Prepare for the licking of your LIFE

Holy… c**!!!

[followed by hot bref]


Michelle A., how did you clean off the camera!?

P.S., no, it’s not Moosday



  1. Lizzums says:

    It’s a tongue! Coming after me! Help! Wait, it’s cute. Nevermind.

  2. Holy blue skies and chin whiskerage! I would take a slurpy kiss from this little moo-er.

  3. ZOMG!!!! I’m not a robot! For the first time in a thousand comments, I was not asked to prove I’m not a robot. Beep-boo-beep!!!!!

  4. Sigh. In another life, I’m a farmer and I have encounters with animals this prosh daily…

  5. A little laser hair removal may be in store for our friend here…

  6. Calf keeses are verra sloppy, especially when they’ve just finished a bottle.

  7. I loves me some bebe cows!

  8. you can hear him singing:

    the wonderful thing about tiggers
    is tiggers is wonderful things
    our tops is made of the cowhide
    our bottoms is made of the springs
    we’re bouncy flouncy trouncy pouncy
    fun fun fun fun fun
    the most wonderful thing about tigger is
    i’m the only one!
    i’m the only one!

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Awesome!
    At last, a photo that makes up for that OTHER cow-tongue pic…

  10. Reminds me of when I was a kid, back on the farm. My job was to feed the calves and sometimes they would put your entire hand in their mouths. Felt weird and very slimy!

  11. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Soooo very cute. I wanna kiss from mooooooooooo.

  12. blair: I thought their tops were made out of rubber.

    btw, thx for the earworm!

  13. Come now, Tigger… if you’re the only one, your usage of the plural in the prior verses of the song was completely unjustified.

  14. Tigger can has multiple personality disorder?

  15. This little guy reminds me of the MN State Fair a couple of years ago. I was petting a steer (or some type of bovine) who was dandied up to be shown, and he turned and licked my face from my chin to my hairline, right across my glasses. It was just great–his breath was sweet, like hay. My favorite state fair memory. Odd thing is, the same thing happened at the Como Zoo in St. Paul a couple of years before with a juvenile giraffe. I got lapped chin to forehead with that long snaky blue-black tongue. Very cool but the cow’s breath was better. (Note to self: stop looking like a salt-lick…)

  16. Holy fu manchu chin hair! (And, um, nose whiskers too!)

  17. Tina Rhea says:

    The last thing a haybale sees.

  18. Peg of Tilling says:

    My glasses will never be clean again!

  19. i almost feel like this should be under “i shall leeck you,” too. because that’s totally what the calf is saying to me right now.

  20. Jenny — agreed, and fixed

  21. LOL, Tina Rhea.
    Wonder if I’m a robot again…

  22. Still not a robot!
    Okay, Teho, since you’re around. Why am I suddenly not a robot anymore? For, oh, I dunno, the last six months, CO has been accusing me of being a robot. Now, today, I can just post without proving I’m not a robot. Domo arigato.

  23. When I was a little girl, I had my hand licked by a cow. I didn’t like it. I think this cute photo makes up for the trauma though. :o)~

  24. Red, he said something earlier on another post about the host changing the way they detect spammers, so it makes it easier for us to post our comments.

  25. RedZ — what BrinnAnn said… it’s a GUESS on my part, but absolutely something changed on TypePad’s end of things. Their robot-detection robot seems to be smarter (upgrade to Spaminator Mark One?)

  26. Theo – where has that gimmecorn site been all my life? Or at least in the last few months. I am indebted to you.

    When we need to move baby calves from pen to pen, you stick out your hand so they glom thinking you are a bottle. Then you walk them to where they need to be. Sure, they get disappointed but they get over it.

    When you show dairy cattle, the appropriate attire is all white. White pants and white shirts. At least that’s how you start show day. Cow sez:”Oh, white shirt! Let me stick my snotty, feed covered nose on it! Here! Here! and Here!”

  27. R. Moore says:

    When I was very young indeed, my family went to visit my great aunt’s dairy farm. A cow gave birth while we were there (and the poor thing came out funny and needed more than a little help), and after the birth and initial bonding/nursing, the calf was put with other calves while the mother was tended to. My sister and I, about five and three at the time, went to see the babies. My sister held out her hand and the calf sucked on it. I was convinced they were going to bite off my fingers (wouldn’t believe they didn’t have teeth) and was grossed out by their slobber. Mom snaps a picture.
    Fast forward 13+ years. My younger sister and all of my best friends go on a camping trip which I had to pull out of at the last moment for health reasons. To cheer me, my mother and much younger siblings try to make an outing everyday. One day we go to a petting zoo. There is a baby calf. I bravely stick my hand towards it and grimace as it licks my hand, smearing slobber and cud over it. Mom snaps a picture.
    I bashfully tell of my triumph when my sister returns, and then berate her for leaving me for a week. I giggle at the pictures.

    Still haven’t forgiven my sister, though.

  28. ThreeCatNight says:

    Attack of the Giant Pink Cow Tongue!
    Got hay, anyone?

  29. Makes the term “cowlick” make much more sense. Can you imagine what that tongue would do to your hair?

  30. I LOVE THIS PICTURE! And the girl who took it!

  31. Caitlin says:

    ZOMG! Behbeh cow kisses are my favorite!

  32. Lerrinus says:

    Love a bebeh cow!

    Get a little closer to the screen, pkeli! *slurrrp*

  33. swoon…unbearable cuteness!!

    i can imagine the smell, the moist widdle whiskers and nosey and i will sleep again wif a smile on my face 🙂

    cow tongue was just what i needed today 🙂

  34. attack of the giant pink tongue!

  35. Is that Hubba Bubba or Bubblelicious?

  36. tenshihi says:

    Cow lick.

  37. Hehe. (S)he’s all “THPPPPPPPPP! Where be mah hay?”

  38. k i’ve been back like 20 times just for this kid, and i’m still finding unbearably cute things in this photo: the little reflection of light along her tongue, her eyelashes, her whiskers with little bits of stuffs stuck in them… i wish a little holstein heifer was here to greet me in person everydays when i come home 🙂

  39. violetgreen says:

    Once watched a curious heifer sneak up behind a fly fisherman and slime him good all up the back of his (thankfully) waterproof jacket. Poor guy had to move to the other side of the stream. Funny to watch, tho.

  40. got milk

  41. teresaa=] says:

    aww leeking ze camerrra

  42. pupidog says:

    ooops now i gotta clean up my comp monitor at office or i’ll be fired

  43. i think it is just adorable!!! now i want one because I now how cute they are.