Cat-like typing OMG! HALP!

Just try and stop meh, Mofos!

The redonculousness continues over at PawSense, a product that protects yer komputer from those WANDERING, VIGILLANTE KITTEHS!

How? Pawsense software DETECTS AND BLOCKS CAT-LIKE TYPING! Then, it sounds (harmonica!?) alarms and triggers this nifty dialog box (on left). No more "fgggrertbxdf" in the middle of your blog posts!

Exhibit A!

Jack R., brillo pointer-outering.



  1. My cats have no problem with the harmonica. Nappage continues unabated.

  2. fish eye no miko says:

    “Cat-like typing detected” has actually become a cliche over at Fark.com when someone posts something particularly odd or incomprehensible… ^_^

  3. Hmm I need this now with the newest kitty

  4. This program is OLD. Years ago my friend gave me a newspaper clipping about it…and I mean at least 10 years. Of course we cracked up about it.

  5. I’d never get ANYTHING posted or emailed… _I_ type like a cat more often than not.

  6. what a funny product! i guess it’s useful if you have a lot of cats.

  7. Arguably, it’s sort of pointless to be on the computer at all if you’re not going to have absurd input from your cat.

    Which makes this product, well, useless?

  8. belphebe says:

    I wonder if it works to block ferret-like typing as well? I would think so.


  9. Gillian says:

    I need it.

    I have an iTunes playlist called “gbnh\,oln699nhju6754bggfvttt”

  10. We could totally use that at work! I’m a vet tech, and we have 6 cats that live at the clinic and have free range of the place. they are always jumping on the computers, and the phones and creating mischeif.

  11. Heee! Cat-like typing is always funny.

  12. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    No use to me, my cats type all my comments and a damn fine job they make of it.

  13. I’ve used it for a couple of years and it works. Stops toddler typing too.

  14. @belphebe, I bet it does. I have an OSX program that does the same thing, and never needed it until I visited my friend with the bunny!

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    I nominate elena & the Honorable Gladys for best posts!

  16. I can has computer?

  17. no u prolly cant has puter
    (not yours)

  18. Laurie C says:

    Anecdote #1: My tabby walked across the keyboard in the middle of an e-mail one day and typed “mmmghty”. She was telling me she was mighty! (It’s true, she is.)

    Anecdote #2: couple of days ago, my friend’s tabby walked across his keyboard and hit some combo of characters that made his toolbars disappear. He only got them back by pressing multiple keys together in a cat-like manner and somehow hit on the right combo to toggle the toolbars back on.

  19. This is funny, but I have another idea for how you can prevent your cat from typing on your computer. In fact, I have several, and they don’t cost a dime:

    – Turn off the computer/close your laptop while you’re not using it
    – Tuck the keyboard away into the desk where the cat can’t get at it
    – Press Windows key + L to lock the computer so that anyone wanting to get in has to press ctrl+alt+del and sign in first

    Yays, problem solved.

  20. Theresa says:

    I think this won an IgNobel Prize.

  21. Laurie: Anecdote #2 is TOO FUNNY!

    If you REALLY wanna mess with someone’s computer, right click on the desktop, then Graphics Options > Rotation > 180 degrees. It flips their entire screen upside down. ‘Tis a good practical joke for the office; just make sure you’re close by so they don’t screw anything else up trying to fix it.

  22. metsakins says:

    OMG WTF can’t believe it

    Brinnann I like your trick that would be funny

  23. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOOHHHHHH Brinnann, I just tried it on the home comp and it’s hilarious and dizzying. Methinks i will leave it upside down for when DH gets home…..

  24. Tina Rhea says:

    Saw a book some years ago about how to mess with someone’s computer so that every day the screen is one pixel shorter and narrower, or the trash can moves around when they try to put something in it, or everything they type looks like a quotation from the Swedish Chef. One of the best for a crowded office was a feature which, every time they check their email, shouts out, “YOU’VE GOT PORN!”

