The More You Know [Head tilt]



If you see a behbeh deer, resist the urge to stuff his ear in your mouf and leaf him alone! His Mom’s are prolly out getting a fresh supply of Lunchables and will be back later. If he’s not there (’cause you took him to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center) she’s gonna be tewtelly pissed.

The more you know!


This message brot to you by the caring Peeps over at Fawn Preservation Central (aka Kat)

Hey, anyone wanna do a "The More You Know" logo for us? I think this could be a re-occurring theme, Kat!



  1. Ohhh, a CO logo saying The More You Know? I’d make one! 🙂

  2. Theresa says:

    Eenie meenie chili-bleenie! The fawnie is about to speak!

  3. [glances at Theresa]
    [raises an eyebrow]

  4. Hey, is Little Lord Fawntleroy wearing a flea collar?

  5. Rosalynde says:

    Wow, that’s, like, the most glossy nose ever!!! And those dark eyes are sooooo “reflecting pool” . . .

  6. ohmygoodness…
    eyelashies sooo loooongies!

  7. I don’t know what it is about the face of a deer, but those eyes are just munchable! And yes… I’ll try to resist shoving the ears in my mouth. I’ll try my best.

  8. luvinmalssomuch says:

    We know he’s healthy with that precious wet lil nose and such shiny eyes. ADORABLE

  9. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:

    I nearly widdled myself reading this postie. Little Fawnlet is tewtally craving a cheesy deep dish Lunchable.

  10. *squee* soooo adorable! *ded*

  11. Rosalynd, luvinmalssomuch, I believe the technical term you are groping for is “moist nosicle.”

    P.S. Dig the tail poofage!

  12. Meg: I love your love of processed food allusions.

  13. It’s also safer to keep your distance from deer for two reasons, a) they kill more people in petting zoos, than any other animal, and b) they die really easily… you get too close they freak out and die from the stress. Deer, like sheep, are just asking for it.

  14. Gorgeous baby and great advice!

  15. cs chicago says:

    the more you cuddle!

  16. dewd. I will *SO* do a logo if you want! (and it weel bee the bestest!)

  17. its adorable. but why does everything have to be wearing a stupid collar or “ear tags” or some tracking devise these days?
    and bright green isnt even her color!

  18. tracyflick says:

    NOW THAT is what I call a nose, Fawn Babeh!

  19. kit kat says:

    oh mah DEER gawsh!!!

  20. Liz, Because the more we know the better we can help our woodland friends. And Proetect them, because we luf them.

    [besides, a “fawn” collar would be too much of a good thing… 😉 – Ed.]

  21. tribble says:

    fawn nosicle!

  22. Said logo should include the [head tilt] concept! Just sayin’ – head tilts are super expressive of BAROO?ness.

  23. OMG! What an angel face. Big eyes…those eyeslashes are to die for. Moist nose and i love the lil white tail. Darling!!

  24. I want to nibble those chin whiskers …

  25. OMG those are the inkiest eyes of jelly ever…jell-ay…

  26. bats :[ says:

    Oh, heck, the simplest and silliest and most recognizable C.O./the more you know mashup would be to replace the star with the wonderful hamster-in-a-flower motif, on C.O. bumper stickers and buttons everywhere!

  27. OMG, that’s the moistiest nosicle I e’er seen!

  28. Come on, Fodderwing! Let’s go pet thuh Yearlin! Just wait til you see him! Just wait!

  29. num num num num on the ears! num num num

  30. calling all bebe bambi eyes! you must come to mushroom hill at dawn to get your neon green tick and flea collar. It’s gonna be a hot and sticky summer and your’e gonna need one.

  31. annie-
    well i dont think i’ve seen anything sillier looking than a black bear and cubs with “earrings”. somehow takes away the natural beauty. I just hope we dont “love all of our wild animals to death”.
    and I would purchase a “fawn collar” any day of the week ! ha!

  32. calling all bebe bambi eyes! you must come to mushroom hill at dawn to get your neon green tick and flea collar. It’s gonna be a hot and sticky summer and your’e gonna need one.

