Oh, this cat is askin’ for it


Of course Pippster has her own blog and Catster page 😉

Pippin M., the soundtrack is the icing on the YouTube cake



  1. Adorable! I love little beggars like this.

  2. She/he almost looks human :p

  3. Fantastic! Our cat Gus LOVED our Black and Decker motorized screwdriver. He liked to mark it while it was whirring at very slow speed (without a screwdriver bit in it, of course.)

    Nice video work, too.

  4. brackman1066 says:

    I sensed a little reluctance at the Miracle Whip. Must be a good Southern cat–only mayonaise will do!

  5. I love how he sometimes thinks about it first. “Miracle Whip, eh?… Well, alright. They do say that you can’t beat the tangy zip. I shall see for myself.”

    PS – the Giant Eagle brand sugar made my day. I shop at a Giant Eagle store too. 🙂

  6. Is there anything that cat WON’T go after?

  7. AlfishKK says:

    We get it, your cat begs when you offer her something… If you’re holding it out to her, of course she’s gonna want it.

    Pfft. Cute cat, but did we really need 4 minutes of this?

  8. metsakins says:


  9. Cat with screwdriver….hmmmm…dangerous! 😉

  10. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I love the paw clap for each item.

  11. chunkstyle says:

    I couldn’t turn away! Riveting! I think this kitty is really a goat. **nom nom nom** [eats lightbulb]

  12. lol! “DO WAAANT”

  13. I can has…EVERYTHING?!?

  14. “The world is not enough…”

  15. Tina Rhea says:

    Well, whatever the heck it is, it MIGHT be edible, right?

  16. beenclawed says:

    Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back. My cat won’t “beg” for anything. She simply demands I show her whatever I have so she can check it out. She is so sure I’ll keep something yummy and/or interesting from her – lol

  17. I think it’s a case of “beg – and get – first; decide later if I want it”. I think the banana-grab is the funniest.

  18. Shannon says:

    Oooooo look at the feets!!!

    Kitty likes miracle whip and bananas – must be Elvis’s reincarnated kitty. Altho, I must agree with brackman1066. I wouldnt be caught dead with miracle whip in the house….but – some people cant taste the diff – maybe kitty is confused!

  19. Viviana says:

    I never thought I’d see a cat beg for a Thighmaster. Made my day!

  20. A Pavlovian dream kitty.

  21. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I know I know already your cat begs for everything now give him some darn supper!

  22. Kitty likes to explore everything with her mouth. I have a kitty that does that too…he just doesn’t beg for it. He sneaks up on it! Methos the white Siamese kitty who thinks he’s a ninja – HA! 🙂

    I liked watching this kitty. I think the paw clap was more of a “Could you please bring that down here so I can see it a little better?” rather than a beg…but whatever works.

    I have to agree with AlfishKK on one thing – we get it, do we really need 4 minutes of it? I was waiting for something like clothes or a vacuum!

  23. oaklandcat says:

    Somebody has grabby hands.

  24. metsakins says:

    I needed 4 minutes. I watched it twice. the music and captions were great. I lurve that video.

  25. Very funny. Pippy’s blog is hilarious, too.

  26. “Pfft. Cute cat, but did we really need 4 minutes of this?”

    Why, yes. Yes, we did.

    If I sat on my haunches and clapped my hands together, could I get the cute cat?

  27. meli-lu says:

    Very cute. My cat goes berzerk for q-tips. if he spots us using one we can be sure the bin will be turned over and examined – wander why its so tempting for him.

  28. 5lbs. of Giant Eagle sugar? Looks like someone is from Western PA/Eastern OH (10 years in Western PA myself). I wish my kitty would beg for things, instead he just yells at me until I figure out what he desires. Spoiled spoiled. I definitely enjoyed this video!

  29. RumTumTigger says:

    i liked it all – specially the farther along it went – the quicker he was to grab onto whatever you were offering. my cat smokey lynn loves peas. i’ll put 4 or 5 down on the floor for her and she’ll pick them up one at a time with a dainty toenail extended and place each one delicately in her mouth. funny girl.

  30. So hilarious! I gotta teach my cat how to do that!

    (Poet. Didn’t know it.)

    meli-lu – Scroll down on the C.O. home page and check out the comments for yesterday’s post “Um…. OK.” It might be… enlightening. o_O

  31. I think it’s interesting that the cat never stopped begging, even when the edible things stopped coming. You know if you pretend-throw a ball for a dog, he’ll run the first couple of times but then stop, but this cat just keeps going! He must just really like…looking at stuff.
    P.S. If you found 4 minutes too much, was someone stopping you from just turning off the video and doing something else?

    gotta beg for everything , just in case something is edible.
    BUT. who has who trained here?????

