


  35. Ah ha ha… that one is BLODE’S fault, not mine. (Joel Veitch)
    There’s some Not-Safe-For-Work stuff there, depending on where you work, so pick & choose. I like the old punk rawk kitten animations especially (mostly listed under “Other Songs” in the site’s right-hand column).

  36. Aren’t these kitty pantaloons?

  37. CATALOONS! OMG. that is just too cute!

  38. ShelleyTambo says:

    So, the cat in the song…is he polydactyl in the back? He didn’t look like it, but it says he has 10 toes. Looks like he has the normal 8 to me, and if he has 9 less noses than toes, that means he has -1 noses (arhinia, aka congenital nasal atresia)…but he definitely had some nose.

    My diagnosis: I need to stop working on books about birth defects.

  39. Shannon Johnson says:

    So soft. Must have kitteh!

  40. “Frocks”
    *snorgles kitten & runs away*

  41. Ohhh Eric… *thunk to his forehead* Pay attention to what you’re doing. Flip the kitty over, then post…

  42. R. Moore says:

    I believe “cat frocks” would be something like this, Theo:

    (Also, only one scary find with the search “cat in costume”)

  43. Brooke Kelly says:

    what is tocks?

  44. Emmerly says:

    Tocks, frocks, potay-to, potah-to…point is, it’s ANERABLE!!!

    The way the kitteh is stretching is just perfect. It’s a beautiful comfy gently “ehn!” arc in the full image, and in the closeup, one foot is daintily placed over the other as if a lounging Venus is saying “I am innocent and lady-like, yet I invite you to come hither and snorgle me…”

    A noble strayche embiggens the smallest kitteh.

  45. Yitzysmommie says:

    Knees / ‘tocks /cataloons, whatever. They’re QTE as is the entire puddum tater.

  46. yes, I agree with Lori, who called them pantaloons. I often call kitteh or puppeh pantaloons “puffy pants” for short.

  47. soulcal006 says:

    the cat is all twisted about. it seems to be saying, “yeah-huh this position is tewtally comftuhbuls.”

  48. Herself says:

    These are definitely kneezles.

  49. gesundheit

  50. Juniper Jupiter says:

    All these comments and not one mention of kitty porn? You guys are slacking! Either that or I’m OBVIOUSLY juvenile in the silly pun department! Cute pic by the way! 😛

  51. J.J. – actually, both are correct…

  52. Herself: Kneazles are kitteh-like creatures from Harry Potter:

  53. MoniCat says:

    LOL “cromulent!” *sigh*
    anner, you made my day!
    (oh yeah, and the
    kitty hocks too)

  54. Theo, I gotta cat, he’s got some toes, uh-huh! But my cat’s got TWENTY ‘o ‘dose! I gotta cat, he’s got some toes, uh-huh!

    (Your contribution says ‘dere cat gots ten). I’m jus’ sayin’… (Yeah I see Shelley Tambo mentioned this first but I’d already typded it, so…)

  55. Well they’re definitely not hocks…aren’t hocks the knobbly backward knees on animal hind legs? They are very evident on wobbly little fawns like this one:

    So anyway….my vote is for frocks since hocks is already taken.

  56. Okay i double-checked just so I don’t sound like a dummy and I was right. Hocks = backwards knees/equivalent of human heel

    And since the CO Glossary can’t possibly contain a REAL word, I second my own vote for frocks 🙂

  57. Snowpea says:

    Definitely a kitty belleh, with attached kneezes and toesies.

  58. Hello folks. This is the infamous “Eric H” who just got a very public lesson in kitteh anatomy.

    Shortly after hitting the “Send” button (it was late and I was tired), I realized my mistake… Oops!

    The kitteh’s name is Tofu and she is 1 & 1/2 years old. It’s been fun reading all of your kind and humorous comments about our little snorgleable diva. 🙂

    Click my name below to see another pic of Tofu showing off her “HOCKS”.

  59. I used to think “tocks” meant “socks”, like when the paws are a different color…..until I visited CO enough to realize what it really meant…..maybe Eric thought the same thing? This kitteh does have cute socks in front!

  60. Eric-I’m lovin’ Tofu’s hocks. They are de-lish!

  61. darkshines says:

    Cat pantaloons aren’t they?

  62. metsakins says:

    See now I thought someone should put some pants on that cat

  63. metsakins says:
  64. This is the best thread of comments evar! You guys are too much. What a crack-up!

    And Tofu… wow, what a dreamy kitteh. In Eric’s second pic, you could almost dive into that fluffy hock, uh frock, uh belly poufage. 😉

  65. Frocks Hocks Tocks and nine lives
    Tofu kitty was going to Saint Ives.

  66. Kristina L. says:

    Eric H., that is such a pretty kitty!!!

    I didn’t know what tocks were until I looked up the cute overload glossary today

  67. WiccanWolf says:

    Kneetocks! Too ky00te.


  68. Hmmm…now if I eat Tofu, am I still a vegetarian?

  69. Tofu Sprawl = right click, save

  70. That kittina is to. die. for. However, maybe I’ll be cast out of the World of Cute for saying so, but I don’t want to snorgle ANYone’s ‘tocks. That means getting your face all in there and losing yourself in the ‘tockiness of it all, and though it may sound like a blissful frenzy of frolicking, do we really know where those ‘tocks have been? No. We don’t. Give me the tum any time, though, and all snorgle hell will break loose. Happy Tuesday!

  71. those are very elegant kitty knees. i guess sender-inner now realizes tocks are short for buttocks (but-tocks if you are forrest gump)

    lovely kitteh. sweet like a little cinnamon croissant!

  72. “frock” is a real word, just for the record. Re: the cataloon discussion, I once had a very fluffy (long haired) calico whose name was Princess Fancypants because of her ruffly back-leg fur. That would be the pantaloon/cataloon area in my opinion.
    And as for Tofu, his/her kneeses are lovely and a perfect side dish to the snorgly tummeh.

  73. The pinup leg action really adds to the effect as well!

  74. oh my dear peoples, whatchoo got there is a wooshie bag. when a kitteh goes for a run, the wooshie bag is the expandable area underneath there so they kin strayche. and when they’s just standin’ there and you put your hand under it, you kin [gently now!] squeeze & squish it whilst you say “wooshie wooshie wooshie” and yer kitteh looks askance at you.


  75. mojojojo says:

    snorgable kitteh tocks are a state of mind, not a place 🙂

  76. Jane Smith says:

    This is what we call a Field and Stream centerfold pose!

  77. Astarid says:

    “and when they’s just standin’ there and you put your hand under it, you kin [gently now!] squeeze & squish it whilst you say “wooshie wooshie wooshie” and yer kitteh looks askance at you.

    xoxo Posted by: BeeCee”

    OMGoosh-y-ness! BeeCee that is tewtally perfect! Cats have the best faces! Thx for sharing!

  78. BeeCee, The Cat will not just look askance at you the cat will claw the living happiness out of you!

  79. Ah. Snorgleable is right.