Saturday night prep

Saturday night preenin’ b4 going OUT. You know that Mom’s ears are back because she’s totally crankin’ the Van Halen. Meanwhile, bebeh "Caracal" kitteh (below) takes a leeckin’ and keeps oooooooooon teeckin’.


Madeleine R., even though the ear to head ratio would not be considered cute, the ‘leecking’ is, so you got us there. 😉



  1. I believe there is something like an inverse ear-to-head ratio corollary. I think so long as the ratio is extreme, it is cute. See also fennec foxes. But bats are right out.

    But, in other news, awwwwww!

  2. metsakins says:

    mom’s giving the ears a good bleening

  3. can i have one?


  4. did anyone mention the EYES?

  5. SPOCK EARS?! But of course, that would only be logical. 😉

  6. Me thinks there’s a little smudge of Lunchables that flew behind mini kitty’s ear while snarfing.

  7. I be thinking those ears be pwetty damn cute!! Giving those dirty ears a little cleaning!

  8. Elven magic!

  9. soulcal006 says:

    mom cat casts plus five licking.

  10. I personally think the ear to head ratio is adorable ^_^

  11. I think it’s less the ear to head ratio and more the ear to *face* ratio that makes cuteness cuteness.

    For example, this little guy has huge ears and a tiny face. Huge ears + tiny face = cuteitude.

    The Shar-Pei in close up the other day had a huge face and tiny ears. Huge face + tiny earflaps = cutitude.

    Perhaps that particular Rule should be revised as follows: When earflappitude and face scrunch are out of proportion, cuteness ensues.

  12. to tell you the truth, I’ve always found huge ears way cuter than tiny ears

  13. Oh, wow!
    Cute might not be the right term for those ears, but, elegant, exquisite, beautiful is!!!

    Lovely animals!!

  14. Corgi-Chihuahua Mothers of the World unite against the Head/Ear Rule! We want an amendment and we think we have the votes! Don´t make us filibuster.

  15. Tina Rhea says:

    Caracals are beautiful, but I’ve never seen such a young kitten. Adorable! Now I’m imagining newborn caracal kittens, their ears slowly unfolding like butterfly wings….

  16. Momma Cat: Hold still while I get this dirt off you. I don’t know how you get so dirty in five minutes.
    Little cat. Awe mom. Do I hafta get all clean. Larry and Whitey are waitnig for me so we can go play ball.

  17. HOW can I adopt one of these gorgeous cats?? Please let me know!

  18. Adorable! Personally, I think large ear to head ratio is cuter than small! Corgis and fennec foxes, for example.

  19. WOW. What lovely creatures!

  20. PS – I’ve heard of lynxes, servals, and other sorts of cats, but I had no idea about the caracal. No wonder – wikipedia says it’s an extremely elusive creature!

  21. Lindsay says:

    Yay! My very favorite small cat species here on Cute Overload! *squishes the bebeh*

    Just do a Google image search for caracal – much cuteness ensues, even with the adults! ;-P

  22. Brethil says:

    Kitteh: MOOOOOMMM, quit it! You’re embarrasing me in front of my friends!
    Momma Caracal: Juust a minute honey, you missed a spot behind your ears.. There. Now be safe, don’t drink and drive and…
    Kitteh: Uh, yeah, sure, whatevs. Let’s bust this joint, dooods!

  23. SeaBreeze says:


    EAR TUFTS!!!!

  24. Who can resist ear tufts?

  25. I’ve adored caracals from the moment I saw one at the zoo. Never did I realize how absolutely anerable the fuzzy kitlings were. Squeeee!

  26. Tina Rhea says:

    The Philadelphia Zoo once had a caracal named Spock.

    Here’s a thirty-second video of a caracal rolling to show off its spotted tummy….

  27. Catsquatch says:


    How PRIDDY!!!!

    I want one!!!!

    I am struck by how much the mommy looks like a cougar, but those ears are just AWESOME!

  28. Wow. Those ears are spectacular.

  29. R. Moore says:

    I’ve always thought large ears were cute, too. Look at Papillons, Chihuahuas, and Corgis. Or some kittens! I agree with Jo, maybe it’s more of an unequal proportion. I vote an official change of the rule!

  30. R. Moore says:

    Oh, and lop bunnies! Huge ears, total cuteness.

  31. rubber duck says:

    I don’t understand why SMALL ears are considered cute!… I think it’s definitely BIG ears that are cute! You’re right R. Moore, the rule should be changed at least in some way. I might also add KOALAS to your list…with their HUGE, huge fluffy ears…and bunnies with really long but upward-pointing ears! 😀 (Those Japanese have got it right in their “The Rabbits and the Moon” door curtains and their printed cotton kimonos and such, those silhouette bunnies are always tiny compared to their hugely long ears…)

  32. my fav fav fav small big cat! i even did a design project in school on these lovelies! yay!

  33. moofyboof says:

    dude, emily, i totally agree with you

    big ears = sooooo cute!

  34. Jaxotea says:

    Best cats ever!

    Caracal Trivia:

    The can catch up to 15 birds in one leap
    In India the Maharaja’s used to have completions
    You can tell how old they are by how droopy the tufts are
    The big ears, tufts and shot tail all help with catching bird
    They can easily leap
    They are used to scare birds at African airports
    They are NOT part of the Lynx family, but they were thought to be till recently
    Israel has a population of ‘black’ caracals; not melanistic, although those do occur.
    The name comes form the Turkish for Black Eared
    Whilst they have a number of vocalisations they mainly hiss, with very distinctive friendly and non-friendly versions.

    Lets here it for Rule 17 Rebels!


  35. according to wikipedia, carasal has a flavor:

  36. Manawolf says:

    D00d. If a bebeh stingray is cute, then big ears are ahnerable. I third (fourth? fifth?) the call for cute law revision!

    How can you doubt eet with the existance of fennecs??

  37. Emmerly says:

    I SEVENTEENTH OR SO THE MOTION to revise the ear to head ratio rule.

    I actually had this thought a few days ago, upon reflecting that this little guy ( ), with not so very small ears, is even cuter than the feller pictured in the ear to head ratio rule. ( )

  38. I’m on board the “revise the ear to head ratio rule of cuteness to include BIG ears as well” train. Woo WOO
    And as someone said.. these guys are exquisite!!

  39. w00t for ear law revision!

    and anner, i lold at that hahahahah

  40. Cheryl S says:

    Here’s some beautiful footage of a pet caracal not sharing food with its Weimeraner companion.