  33. HEY!

    Thanks for the post!

    Sometimes when I’m not all consumed in my own ridiculous awesomeness, I visit cuteoverload too!

    – The Pipmeister

  34. metsakins says:

    liz – my cats have me trained isn’t that the proper way…

  35. I liked it when the cat knawed at the sugar bag. He was all like “I know there is yummy goodness inside of you… But how do I get it out?!!

  36. too cute. pippy wants it all! love the foot action. what a cutie!

  37. Metaskins-
    I too am guilty. For who else would we- clean a box full of poop? pick up vial puke from all various parts of OUR homes, vacuum hair, allow licking of genitals, and various other smacking sounds especially at 2:40 a.m. while sitting 2 inches away from our faces as we sleep, destruction of various forms of window coverings, furniture, corners of walls not to mention walls under window sills? Yep, I accuse boldly, but only because my Cat(s) cant read.

  38. I trust that the adorable cat got a treat after each non-edible successful beg. O/w I doubt he would be so consistent!

  39. I actually feel sick to my stomach from laughing. That is the funniest video I have ever seen in my life. 😀

  40. The best way to train a cat is with uncertainty. Give him/her a reward sometimes and will repeat the behavior ad nauseum. That is why it is so hard to get them to stop doing things, just a few successful attempts at your dinner and will keep trying for the rest of his natural life!

  41. haha brinnann… it’s a shame he didnt offer pippin a cheezburger. then “i can has cheez burger?” would have been the best subtitle ever. EEVVER!!

  42. Maybe that’s why he kept going back – he was hoping the next one would be a cheezburger and had to investigate each one to find out.

  43. AWESOME Office Space reference two-thirds in.
    So cats like Q-tips even if they don’t have ear wax on them? I’m learning a lot the past few days at C.O. (keep wanting to call it Cute Overlord …)

  44. I thought he’d turn down the Miracle Whip light for sure! What an absolute cutie. Hmmm, should I beg for this? Can’t hurt! What if I have no use for it? Beg first, ask questions later.

  45. I wonder what he’s going to make with all that?

  46. metsakins says:

    My Huggums knows that most times sandwiches contain yummy things (including the most wondrous of all, tuna), therefore when bread comes out she’s there. And she really can’t believe that anyone would eat hummus or peanut butter and she’ll beg until we show her these ‘horrible’ vegetarian things that we’re eating.

  47. metsakins says:

    Liz – reminds of the joke where aliens come to earth and conclude that dogs are in charge b/c they’re pulling us around and then we stop to p/u their poo.

  48. Sort of off-topic, but does anybody else’s cat have an aversion to nectarines? My cat always wants to sniff (and possibly eat) anything we hold out to him, but if we hold out a nectarine he freaks out and backs away.

    We’re trying to figure out if this is a universal trait and if we can exploit it to make some sort of cat repellent. There’s gotta be money in this somehow!

  49. metsakins says:

    i think most cats dislike fruit. if they’re the type that want to smell everything they will smell it and back away

  50. Seriously, I laughed so hard at this video. I want to train my cat to do shit like this.


  51. actully, i don’t think that pippy begs for everything. i think he begs for ONE thing and his humanslaves haven’t figured out what it is yet.

  52. After it began, I was JUST WAITING FOR THE HANDTOOLS! Yes!!! I woke up with a terrible achy neck and back (not a surprise, I’m a little creaky–car wrecks, the usual battering of life), but watching this was better than a handful of Advil! I laughed myself looser. I’m linking to this vid.

    Thanks–and newlee, you just may have a point about that ONE thing, um, thing.

  53. I don’t think Pippy was begging… I think her gesture means “Bring that theeng a leetle lower down, so that I may sneef eet and maybe neeble eet, please.”

  54. ThreeCatNight says:

    That cat is so cute! One of my cats has such a huge appetite that he practically takes my finger along with any piece of food offering that I make to him. Another one loves my nail file and must lick it (eew) after I use it. I just hope Pippin didn’t eat that Q-tip!

  55. Re: nectarines – cats generally dislike anything involving citrus. Don’t know why. But it’s why a lot of spray repellents (i.e., to keep your cat from scratching or what have you) have a citrus scent. Sorry, Sarah, they’ve beaten you to it 😦 …

    I agree with the folks who think Pippy doesn’t actually expect or want to eat the things he’s begging for – he wants to inspect them. Or, my narrative for Pippy during this was,
    “Oh, that’s a frying pan? Not what I was expecting. Oh well, may as well rub on it.”
    “Miracle Whip? Well, it’s not catnip, but I’ll hug it anyway.”

