Moosday: furriest (and stubbornest) of ears alert

Mom cow: Edward, get back here

Edward's gonna git it!

Calf: Nyerhe


Brother calf: LOL—no seriously, Edward, come on

Stho sthubborn

Calf: Make moi

uh erhe

Mom cow: Edward, get back here or no Gino’s pizza rolls tonight

Don't make me turn this car around

Calf: OK.

Worried about getting tipped later

Katie P., moovahlous!



  1. lymerae says:

    His nose looks like it’s stuffed and it would squish if you poked it!

  2. belphebe says:

    “Worried about getting tipped later” Love the alternate text on the pictures!

    Cute fuzzy critters.

  3. Melissa says:

    So cute and fuzzy.

    Brain… malfunctioning…

  4. Moooo! The fuzziest of the cow critters… sleepy now… want to curl up… and pass out in the barn with ’em. C’est adorable!

  5. Natalie says:

    I’m sitting for several minutes now with my mouth wide open! Not believing my own eyes!!!
    Can these miracles exist really!?!!?!?
    This is it, from this day on I will believe again in the sweetness and goodness of this world.

  6. mandykw says:

    That is absolutely the CUTEST cuddliest calf I have ever seen. Where can I get one?? Hee.

  7. Xtineebee says:

    Hoot! Highland cattle! Aye, they are adorables but good LORD the smell off these fellows will fell you at 50 yards – or so I learned as a wee lass when up in Scotland! Not Cute! But, I loves them, and I have wee little ones adorning my Xmas tree. Yay!

    And *fab* commentary, btw. Brother bullock is a mama’s boy, yez?

  8. I’ve got cows of my own (or more precisely my aunt does on the property where I live), of the edible and delicious sort (yet also lovely and sometimes adorable), but I still want a pet Highland cow, to love and snuggle and call some silly name. This has been my ambition since I was 11. I have not been successful.

    But these are very adorable indeed and temporarily fulfill my desires for my own fuzzy cow.

  9. Moo-a-licious *Latin purring sound*

  10. OMG too moishe!!!! So cute!

  11. KarenAnn says:

    GAH! Hey! Look over there!

    *quietly carries Edward away to snuggle at will*


  12. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Och, what a bonnie we thing.

  13. the captions make this calf cuter but he’s still not up to the high standard of cuteness on this site.
    bring on the hammies!!!!

  14. He looks like Fozzie the Bear in picture #4.

  15. Lymerae,

    ¨A nose is a nose is a nose.¨
    —Gertrude Holstein.

  16. This lil guy is so fluffy! Absolutely precious, and I’m so glad there was a Moosday. Cows are one of my favorite animals, and I’m sure you all can see just why.

  17. hrh.squeak says:

    Och aye, Highland Cattle are the bonniest fuzzies evar. Hee hee, of course he’s stubborn, he’s Scottish!

  18. foxy bingo says:

    I agree with Alice: definite Fozzie Bear resemblance. Did Fozzie’s nose *parp*?

  19. acelightning says:

    The first time I saw Highland cattle (here in the US), I thought they were yaks! But a Scottish friend of mine explained what they were. They *are* striking-looking creatures, aren’t they?

  20. Alice & Foxie Bingo: You’re right! This Cowbear really looks like Fozzie Bear…maybe that’s where he retired, on some nice green pasture.

  21. cboone21 says:

    Hairy Coos! (Scottesh accent)

  22. cuteburger says:

    Mmmm, steak.

  23. omg what an adorable calf!!! i want him!!!! oh that face, i want to squeeesh hees cheeks!!

  24. fuzzy cow pajamas!

  25. Alice Shortcake says:

    You should see a Highland calf sitting on his ‘tocks – they look just like huge teddybears!

  26. Alice Shortcake says:

    Oops – I meant the CALF looks like a teddybear,not his ‘tocks…

  27. Your comments are so perfect, MeggieMOO, as always! And adorable, sweet bebehs…

  28. Dale–brilliant!

  29. ummm…fluffy cows & calves?? who knew?! the whole family is simply adorable!

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    I love the smile the cuddly calf is giving the camera in the second and fourth pics down, as if to say, “Hey guys, I know I’m cute!” This is a beautiful, fluffy-looking breed — what is it?

  31. Edward? EDWARD??!?!??

    ROFL! I love the captions and commentary here! “Edward” is a ridiculously perfect name for this calf! (Always funny when animals are given the most common and semi-uptight human names, I find).

    And the calf himself is adorably fuzzy! As are his mom and bro.

