Our new chick-kons

Bosley, your wish is our commandHey Peeps,
Please meet the newest additions to our family farm, 2-day old behbeh cheecks: Sally, Millie and Rose (from left)

Sell it girls, SELL IT! [rotating camera around subjects in annoying way]

They have to live under a steakhouse-style heat lamp fer like, 2 months before they go to their sweet outdoor crib. So far, they’ve tried to; 1. sleep in their water dish, 2. read the newspaper under their feet, 3. peck each others eyes, 4. step on each other’s necks while napping and 5. LOOK ANERABLE.

Check out their Charleh’s Angels pose below:

Cheryl Ladd is tewtelly gonna replace me after season 1

Nice photo, Paddles!



  1. gorgeus chickies.

  2. that person has three hands!

  3. that person has three hands!

  4. The better to hold chicks with!!!! Muuuuhawhawhawhaw [pulls up cloak and disappears]

  5. Dewd, I wanna poster of the brunnette for my dorm wall.

  6. We used to call them peepie-deepies when I was growing up! And they have the BEST eye capsules.

  7. *HOT* chicks!

  8. soulcal006 says:

    instead of flippin their hair everytime they catch a bad guy, they could just flap their widdle wings.

  9. Brunette, blonde, and redhead! Divine!

  10. mandykw says:

    I love them all! Especially the one on the right 🙂

  11. mandykw says:

    I love them all! Especially the one on the right 🙂

  12. Spryte808 says:

    Yes we have 14 of those little chicks ourselves.. I tried to convince Theo to post my video.. but it will be interesting to see how they all look different. More like a before and After picture.

  13. The picture – it did reversify. Twilight Zone ooo scary

  14. I think that’s only two hands. It’s just that one of them has a LOT of fingers.

    And those little fluffy birds are KYOOT!

  15. Woo hoo! There’s nothing like going out and picking up chicks!

  16. WOW they are gorgeous 🙂 I love chix that look like “chix”!

  17. Peg of Tilling says:

    The one on the left is the brunette, so she must be the smart one.

  18. metsakins says:


    but I am confused about the hands

  19. Gorgeous chicks!!

    If you have problems with chicks lying down in the water (there is a danger they can drown) then fill the water bowl with marbles. They can get to the water in the little gaps between the marbles but there is no risk of drowning. We used to keep a lot of quail and lost a few in the water bowl until we put marbles in.

  20. Leilani says:

    I think the chicks in the second pic are MUCH cuter!

  21. Chicklets!

  22. “Good morning, Angels!”


  23. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wow, those leetle beakersons look sharp!

  24. Tres (trois?) chick!

  25. love the eyeliner on the middle chicky!

  26. OMG. Meg, I have a weird question for you. Have you ever stuck a peep in yer shirt and then had it fall asleep in yer rack? As an ex farm girl, I can tell you that is one of the bestest parts of babeh chicks. They heart the warmth and go honk shu in no times.

  27. Caitlin says:

    awww Meg, I’m jealous! I want to get chickies but I have to wait until I move someplace that allows them 😦

  28. You know what Margaret Cho says about Charlie’s Angels, don’t you? Whenever there are three girlfriends together there’s the smart one, and the pretty one… and then there’s the ho.

  29. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute!

  30. Ah, crap. That particular Margaret Cho quote always leads to me spending far too long trying to decide which of the three I am with various combinations of girlfriends…hee.

  31. R. Moore says:

    Not on topic, but I love that bathing suit.

    Starry, I personally have never had problems with chicks drowning. We used water dispensers made for baby chicks, and kept the adult chickens’ water separate.

  32. BrianMPLS says:

    mandykw: “I love them all! Especially the one on the right :)”

    Your right, the holder’s right, or the holder’s other right?? 🙂

  33. Bosley’s right.

  34. Charlie says:

    Now I guess we’ll have to rename the chick-ons Jacklyn, Kate and Farrah…

  35. Jeez, Kate, time to eat something for goodness sake!