Moosday: The Conclu-shons

We now conclude our first official Moosday with this camoflauged lil’ Dewd, who’s juuuuuuuuuust about





Excellent schnozzlage

Alan B., thanks, we’ll take you up on that.



  1. Awwwwwwwwww. Sweet patootie.

    YAY for our First Moosday!

  2. KarenAnn says:

    So soft! I want to use him as a pillow 🙂

  3. fish eye no miko says:

    [plays a lullaby for the little moo-moo]

  4. Poor little one – looks like its only going on at half-strength. Looks de-calf-feinated.

  5. Just the cutest baby moo moo ever!!! Made my heart stop and then skip a beat. Where, oh where, can I get a baby moo moo like this? Or just a copy of the photo?

  6. Just the cutest baby moo moo ever!!! Made my heart stop and then skip a beat. Where, oh where, can I get a baby moo moo like this? Or just a copy of the photo?

  7. Des, you just have to get the cattle-og.

  8. AAAAHHHH! I LOVE him! The eyes! behbeh cow eyes! The sweetest!

  9. Awww. Those big floppy ears are precious.

  10. I need to scrunch my fingers in that butt fuzz.

  11. holy cow licks! love his crazy swirly ‘doo.

  12. check out the lower lip! so prosh!

  13. eh, i am ded from ze cuteness!

  14. my cat is a sphere says:

    My husband promises me that we’ll have room for the seal in our bathtub, the donkey and the ostrich can share the study, the bebeh ducks can use the kitchen sink, and the siberian tigers can have the guest room, but we’ll have to keep a close eye on them if they watch TV with us in the evening.
    But I don’t know where we’ll put that cow! We’ll find a place, I’m sure.

  15. Theresa says:

    Is he related to Edward Fuzzyface?

  16. BlueFairy says:

    Did anyone mention these cowchs? They are pillows shaped like baby cows.

  17. see, it’s pics like this that remind you that calves are foldable, like fold-up bicycles, so you can take them with you when you fly

  18. Awww the little guy is ready for bed in cowjammies.

  19. Okay, okay. That pic is enough to put me off of eating beef for at least a month!

    sweet behbee!

  20. beenclawed says:

    I am trying, once again, to not eat animals. This pic will definitely provide postive reinforcement for a vegetarian diet 🙂

  21. Right on, BeenClawed. May all your proteins be complete!

    [hums “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”]

  22. beenclawed says:

    lol Theo
    Ever see the movie Babe? One of my all time faves. If that movie doesn’t convince someone to be vegetarian, what will? Every time I see a goose I think of poor Roseanne, all dressed on the Christmas table while all the other animals saw, and discussed what a lovely gal she was. snif snif

  23. seen both Babe movies.
    second one is best forgotten, but first is classic.
    that’ll do, pig.

  24. Shannon Johnson says:

    I love it. A little sleepy calf. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He ees a leetle sleepy.

  25. beenclawed says:

    OMG, the second Babe movie was by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen! Remember when that (I sound like Chris Farley… um, rememer when….)little crippled dog was finally, finally going to get to be in Heaven and be rid of his wheel assisted walker thingy, and he was running and chasing butterflies and his so called “friends” pulled him back down to the earth?! And that was just one of many horrid scenes. I can imagine the nightmares of the poor kids that saw it. 😦
    (steps off soap box)

  26. Wee little baba moo!!

  27. I love the cuddly Cowches at! And great stories about the real cows they’re modeled on. This lady has a sanctuary for cows so they don’t get slaughtered.

  28. Oh… no, no, no. Keep this innocent one away from Edward! Edward will lead him astray, and get him into trouble. What a bad influence he would be!

    Luv the fold-up comment by Blair. What a crack-up! he, he.

  29. i’d just had an absolutely frightfully terrible day when i looked at CO last night. then i saw a baby cow covered in cowlicks, and was asleep smiling before i could even shut the pooter down.

    if i got a cowch i’d want it to look just like heem, so i could play with hiser whorls while i fell asleep.

    and those eyes. sigh.

  30. one of the bestest photos ever

  31. Patricia Wilson says:

    I thought the poor loveable little beastie just looked tired – bored and totally P/O’d with the world – just Calfed-out who said Caffed out – not I – where’s his Mom – the cow