  32. bamabess says:

    Funniest picture captions EVAH!


    (Meg takes a bow.)

  33. Yitzysmommie says:

    OK, I give. Cows can be Qte. Whoda thunk it?

  34. Scottish Highland Cattle. i have loved these ever since i saw a Nat Geo pic of them with those lovely long horns and wild punk fringes.
    Rock on!!!!!

  35. I was introduced to these guys in Scotland. Our guide called them Hairy Coos.

    So cute!

  36. Theresa says:

    Hielan’ coos! Ye’ll never take their FREEEEDOOOMMMM!!

  37. So furrrry! I never know-ded that they came like that! Edward better behave or he’s gonna be in trooooouuuuuble! No Jeno’s pizza rolls indeed! (Great captions as always, Meg!)

  38. LOL@Fozzy mention above.. you are right! He is a muppet cow

  39. The Captions say it all! and Meg THey are adorable. Edward indeed!

  40. meg, you slay me.

    not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  41. This.

    (all hail Meggie Moo)

  42. It looks like Fozzie the Bear!

  43. ooooh, nuzzle ears

  44. Martha in Washington says:

    I squeed out loud when I saw this post! Heiland Coos are the bestest bovines EVAH!!!!But shouldn’t the wee li’l coo be named Angus or Malcolm?
    I have a picture of me with one of the grown-up versions from my trip to Scotland too many years ago. It’s one of my favorites.

  45. Hielan’ Coos!

    My favorite of all large ruminants!

    I lofs them. I have many photos of me with them.

    Mr. LT has a strange and mysterious power over them. They lurve him and come when he calls, even though they’ve never seen him before. (At least the ones actually in Scotland do — the ones in America don’t)

    My dream is to have a wee genetically engineered coo that’s about small dog-sized and can live in my backyard and munch on my grass.

  46. guineapiggin9 says:

    My dad’s friend from work has a whole farm full of these cows. They are very soft and HAIRY!!! This winter, they were out in a snowstorm and their fur turned in icecicles! I have pics…I’ll have to send one in. That would definetely go under the “Cute or Sad” category.

  47. Me wanna stuffie!

  48. Wow is that a hee-land coo?!?!?

  49. Barbara says:

    I love him. I’m not eating beef anymore. Well, for a while.

  50. I wonder if my backyard is big enough? Hmmm…

  51. leah b. says:

    I don’t know if I would wanna tork off that mamma those horns are serious buisness. LOL pizza bites..
    I guess thats better than chocalate, but still LOLOLOLO

  52. That is actually the cutest calf I’ve ever seen. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! WHY IS IT SO CUTE?! *head implodes*

  53. Try for a big stuffed one– “Beatrice”, in 3 sizes– made to help support a bovine sanctuary so the cattle don’t get slaughtered.

  54. Ooh… Aren’t those yaks?

  55. fawn lust says:

    pizza rolls!!!

  56. persephone says:

    don’t pizza rolls have meat in them? blech! 😦

  57. I agree wif Teho. This post is one of the best so far. The captions are too good! (And the hovertext – too moishe!)

    MOOOORE, Meg! We want MOOOOOOOORE!!!!!

  58. that is the cutest damn cow i’ve evah seen!! he almost looks like a puppy dog
    it’s a new category! animals that look like other animals!

  59. Yay! Hielan Coos! They had these in the field across from the distillery I worked at last summer and the tourists loved them.

  60. Catsquatch says:

    “He looks like Fozzie the Bear in picture #4.

    Posted by: Alice”

    SPEW!!!!! OMG!!!! ROFL!!!!


  61. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, the computer is cleaned up, although it is making this strange bzzzzttt sound…..

    Those cows are beautiful.

    I second the suggestion for another catagory, animals who look a lot like other animals, and I suggest adding that blue puppy that looked so much like a cat too 🙂

    Alice, thank you for the laugh, er, guffaw, ahh… mess….


  62. Catsquatch says:

    Oh, and a catagory for Closly resembles a stuffed animal or puppet…..


  63. We have cows here and I love seeing the babies.

  64. Ah.. I see! thanks!:)

  65. I think it reminds me of chubaka on star wars, (dont worry it’s a complement!!!)

  66. Windlion says:

    Eee, Highland cows! *loves on* The walking 70s orange shag carpets have been amongst my favorites since I went to Scotland a few years ago. To everyone that wants a stuffie- trust me, have I got the solution for you. Go get yourself a Jellycat Truffles Cow –
    Either as large or as tiny as you can. (Just good luck finding a place that will ship to where you live!)