Drinking game

Gerbil 1: OK OK OKOK the next time Jack Bauer says "Chloe! get me the coordinates" we have to drink OK?
Gerbil 2: Nooooo way [stumbling] we’re gonna be wasted!!!
Gerbil 1: We already are! [glances at t.v.] wait for iiiiit…


MAJOR glurping action

Amber L., pass the quarters hic!



  1. Jessica says:

    I miss my gerbil! RIP Rascal Wiggly

  2. Bwaha, this totally reminds me of the time that my buddehs and I played Star Wars drinking games, particularly regarding the half-closed eyes and sheer goofiness.

    I heart gerbils and Meg’s captions make my evening. The End.

  3. Glugglugglug!

  4. darkshines says:


  5. Oh, that is just like my gerbils. They fight over the water bottle.

  6. I do believe I’ve played this game a time or two…

  7. so much lol! lol lol lol 24 drinkin’ game yessss

  8. ShelleyTambo says:

    Those guys look just like my Skeet and Bemur (long since gone to gerbil heaven). Gerbils tongues are the cutest things ever.

  9. little gator says:


    I love when they are about 3 weeks old with thier eyes just open, zooming around bugeyed at their first experience of vision.

    And their stiff little baby tails.

    Anyone got cute photos of that age?


  10. tiny bubbles says:

    OMG! Check out the tiniest of huggles they are giving each other!

  11. achin_back says:

    Not a drinking game…coworkers sneaking a smooch at the water cooler! 🙂

  12. elliottsmommy says:

    ha! meg musta read that kiefer article in rolling stone.

  13. R. Moore says:

    Hmm, I wonder if this is why there was lipstick on the cooler after the Cinco de Mayo party…

  14. As I frequently do, I noticed and am charmed by the almost transparent whiskers. Love-erly.

  15. Maybe I’m just ratapode centric, but these look more like rats to me. Of course, my guys would fight over the next drop of water to be dispersed.

    Actually, as a drinking game…one time, I was sitting on my bed when the rats were playing on it. I was drinking a cup of beer and was paying attention to something else, when my husband goes, “OMG!”

    I looked down and Sere (named after the military program Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape)had her head in my cup, frantically chugging my beer.

    This was the same rat who, when all of my guys got really really sick, and I was giving them Gatorade, let me know they were feeling better by holding the other rats under the Gatorade…

  16. SeaBreeze says:


    I wuv de qt widdle guys….

    …. siiiiiiiiiiiigh…..

  17. EEEEEEE!!! GERBILS!! i miss mine! more gerbils, please!

  18. 24, CuteOverload, and Rollingk Stone. What a COMBO!


  19. I think I knew these guys in college.

  20. Courtney says:

    Yay gerbies!

    Mine were not as good at sharing their water bottle. One would often put a paw in the other’s face so he could have the water to himself.

  21. I love the yin/yang of their colors. Thirsty little babies.

  22. i mis my little gir-bil too RIP[ped to pieces :(] Oreo
    damn now that brought me down

  23. dewd! our tongues touched! that is soooo gay!

  24. (um, you’ve been funnier, Anner)

  25. Yeah but you forgot these ones:

    “Do you understand me?”

    (Someone grabs someone else by the arm)




  26. teho – hmm. i was imagining them as frat boys. didn’t read, i guess.

  27. oh, and sorry if it was offensive. not my intention. 😦