That is something, up for which…

…I will not stand!



Nice mitt-tayns, Jessie S.!



  1. PAWSITUDE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    Lovely. A mouse’s eye view of feline feets.

  3. *Starts humming Dune Buggy by Presidents of the US*
    ….Fuzzy little toe-oe…

    I will strooke you….

  4. souldcal006 says:

    I wheel play the footsies with you.

  5. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:


  6. montana gramma says:

    Finally…proof positive of the exsistence of the elusive Abdomeowable Himalayan Snow-Kat Monster.Eat your heart-out, Merlin Perkins!!!!
    I had no idea they were ‘that’ large!!!

  7. montana gramma says:

    Finally…proof positive of the exsistence of the elusive Abdomeowable Himalayan Snow-Kat Monster.Eat your heart-out, Merlin Perkins!!!!
    I had no idea they were ‘that’ large!!!

  8. montana gramma says:

    Damn those pesky double-posters. Who do they think they are anyway??

  9. Lunch Lady says:

    Purrrfect little puffs of paws….

  10. That is hilarious.

    It looks like a muppet.

  11. That kitty has pom-poms for feetsies!

  12. Cotton ball footsies!! 😀

  13. Ada Davila says:


  14. KittyDeluxe says:

    Awww…they look almost cartoon like, too purrfect!

  15. Great paws and effect.

  16. OMG!!! This kitten is quoting Churchill? How fabulous!!

  17. spamabella says:

    Is that a stuffed kitten?! Look at the back paws.
    Tree-mendously cute none the less.

  18. Aw, sas, you beat me to it. Cotton ball feets indeed! I’m kinda envisioning “kitty slippers” (as opposed to bunny slippers)….big white floppy kitty slippers.

  19. Not sure if you were going for it, but… the Churchill quote is claimed to be: “This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put.” (although much is disputed about the quote and the context)

  20. Shannon says:

    MYGAWD! Lookit the feets!!!! Want to kees them!!!

  21. The version of the Churchill story I had heard is that a woman chastised him for ending a sentence with a preposition. The alleged response was “Madame, this is effrontery up with which I will not put!” But, I’m not a historian.

  22. yankeebird says:

    I love the burdensome use of appropriate grammar.

  23. Churchill quotes:

    From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put …

    I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.

    Me: I love mitten-feet

  24. Kitty’s wearin’ fuzzy disco boots!! Crank the Village People!

    Reg 🙂

  25. PAWZ! I must play wif them! Pet them and snorgle them and tickle the toe fur and tweak them and pick them up and drop them so they go “PLOOP!”

    (PLOOP! is the sound made when you have a sleeping kitty and you can -gently!- pick them up and drop them….)

  26. Er, that is, pick up the paws and the tip of the tail, NOT the kitty…

    Sorry for the confusions, I was overcome by the delectableness of THEE PAWZ.

  27. kitty’s feets look like Hobbes’ bread-loaf feets in the old “Calvin and Hobbes” comics…

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    DEEElectable puddy footies!

  29. Tiger kitty stepped in 2 Hostess Coconut Snoballs.
    Tiger kitty’s Mom says stop pawing with your food.

  30. FEETS.

    That is all.

  31. acelightning says:

    Toesies! Fluffy white kitty toesies! (Or is that kitty wearing inside-out Uggs?)

  32. These paws were made for walking, and thats just what they’ll do! One of these days these paws are gonna walk all over you.

  33. o my gosh! Those cute lil paws are…..well cute! They r so fluffy and They’re adorable!

  34. For the love of cuteness!!!! I tewtally want to soft cronshe those paws!

  35. SQUEEEE! I want pillows shaped like that!!!

  36. Kitty has poofy slippers.

  37. leah b. says:

    ok but where is te rest of kitteh? cute sock, paws fetties and a little tockness which is all adoralbe but where is de face de pitty?