    Seriously, I like having “fgggrertbxdf” in the middle of my email. It lets people know I have friendly cats tromping across me.

  25. charlie says:

    my laptop has become a kitty trampoline…

  26. I have a Eudora Mailbox titled [nnnnbbbbbbbbbm otgkf!!!

  27. Trixie.In.Dixie says:

    Another fun trick is to turn on the “Narrator” found in Windows Accessories > Accessibility options. It will drive you crazy reading everything and verbalizing every key stroke1

  28. Tina & Trixie, y’all have got me truly LOLing at work!

  29. I think I need this program to prevent parrot typing. Of course, there is a 50/50 chance they will just decide to remove the keys entirely instead.

  30. Hmmm…. and I thought the kitties trampolining on my bed was a serious problem. I didn’t think about CAT TYPING! *glances suspiciously over at cats* “what?!?”

  31. Hmmm, I played the harmonica sound for The Duchess, and she came running over to investigate. It’s hillarious when she starts snuffing under the laptop trying to find the noisemaker… I bet the sound of the watergun would get her, though!

  32. I need this! Just last night my cat leaned on the keyboard and screwed my browser all up, I had to reboot the computer and thankfully it reverted to normal after that. And, Pikachelsea, my cats have a tendency to lean on the sides of the keyboard and/or walk on it while I’m using it, which is most of the time. So those solutions won’t work for me. 🙂

  33. R. Moore says:

    Some jerk flipped the mouse controls upside down on the computer in the math lab reserved for DSS (Disabled Students Services) use this past semester (meaning when your hand went up, the curser went down, right was left, etc.). A friend of mine has DSS status, and I had recently been qualified as well. We needed to get something done quickly, so we went to this, the only open computer. Sadly, with the way our brains work this was of no concern to us and we could navigate things easily. Their wicked deed was foiled.

  34. ms. stella says:

    Finally, for months my cat has been going online ordering up all sorts of catnip and catnip accessories with my Visa, my credit is all but ruined!Thanks PawSense

  35. I want one and I don’t even have a cat. Is that wrong?

  36. leah b. says:

    no tor its not wrong because if you ever get a cat you will be prepared in advance. lol
    some of these tricks people are talking about have me laughing to the floor you’ve got porn!!!! LOLOLOLOL

  37. i can’t wait until they come out with a Mac version – i’ve been hoping for years…

    nothing like sitting and typing an assignment for an hour in a really good groove (the kind where you forget to save periodically) and having a cat land on the keyboard, reformatting the damn thing before you can even react.

    harumph. needs this.

  38. I heard about this program a few years ago- hasn’t it been around a while?

    I know how to do some pretty crazy tricks on a computer. Most of them I learned by accident. I figured out the narrator, reversing the pointer, an accessibility option that beeps really loud whenever you use caps lock, and a real eyesore of a program that reverses all the colors on the monitor. Once I changed the whole computer into Malay for two weeks trying to get it into daylight savings time before I finally got it changed back. However, the date fix eluded me. It stayed in Malay (i.e. 09 Mac 1998) until the end.

  39. Yitzysmommie says:

    Husband teasing update (180 degree rotation of comp screen): he howled with laughter, and congratulated me for pulling such an excellent stunt on him.
    We are doing it again tomorrow before all the kidz come over for fam dinner & ask to borrow the computer.

  40. Do they make products for cats, to correct humans editorializing their typing?

  41. Hehheh… My cat spells better than I do, most of the tme

  42. I telecommute and I have a Dell laptop for work. I came home from dinner one night to find the display on the monitor flipped upside down. I had NO IDEA how to revert it; the mouse control was all backwards, too, so I couldn’t easily check out the settings. I was fuming!.. but my boyfriend found it hysterical. After I calmed down a little, it just took a quick Google on my boyfriend’s machine to find the ctl-alt-arrow fix, but I really had no idea how my cat had managed to upside-down my display all by herself. Now I really try to remember to close all laptops when I leave the house.