  33. fish eye no miko says:

    Aw, what a deer little thing!

  34. Someone should use one of the bespectacled guinea pigs to give the “the more you know” a scholarly edge…

  35. Thanks, CO, for sharing this important info about fawns. It applies to lots of baby mammals–and baby birds, too. It’s often best to leave the babies be and give their parents a chance to take care of them.

  36. Have we mentioned his lovely, soft-focus white spots on the back? Adorable!!!

  37. You had me laughing out loud on this one. And the deer-how precious!!!

  38. Lunch Lady says:

    Love the long white wickers on his chin.*happy squeal!*

  39. Shannon Johnson says:

    AWWWW! Love IT!

  40. Come ONN People! I’m not seein’ any LOGOS here!!! Don’t make me do eet!

  41. I’m workin’ on a logo now … maybe will have it by tomorrow 🙂

  42. I love this dear little deer.

    Also, I love lunchables.

  43. bats :[ says:

    Check your mail, Meg…

  44. Because of the dangerously high levels of cuteness over the past few days (enough to drive some of us MAD with love), I must propose a new CO alert code: CTTC.


    I know I can’t!

  45. awww.. it’s bambi!

  46. Big Mama Blueberry says:

    I’ll bite with a quick logo 🙂 Apoligies for it not being that good 😉 I’ll try again later. Thank you Meg and crew for putting a smile on my face, every single day!

  47. If you stuffed the fawn’s ear in your mouf, you prolly would eat a tick along with it! I’ll pass, thanks, but what a cute little guy/gal(?).

  48. Big Mama! I love your logo! He’s Astro-Hamster!

  49. fish eye no miko says:

    Big Mama Blueberry: Yes! That’s cute!

  50. girlnextdoortn says:

    wanna hear a cool story? It’s sad at first, so I’ll give you a second to scroll away from it before I go on.

    At my temp job, the security officer was telling me about an accident he came upon on the road this holiday weekend. A deer had jumped out in front of a car and gotten killed. However, upon closer inspection, the security officer discovered that the deer was pregnant! He performed a roadside C-section and birthed the fawn. It immediately began breathing and the guy said that it was pretty much ready to have been born anyway. Even more fortunately, another man who came upon the accident raises goats, and so he took the baby deer home to nurse on one of the mama goats.

    I thought that was amazing.

  51. Piggalette says:

    Thanks for the warning. Twice this week, there has been a cheeping baby mockingbird in my yard. My hubby wanted to rescue it the first time, but I figured mom was near watching. When we came back a little later, it was gone. The next time mom stayed closer. Guess baby is not a very good flyer.

  52. Girlnextdoor–Your security officer knows how to perform C-sections??! Do the janitors have to have postgraduate degrees as well?

  53. Okay…I will NOT stuff his ear in my mouf.

    However, I can not make any promises about soft-kronshes. Sorry.

  54. bats :[ says:

    Oh, dang, karen, that trumps mine (I can’t figure out how to post mine here…).

  55. Hey, Meg! You read the comments. You really read the comments! Who knew? We are honored. 😉 I honestly didn’t think you had the time with all that cuteness you post, captions and all…

    Anyway, I wanted to submit a logo. But gosh, Big Mama’s Astro Hamster is awfully good.

  56. R. Moore says:

    Woo! More Wildlife Rehab tips!

    Spread the knowledge, Meg!

  57. Also, if you see a baby raccoon, a baby fox, a bunny, a bear cub, …basically any “wild” animal out in the woods (or what’s left of the woods) just place your hands behind your back and stroll away (run, in case of the bear cub. Seriously.).

    Here’s a rule, if you are out in the woods and come across a baby mammal, unless it’s bald, fur-less, and has five digits on each “paw” (and it oddly resembles your uncle Louie) leave it alone!

    Unless there’s a housing development being put in…or yet another “second home.” In that case, swipe up the furry baby and exploit it in your own roadside zoo!