  56. Andréa says:

    Haha! I laughed out loud!

  57. that’s so good.

  58. Too funny…yummy screwdriver!!

  59. cute cat, lame human

  60. cute cat, lame comment

  61. Juniper Jupiter says:

    “Settle down, Milton…”


    Now if only it were red!

  62. This seems like teasing the cat to me which isn’t very nice.

  63. My Maltese does this same paw-clap thingy. I don’t know how he thought it up, but he started doing only about a year ago (he’s 4 now) all on his own. It’s very cute 🙂

  64. Royalty claps to allow the next supplicant to present their gifts. True nobility smiles upon even the most meagre and unsuitable of treasures.

  65. girlnextdoortn says:

    the most recent video on Pippy’s blog is loud-laughter-inducing.

  66. Is it wrong that I kinda love it when people complain about the stuff they see here? Especially for free? This kitty is cute as all get out. Thanks!

  67. Yes- I definitely needed ALL 4 minutes of this. After cramming 5 days of work into 4 days at the office, I needed a method of venting my compressed/stressed air out my nose in a partially hidden bout of snickering!

  68. Whats wrong with wanting a screwdriver? pips obviously has a spot of DIY that needs doing.

  69. LiviaAugusta says:

    i can has skroodriver?

  70. Great kitteh, dumb and exploitive human. Poor kitteh. Should get a more sensitive human, if possible.

  71. Um… Pippy is a boy. It’s short for Pippin. But yeah, he’s hilarious and his blog is cute.

  72. read Pippin’s blog, peeps – trolls excluded …

    PAWSOME !!!

  73. Jehanna says:

    I think this kitty and his human have a game. Kitty knows that some of these things aren’t food, most likely, but is enjoying playing with the human this way. Our cat used to have a bunch of things like this and would even pester my dad for specific “games”, most of which had no tangible reward except getting to do whatever the activity was. Some cats just have lots of hobbies. 🙂

  74. weehihihi .. so funny :]

  75. leah b. says:

    i saw this viedo the other day and sent it over to cute overload immediately after watching it the first time. I know I am not the only one who sent if over, but its so cute and funny I knew others had to see it too. Besides what is it people say dogs have master’s and cats have support staff. I would support pippin if I could laugh like that everyday.

  76. One Skunk Todd says:

    Well there’s one thing kitteh obviosly won’t beg for…
    The video camera. 🙂

  77. One Skunk Todd says:

    Bah, obviously that should be obviously not, “obviosly”.

  78. Nicolle says:


  79. Miracle Whip Light?!?!?! Now that’s just cruel!!!

  80. I had the dearest, sweetest cat named Pippin growing up. She was named after the littlest Hobbit. She too was quirky and had little games all her own.

    Pippy is “full of personality”, as we like to say. Adorable!

  81. little gator says:

    Did I see a flash of light from a laser pointer? Is that what she really wanted?

  82. I am bewildered by people saying that this video was too long. The funny comes from the escalating absurdity of items offered, without any diminution of the cat’s enthusiasm. And the person saying ‘dumb and exploitive human’? A, it’s ‘exploitative.’ B, they’re playing a game. Pippy is having fun! He gets to inspect cool things, and he gets the satisfaction of successfully communicating. If he recoiled from the non-food items in disappointment you might have a point.
    I thought it was cute, funny and indicative of a lolsome pet-owner relationship.

  83. My old kitteh was psycho for Q-tips…. she’d grab ’em and run off to some out of the way corner of the house and chew on ’em.

  84. shollia says:

    Hilarious. I laughed even harder as the objects offered kept getting more ridiculous and the kitty kept wanting them all.
    So adorable and so funny. Made my cheeks hurt from laughing so much.

  85. Kristina L. says:

    I liked this, but I don’t think the kitty was begging. I think he was saying “Bring that down here so I can check it out.” One of the things I really enjoy about cats is their curiosity. My cats will sniff and investigate anything that isn’t “scary”, they’ll look over a blank piece of paper, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to munch gently on a screwdriver.

  86. Nah, we didn’t need 4 minutes of this drivel.

  87. juniper jupiter you read my mind – kitty wants stapler even tho it’s not red?

    the enthusiastic reaction to the thigh master was what pushed me past the point of being able to hold my laughter in 🙂 thanks for the show Pippin!! you roxorzorz!!

  88. that’s one stupid cat..