  38. Lerrinus says:


    And thanks for the earworm Annie! 😉

  39. Leetle paw-dles – cue-ut.

  40. Theresa says:

    My favorite grammar joke.

    A lady from the South is sitting on a plane next to a lady from– well, from the North. Making conversation, the Southern lady says “Where y’all from”

    The other lady says “I am FROM somewhere where we don’t end a sentence with a preposition.”

    The first lady thinks a moment, and tries again. “Where y’all from, b***h?”

    Great pawsies, BTW. 😉

  41. Lunch Lady says:

    classic joke, Theresa, I’ll have to remember that one! Thanx 😉

  42. They look like muffins.

  43. Noelegy says:

    Oh but Theresa, no Southern person will refer to a single person as “Y’all.” It’s a contraction for “You all.” It’s our brilliant improvisation due to no word in English for plural “you” like there is in other languages.

    That being said, it’s still a cute joke. 🙂

    And those are some anerable footsies!

  44. Victoria says:

    Actually in some parts of the South, “y’all” is the correct term for a singular person. “All y’all” is the plural term. That’s at least how my South Carolinian cousins talk. 😛

  45. meg I apologize but I think I must correct the spelling of mitt-tayns to meet-tayns. I know, minor detail, but we are all about keeping things in tip top shape around here. attention to detail is everything.

  46. R. Moore says:

    On the y’all thing, I agree I have heard it both being singular and plural. On prepositions, tell anyone who shuns ending sentences with prepositions that English is not a Latin language, that it is Germanic, and that in Germanic languages there is absolutely nothing wrong with ending a sentence with a prepositions. Also that “fishes” is a word, meaning varied types (breeds, species) of fish.

  47. R. moore : studying Grammer english or languages at University? Great Info Thanks!

  48. I’ve heard

    “you” = one person
    “y’all” = more than one person
    “all y’all” = a big group of people

    That said, KITTEH FEETS!


  49. R. Moore says:

    Annie,I’m actually a History major. But I was trained in the school’s intensive (semester long) English Tutor program, and got into my favorite area of History through Literature (19th and 20th century Britain–except Dickens. Hate Dickens). Most awesome job ever. And I know how to use commas now! 😛 Grammar is actually my least favorite part of English, but it spurred many a good debate in class.

  50. gravyboat says:

    If there’s a thing cuter than kitten toes, I don’t want to know about it.

  51. You know what they say about kitties with big feet don’t you?

    Why they have to wear big shoes!!!

    Wha? You were thinking something else? Naughty, naughty!

  52. CO had a photo like this one before, I’m sure of it! I can’t seem to find it though. Would love to have them both for a paw-by-paw comparison!

  53. That might be the very cutest picture I have ever seen!

  54. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Oh them floofy slippers,Oh them floofy slippers, floofy slippers I’m gonna wear to walk the floofy street.

  55. Jill-e-b says:

    I think it’s time for a new rule: paw puffage is always cute.

  56. God made kitty feet perfect (oh..and their noses too….)!!!

  57. Emmerly says:

    *snorgles Meg for making a delightfully geeky Churchill/grammar reference*

    I want to snorgle them with my nosey.

  59. marsheeee says:

    In Mississippi, you is singular, y’all is plural, and one uses the term “all y’all” to encompass everybody when speaking to or about a group of people, as in “hey, are all y’all goin’ to the party?”

    Silvester (puddy tat) feet.

  60. Wouldn’t mind seein the rest of that thar kitteh real soon… ya’ll. 😉

  61. Oh my!. I believe I just mispelled “y’all” Please forgive the grievous error. ;(

  62. omg what lovely pawsies.

    i want to put them in my mouf. i want to neeble on the fuzzie leggins too.

    kiss kiss num num.

  63. This is my fave pic ever on Cute Overload. It’s my wallpaper now, and I’m having a cute ATTACK every time I’m looking at them!

    Thank you for these pawsies!

  64. lusm jessie s! BFFE 4 life x