  58. So true, Meg. Remember, the forest behbehs do not a smorgasbord make. Nor a snorglesbord.

  59. here’s my logo!
    the illustration is based off of that genius guinea pig(?) posted recently.
    and a transparent version:

  60. Another Angela says:

    Sarah, I like eet!

  61. lil_cutey says:

    um that isn’t that cute to me. It’s a cool animal but I wouldn’t classify it as ‘cute’.

  62. Nice one, Sarah – just the knowledgeable little beastie I was thinking of myself! 🙂

  63. hananza says:

    Wow – Big mama & Sarah, these logos are great! Wish I had adobe on my puter – would love to add to the submissions pile…

    For now I’ll put in my vote of “yea” for more animal care/management tips – a brilliant idea!

  64. Rachael says:

    I think this could be a REALLY GREAT recurring thing! helpful stuff about animals! super!

  65. Beeyootiful baby fawn-let, complete with a green collar to match the foliage. Um, wouldn’t it be mo’ bettah’ to have a ‘fawn colored’ collar? Thems wildlife rehab places… they do great work but they are SO not up on fashion! 😉

  66. Awwwwwwwww. Love the eyes.

  67. vegangel says:

    Hi! How do I upload an image to you? Thanks!

  68. has anyone ever heard the sound a baby deer makes? it’s kind of an ethereal combo of a “meow” and a “moo”. my mom and i were startled and amazed to when one approached us making that sound at the maine wildlife park. we just could help but fawn over it 😛

  69. PwincessLucy says:

    must…shove…ears…i…mouth…NUM NUM NUM!

  70. omg meg/theo, this post tewtelly had me LMAO. not only a very helpful public announcement but a very funny one too.

    lovely bebeh deer. oh so sweet.

  71. ThreeCatNight says:

    Bambi lives! Now if others can just LET him live…

  72. That’s one of the cutest babeh bambehs evah! Well, they are all cute, but this one has a green collar!

    Every year we have at least one baby crow (you can tell it’s a baby b/c the feathers are still a bit fuzzy & it has a short tail – too cute) that falls out of it’s nest and hops around our front yard for a couple of days until s/he can fly. During these days the parents hang out in the trees above the baby and if you get anywhere close to it (even w/o knowing you’re close to it) they will squawk & squawk & squawk, until you get the heck away from the babeh. Too cute.

  73. Can I tell you that the CourtTV ad on the sidebar is the most disgusting thing I;ve ever seen?

  74. Can I tell you that the CourtTV ad on the sidebar is the most disgusting thing I;ve ever seen?

  75. lauowolf says:

    My husband’s aunt didn’t believe in the outdoors.
    After her husband died, no one ever opened the patio door for literally eight years, until I was there this spring cleaning up.
    I pulled away sun-rotted drapes, slide open the back door to let air in, and thoroughly spooked out a little guy just like this.
    He had a nest in s bunch of bamboo by the deck.

    I just slid the door shut, pulled the drapes back, and let him be.
    Maybe I’ll try again later in the summer.

  76. Jill-e-b says:

    Is anyone else reminded of the Sanrio character Deery Lou the Cheerful Fawn? This is SO Deery Lou. So much cuter, actually.
    Oh, deer.

  77. Gillian says:

    Why is Miss Bambi wearing a necklace?

    Also, here’s my The More You Know Submishe:

  78. I absolutely love the fawn’s perfect little girl eyelashes!

  79. Hi! Long time overloaded, first time poster.

    I wanted to thank everyone who posted great tips for dealing with found wild babys. After finding a baby robin in the road who was not quite ready to be on his own, I looked up information from wild animal shelters I found searching the internet on what to do when you find a wild baby or injured adult. Please take the time to do it yourself! You will learn soooo much and be prepared! I also now have a couple of local numbers handy in case of emergencies.

    It turned out our baby robin just needed a few safe (not in the busy road) days to grow some flight feathers and he was ready to go. He spent the night with us in a cardboard box and went to the shelter the next day.

    Remember, there are people who are experts who will care for a foundling better than an enthusiastic amatuer and it’s often illegal anyway!