  89. acelightning says:

    My cat Loki loves to investigate, sniff, mark, and generally mess with just about anything, especially if he sees a human using it. But he doesn’t usually sit up and put his paws together like that – and that’s what makes Pippy’s behavior so adorable.

  90. Julie Raven says:


    That is also mine.

    And also mine.

    I want to keep this. And this. And this. And this is mine.

    Wtf is this…Oh well, it is MINE.

    My peanut.

    😀 Adorable <3

  91. LOL! He wants to eat the screwdriver too? Maybe he thinks its the cocktail! 😛

    And Karen – that was rude. If you can’t find something nice to say about someone’s pet, don’t.

  92. “Hilarious. I laughed even harder as the objects offered kept getting more ridiculous and the kitty kept wanting them all.”

    Second that. Miracle Whip (…Light) seemed to be a winner, though.

  93. metsakins says:

    notice he didn’t scent mark or chew the Miracle Whip

    When you bring out the Hellman’s you bring out the best

  94. metsakins says:

    Karen – that’s one curious cat…

  95. SVO — so I gather you watched it all the way through too, eh?

  96. LOLOLOL. It was mesmerizing! How could you not watch it all the way through?

    Funny funny Pippster! What a sweetheart. And the music.

    Aaaah. I feel so cultured, now.

  97. *Snort*, Theo.

    I just scrolled up and read SVO’s grumpy comment. Hee, good one on ya.

  98. Brethil says:

    Ahhh, I love it when cat’s are quirky ( =cute). The most curious creatures on earth! And yes, I DO mean both senses of the word… 😉 My sisters cat insisted on a human “waiter” standing by while she ate – if you so much as looked away she became offended. “I say, garcon! over here!”

  99. Purple Belt says:

    That’s a dang funny video. I have a cat who begs a lot, too. But he doesn’t have the manners like this one does. Mine just uses his paw, and reaches for it. If you don’t clear out of the way quickly, he will get your hand and FORCE you to pet him.

  100. What an amazing cat. He should go on tour. People could bring stuff up for him and he’d do his ‘thing’ and then he’d kitteh-handle whatever the item may be. Then he item could be sold on Ebay for $100’s. I love this ketteh’s style.

  101. What an amazing cat. He should go on tour. People could bring stuff up for him and he’d do his ‘thing’ and then he’d kitteh-handle whatever the item may be. Then he item could be sold on Ebay for $100’s. I love this ketteh’s style.

  102. Pearl Ostroff says:

    I had a cat who loved bananas–to eat, I mean. I had to share my bananas with him. He also loved cantaloupe (although not watermelon, even though he would come to investigate when I was eating it, but it didn’t meet his requirements) and cucumber. Maybe he had been a vegetarian in his previous life.

  103. I know that this is cute, but on a serious note, people, please do not feed your cats thighmasters, screwdrivers, human hands, or 5-pound bags of sugar. I know it’s “cute,” but such actions are clearly animal cruelty.


  104. wich one makes my teeth gleaning?

  105. nightbird says:

    I was literally setting here laughing my fool butt off with tears running down my face. How could anyone not find this hysterical?

  106. nightbird says:

    Oops, make that “sitting”

  107. fluidstatic says:

    I thought for sure the cat would just sniff with confusion at the jar or miracle whip, but when he lunged at it with that “MINE!” look on his face I fell out of my chair giggling.

    The “BANANA GET!” was also priceless.

  108. Couldn’t you at least have offered the rounded end of the screw driver? Not the smartest of offerings.

  109. I had a cat that did this too! Except she “clapped” when she wanted us to open the door.

    She looked a lot like this cat too…!!!

  110. KiraKiea says:

    CLASSIC “If you have it, I want it”! Adorable!

  111. Cute kitty! I started laughing even harder when the frying pan was revealed.

  112. My siamese loved Starburst fruit chewies…so much so that she would try to get them out of my mouth while I was eating them! She also loved rainbow sherbet.

  113. Squee! It’s Pippin, the evil kitty! XD

    It seems, however, that no one has managed to catch Pippin’s reaction to this posting… HE appreciated it, but was rather upset at the mistaken use of the word SHE. *cough* >_>

    I shall quote from his blog:

    “It has been brought to my attention that those at CO believe I am a female. Given the masculinity fuming from my fantastically furry body, I’ll just assume that this was a typo and refrain from clawing out anyones eyeballs.”

    It may be wise to fix said typo, before Pippy loses patience. 😉

  114. the message is cute, but spoiled and not the banana either

  115. That was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

    and kitkat, what do you mean by spoiled???