Friday “Happy Hour” chat TODAY!

Friday Happy Hour chat today, People!

Join us at the C.O. Chat room


See you then! [Clinking of beer glasses sound]



  1. That’d be 5:00 PM my time (Central)… hmm

  2. beenclawed says:

    Grrrr, at 3pm pst I’ll still be at work – no beer for this cutologist during happy hour. 😦

  3. *sniffle* I’m going out for drinks after work… =(

  4. I’ll be on the road at Friday Happy Hour. I really shouldn’t chat and drive. I mean, drink and drive. Have fun chatting and drinking. I’ll be driving. I’m a very good driver.

  5. Laurie C says:

    I haven’t done this CO chat room thing before. I would like to, but I will be elsewhere, not at a computer at 6. Drat.

  6. Core blimey, mate! The stuff of fairy tales, low budget sci-fi, cartoons and old sea captains. Great!

  7. Crap, how’d I get here. Where’s that fishy?
    Sorry,… lost.

  8. 3pm Pacific? Hmm…. I guess Dr Phil can live without me for one day. 😀

  9. I think you mean daylight time, not standard time. Pet peeve.

  10. *tears well up in eyes* But but butbut!! Wahhhhh!!! I won’t be near a compooter! Not ’til at least 4 pacific…

    Okay folks, it is your job to keep the chat going until I show up!

    *crosses arms and nods convincingly*

  11. Oh right. Sure. They’re chatting about slugs and roaches. Rough crowd.

  12. Now they’re chatting about salamanders and snakes! Who ARE these mad chatters?!!

  13. Trolls dad says:

    Ok, as for chat…I really can’t believe you like animals enough to blog and have a chatroom and yet you give that jerk who is teasing their cat by making it beg a post today. You have a responsibility to think about what you are bringing your viewers. I hope no one else gets the idea that is ‘cute’ because it isn’t.

  14. Lighten up, TD! Are you sure you’re the dad, and not the troll?

  15. Whew. Now they’re chatting about zoos and Seaworld.
    I’m lurkin’ ur chat, narratin’.

  16. I think somebody’s a grumpypants (or just doesn’t know squat about pet cats).

  17. beenclawed says:

    I can’t wait until happy hour, I must share NOW! I went for a walk at lunch and got to meet TWO BORZAI dogs and their human!!!!!
    OMG PON11!ES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have only seen pictures of these incredibly beautiful animals. And they were off leash and I got to see them run (more like gallup!)! The male let me pet him but the female didn’t want a stranger to pet her. They are both rescue dogs. Their owner seems very kind and the dogs obviously loved her. What a great lunch hour!

  18. Thanks, this is a great chat.

  19. Theo – neeeooorrrwwmm! – just drop a big ol’ heavy anvil on me. Like in the cartoons.
    But I’m not grumpypants! See? 🙂 I’z just updatin’ Peeps ’bout the chat is all. (checks pants label – LLBEan) And no crusty underwear either!

  20. Pyrit — not YOU, silly! Scroll up.

  21. I haf done de chat! Do eeet!

  22. Theo – See, I knew that.
    Yeah! I’m right behind ya, all the way! That’s me, never miss a beat.

  23. Lurker – tell us more! For the pitiful sake of crappy slow laptop users everywhere, tell us! You are our only hope.

  24. R. Moore says:

    I missed it due to a cold-induced nap. Sigh.

  25. Another Angela says:

    pyrit, you made me laugh, thinking you were the grumpypants. and in such a teeny string of comments! lol.

  26. soulcal006 says:

    I was in the chat around 3Pm PST…we have such a bunch of lively folks. anyways, looking forward to the next chat…whenever that may be.

  27. Dewds!

    That was a fun chat today.

    Thank you for all who attended, all the beeeelllions of you. It was The Qte, flying fast and furious, punctuated by awesome images and movies posted by you all, that we could all oooh and aaah over.

    Thanks for the great time, and I hope we can do another Happy Hour in a fortnight’s time! [English accent]


  28. MilkyWei says:

    Fun chat indeed! Nice meeting you all Cuteoveloaders!

  29. 😥


    I missed it. It was 4 AM for me and I have internet only from 9 AM to 6 PM!

    Damn timezones…

  30. That was 4 AM *Saturday*.

  31. Waaaaa. I missed the chat, too! But, I got to enjoy it vicariously through pyrit! Thanks, pyrit!
    You make-a me laff so loud!!!

    *goes back to view the evil cat tormenting video which I am sure is horrendous* (not)

  32. lil_cutey says:

    oooooooh that penguin iz so cute. Plus duz anyone know how u get those cute overload chats? I would luv 2 find out if anyone knows. If u know plz tell me coz I’d luv 2 know.