Let’s see… it says here…

[scanning text]Yep. Says here to place varmint on micro-wave safe dish. Step two, sprinkle with garlic salt. I’m positive that’s what it says.


Good thing you have a sous-chef, Kelly L…



  1. First time I’ve ever seen an owl read without his glasses…He’s too cute!

  2. In Russian, at that!

  3. BTW, can anyone tell what he’s reading?

  4. I love owls. So glad to see one here.

  5. kimberly says:

    How adorable is that???

    Good to see he gives a hoot about preparing food properly…

  6. Hmmm…. he looks like such a sophisticated owl. I didn’t think he’d use the word “varmint”. Maybe he’s from the South…. of Russia?

  7. OWL!! Oh my god I love it.

  8. Yes, it is Russian, and the book is entitled “The other history of the middle ages”.
    It is not a cookbook.Give this bird more credit

  9. He’s looking up recipes from the Middle Ages; he’s doing a home ec project and history project at the same time.

  10. Maybe that’s how they cooked varmints in the other middle ages, kobra.

  11. “The Other History of the Middle Ages”???
    Sounds like Owl’s too proud to admit he can’t read a word of it.

  12. How did they get an owl to sit calmly on the counter inside a house in the daytime?

    I hope that owl isn’t stuffed…

  13. I think he’s reading Harry Potter. Srsly!

    O Rly?

  14. Shouldn’t that owl be delivering a letter to Hogwarts?

    I love owls. How cool to have one sitting on your kitchen counter!


  16. Karebear says:

    I can just read the 2nd word… History.
    history of cuteness???

  17. what a beautiful owl! I didn’t know they could be kept like a pet. but he/she is absolutely gorgeous.
    (is there a little mousie duct-taped to the inside page of that book???)

  18. Meg, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!! Just yesterday, looking at that kitten/owl, I was wondering why we didn’t have more Owly McOwlsons on here. *gets tin foil helmet*

  19. Eets Vladimir Hootin.

  20. Holly: Ya Rly!

  21. MaliceAlice says:

    Hmmm, I was told that owls make terrible pets. They’re supposed to be niegh untameable(?). Maybe that was just snowy owls. I can’t remember anymore. Anyone know anything about this situation?

  22. I was also told that owls make bad pets. He was a serial rapist so I don’t know if I should trust him or not.

  23. Funny $#!%, just read your blog. Yep, that’s some funny $#!%, particularly about the slim jims.

  24. Laurie C says:

    “Vladimir Hootin”

    pyrit, you are cracking me up today.

  25. No, wait, I’ve got it! He was delivering Hermoine’s letter to Viktor and decided to help Viktor w/his homework while he waited for the return letter. Wow, I read too much HP.

  26. oh man, owls have been my latest love. im going to do a giant owl painting. i <3 owl

    Holly and Lizzy: NO WAI!!!

  27. Vladimir Hootin! HAH! I like that.

    o rly? ya rly! srsly?

    ok, i’m done.

  28. For those curious about owls as pets I found this
    here at about.com

    For those who want to just read here’s the important stuff.
    About Owls
    The problem with owls is that they are not suitable as pets. They are beautiful, majestic and awe-inspiring, but they are also large and powerful with extremely sharp talons. They require a steady diet of small animals (fed whole). They are not sociable, and need room to fly in a large aviary, which most people just can’t provide. I’ve worked with owls, and they are amazing and wonderful animals. Just not good pets.

    It also bears mentioning that in the US, it is illegal to take most wild bird species from the wild without a permit from the Fish and Wildlife Service (and permits are not issued for the purposes of keeping wild birds as pets). Similar regulations may exist in other countries.

  29. Lerrinus says:

    pyrit: Vladimir Hootin

    *dies laughing*

    Great pic! XD

  30. earlymouse says:

    “Do the owls have large talons?”


  31. Maryland grad says:

    Oh lawd, between this and the bebeh turtley, my head asplode from all the cuteness! Owls and turts are my faves! Oh happy day 🙂

  32. Umm, shouldn’t it be a “hoo”-chef?

  33. “Hmmm….I wonder if Mead goes well with varmint…?”

  34. Lillith says:

    Vladimir Hootin? Genius!

    He looks pretty small. Must be Pigwidgeon during a rare calm moment.

  35. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    CP… thank you. That’s the first thing that went through my head. And, I’ve been a little creeped out by owls ever since! lol

    This little guy is cute though…

  36. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:
  37. Shannon Johnson says:

    I love the owl. I didn’t know that owls could read.

  38. R. Moore says:

    annie, I’ve worked with (albeit smaller) birds of prey and totally agree. Wild animals aren’t pets. If they were they’d be domestic. They are, by definition, not pets.

    Lovely to watch, though 🙂

  39. The book is titled Different History of the Middle Ages.

  40. I’m in ur kitchen
    readin ur medievals

    LOL @ “Vladimir Hootin”!

  41. SeaBreeze says:

    Barring any unforeseen developments, I should get this done in a hoot minute.

  42. Hoot sweet, eh SeaBreeze?

  43. Need more details. Want more pictures. Owls rule!!

    I’d love to have an owl as a pet, but unless you raise or rescue one, I don’t think it’s a great idea (yes I know it’s illegal).

    I know of a guy in Britain who has an owl that likes to ride on the handlebars of his bicycle. ;D They go to the local pub together.

    It’s so funny how happily and willingly some wild animals adapt to humans. Very sweet when it conforts both parties.

  44. h00t!

  45. “In Soviet Russia, varmints eat you-hoo!”

  46. more like “In Soviet Russia, they’re sick of this joke too!”

    (I taunt out of love, TJ.)

  47. Hey CP, No other Twin Peaks freaks here but us.

  48. soulcal006 says:

    the owl may be learning russian, but i bet you it still doesn’t know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

  49. I would totally move to Russia if it meant I could have a pet owl!

    I know in reality, owls don’t make for good pets at all… but then why are they so darn cute!?!

    You see? My logic is FLAWLESS.

  50. Brinnann, the book is “The other history of medieval times.” The red bar at the top says “Versions of world history.”

  51. Oh Garsh, thanks. :-0

  52. This is one of the best things on Cute Overload. Ever.

  53. Are ear tufts a CO category? ‘Cause this owl wins.

  54. Ear tufts as a category!
    What a great idea, Susan!!

    Oooh, and that means the caracals could be in there, too!!

  55. AWH! An owl what speaks Russian! Too, too.

  56. Thank GOD someone mentioned the ear tufts! I came strait into the comments because they needed IMMEDIATE attention.

    Zees Russian toofts off mineahr feader. Bootiful, no?

  57. And perhaps he’s a Texas college student thats on exchange in Russia??

  58. I half expected him to have a pencil in one foot like Owl trying to write “Happy Birthday” in the Winnie-the-Pooh story.

  59. CatFace says:

    drigaya istoria
    O_O omg the bird is even smarter then me!

  60. In Russia, owl keeps you as pet.

  61. A bulbous head and ear tufts! Very handsome.

  62. Aaaaww, I love Vladimir’s “ears”. Those are those too cute.

  63. LOwL, Pyrit.

  64. preved! [if only he had his wings up]

  65. R. Moore says:

    Oi, Twin Peaks?

    Did you hear they’ve finally released both seasons?

  66. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! Meg, you’re killing me! FIrst that owl-kitten and now an actual owl!!! Yieeeee!!!

    LOL@ Vladimir Hootin.

    How do you snorgle an owl?

  67. oaklandcat says:


  68. owls are very interesting

  69. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Subhangi, like Hedgehogs make love very carefully.

  70. Question: How do you snorgle an owl? Answer: VERY carefully! (thick leather gloves help) The talons hurt, lots. Trust me on this, I rehabilitate birds of prey (including owls!)

  71. PS – I think that’s a Long-Eared owl, an american species…

  72. Warra puffy head!
    So cute and round and eartufty!

  73. can someone tell me what this word means

  74. Oh, if we do an ear tufts category, we hafta have a marcaroni penguin! (Lovelace?)

  75. ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  76. Sprinkle with garlic salt? Vladimir can no has garlic; he’s not reading Russian, it’s TRANSYLVANIAN!

  77. OaklandCat — 😉

  78. I’m thinking add a little salt and pepper and hes good to go. Maybe some cooking sherrie too.

  79. Yeah Owls are so amazing and mysterious, and so lovely.


    I love art and other things about them I just HATE that they eat lil creatures.. but thats reality. I still think they are gorgeous.

  80. Happy LOL Day, that’s a beautiful post.

  81. i just love owls, always have. i read Farley Mowatt’s Owls in the Family as a kid, only to grow up and learn that owls are bad and illegal pets! oh well. nice to see one here!

    and soulcal006, the owl totally knows how many licks! “one…to-WHOO!…(KRONSHE) thrrrree. Thrrree.”

    loved that ad.

  82. Kallisto says:

    Happy LOL day, I concur with brinnan. Your post about the owl’s dream is *really* lovely. It makes me melancholy, but it is genuinely lovely.

  83. Happy LOL Day your owl dream is captivating, I now it has been said, but it warrents repeating. It is so simple, yet so poignant.

  84. He is beautiful! This reminded me so much of the scene in “The Silver Chair” (for my fellow Narnia nerds) where Jill and Pole are in the giants’ kitchen and they find a cookbook with an entry called “Man”!

  85. Caitlin says:

    awww! I should be so lucky. Why can’t I have an owl in my kitchen?

    (although it’s more properly called a WOL ;))

  86. (sigh) How I long for the old country, for the land of my peoples. I can still smelling the kitchen of my Grandmother Babalinka from when I was a girl, the fresh greplachts rising in the oven, a pot of Kluuberclaaspel simmering on the cast-iron stove.

    Now that I am in the America, no longer can I making the traditional meals of my beloved homeland. This new oven is clean and white, but is too small for the traditional Roast Schlaabergrankenfarsk, and cannot even prepare a decent Flooskabellskipoodinzongergarbel for dessert.

    Also, I cannot read the cookbook because I’m an owl. That is problem, too.

  87. i didn’t know that owls could read russian!

  88. Karen, Karen, Karen… it’s CLEARLY a RUSSIAN owl.

    Hoot ha.

  89. I’m concerned that this is quite a nearsighted owl. Shouldn’t he be able to read that book from across a football field by the light of a single candle? :^)

  90. Other Mike — if I could paste your whole comment into the photo’s hovertext, I *SO* would.

  91. ntmtom,Flooskabellskipoodinzongergarbel so delicious when prepared by an owl. Only they have just the right touch.

  92. AuntieJen21 says:

    As I was scrolling through the page (got to you from BirdChick) my 4 year old daughter saw the owl reading and made me stop. She asked me to tell you that that little owl is very cute!

  93. its like Winnie-the-Pooh! with owl and eeyore and all that…