We interupt Moosday to bring you this Pirate Pom


Shiver me cardboards!

Avast, ye kibbles! [charges]

Ramming speeeeeeeed!

Remember, Tessa H., take the toilet paper tube off when you’re done, and don’t forget Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19.



  1. yo ho ho and a bottle of Pom

  2. Ohh look the First Pom Pirate to sail teh seven seas

  3. Annie — you’re certain?

  4. Arrgh me hearties swab them decks or you’ll be walking the pom plank.

    Ohh this is fun. I like this post. Are you sure it isn’t unofficial talk like a pirate day?

  5. I kno Theo! I did that and while I was proving I wasn’t a robot yours got Bleen

  6. Poms always looks so happy! Dear lil faces.

  7. he wooks so happie. i wuv him.

  8. much better than cows (no offense to the behbehs…thems cutes too!). Luvs heem!

  9. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    “Honey, we’re out of toilet paper. And have you seen my Prozac anywhere?”

    [you go clomping for the shelter of your doggie’s little helper… – Ed.]

  10. Thar be a booty ship on the horizen and I Red Beard the Fearsest pom Pirate on the Seas plan to be takin that ship down so hoist them sails men and load the cannons. We is aboot to HAve us a bordin partee! HarHar HAr.

    And to My admirers Holly and Tarah I always looks Happy for the young Ladies. But let Thar be no mistake I am a fierce Pom Pirate. Arrgh .

  11. Theresa says:

    My brother’s birthday is Sept 19. When I first became aware of Talk Like a Pirate Day, I called him to tell him about it, and his wife answered the phone. I said “Jen, did you know Ed’s birthday is Talk Like a Pirate Day?” and she said “OMG, no, PLEEEEEEEEASE don’t tell him that!”

  12. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    “Avast ye, cap’n! TypePad servers spotted off the starboard bow!”

    “Arrrr! Ready the cannons, you ruddy dogs. Let’s give ’em a broadside and bring ’em to their knees!”

    (Seriously, anyone who keeps posting with whatever’s going on back there has really got too much time on their hands. Oh, wait…)

    [Steady as she goes, Marrrlin Miyke. ‘Twill be a fiyne catch, to be shyurrre. – Ed.beard]

  13. luvinmalssomuch says:

    What a cutie pie. Looks so happy he’s smiling. I could just luvs him.

  14. Cassandra says:

    Ed. Beard? Pom Pirate? You people are too funny, I keep snorting tea out of my nose and it hurts! Cut out the funnies, yous!

  15. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Please someone take that tp tube off of his poor wittle leg.

  16. metsakins says:

    look at that fluffitude….

  17. LOL how sweet I love his face like “YAY Me Pirate! Grgrgrgrgrrr” 🙂 Ohh I’m’a scaird of yew pompom

  18. Ah tis the pirates life for this Pom.
    (sorry NTMTOM I just couldn’t resist one more, and Puhleeease how often do we get to post like a pirate) Now it is back to work for this matey!

  19. ThreeCatNight says:

    Arrggh! It’s Pegleg Pom, scourge of the Seven Seas, and the sweetest, most adorable pirate you’ll ever find. Beware –he loves to lick everyone, and considers no one his foe! Note those shoebutton eyes and gleeful smile — come aboard, Pegleg!

  20. There’s something almost unreal about how cute this pooch is. Like he’s really an alien lifeform that’s learned to mimic ALL the Rules of Cuteness in order to subjugate us to their will.

    It’s the furry version of The Cuddly Menace!

  21. Remember, the official theme song for “Talk like a Pirate Day” is by Tom Smith, and can be downloaded for free from this page:


    While you’re there, be sure to check above that one for “Hey it’s Can(n)on”, which is a song about the fact that TLAPD is Sep. 19th, which is also Hermione Granger’s (of the Harry Potter books) birthday.

    Yo ho!

  22. Great, now I’m going to be speaking pirate all day.

    What a precious Pom Pirate … Pom Pilot? Palm pilot? *mutters incessantly to herself*

    My brother is a sailor (for real, 2nd mate) and apparently real-life pirates are not nearly as cute. But if he was ever carrying a cargo hold full of Scoobie Snax, this widdle Pom would be terrifying!

  23. Theresa, you HAVE to tell him!!

  24. Theresa – I think our brothers are friends!

  25. DejaMew (tx-usa) says:

    Oh noes! He’s in the brig! What did the cute lil Pom Pirate do to be put in jail?

  26. SeaBreeze says:

    Holy Gravy Train and shiver me timbers! Dis guy is QT!!!

  27. It’s amazing how happy he manages to look. That’s two puppy pictures today with perfect human like expressions.

  28. you think that’s cute!
    lookie here!

  29. sweetpea says:

    I can’t remember if fluff is a rule of cuteness, but darn it, it aught to be if it aint!!!

  30. Justine says:

    What’s with all the ankle-biters on CO today? Little dogs are lame.

  31. Chris B. says:

    If he had an eye patch and gold hoop earring, he would be even cuter. I have a pom but I got her as an adult from a rescue. She must have been a beautiful puppy.

  32. Where are all the nuffs?

    Ok, I’ll do it.


    This is SOOOO cruel! Look at that poor pom with the tube on his leg! And you all arrrrrrr just treating it like nothing, talking like pirates?!?

    Oh, the humanity! (pomanity)?

    I have to remember Talk Like a Pirate Day this year. Can someone please remind me?

  33. Alexis – just keep checking the comments on CO and there is no way you’ll miss TLAPD. Argh!

  34. fluidstatic says:

    Hey, Justine, quit ’nuffing the fluffitude.

  35. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Belay that talk of cruelty, Alexis, ye vile wench! Are ye not blind, woman? ‘Tis plain that this portrait was created in Ye Photo Shoppe — Even a grizzled old tar the likes of myself can see that with me one good eye, arrrr…

  36. Shannon Johnson says:

    That has got to be the fluffiest pirate I have ever seen. ‘E ees so cute!

  37. AuntieMame says:

    People who think little dogs are lame suck.

  38. People who think people who think little dogs suck suck.

  39. wait, did I say that right?

  40. (singing) People … People who think little dogs suck … aaaaare the luuuukiest peeeeeeee-pullllll in the wooooorrrld…

  41. This little dewd cracks me up. He’s so freakin’ cute!

  42. fish eye no miko says:

    o/~ “Bow-wow, bow-wow, a puppy’s life for me!” o/~

  43. NTMTOM, Belay that singing ye slimey Landlubber. Have ye no shame? To send out an ear worm like that calls for forty lashes for you Ladd! And it will be a peg leg for ye too!

  44. mervtheflamingo says:


    Does anyone else find the “help me find my husband” ad to the right a really disturbing ad for Court TV?

    sorry. I thought it was real for a while.

  45. mervtheflamingo says:

    Sorry, to the left.*

  46. Have we decided if the little darling has the tube on his leg for fun, as a grooming aid, or as a cover for a bandage yet? I’ve not been able to figure it out…

  47. Jacki14 says:

    I thought it might be a cast, too, Maggie.

  48. single…cutest…pirate…EVAH!

  49. Annie, I think the question of “have I no shame” has already been settled in the affirmative. 😉

  50. Poms always look as if they’re thinking:


    …or something like that.

  51. R. Moore says:

    It is very rare that pictures literally make me laugh out loud.

  52. i suppose people who think little dogs suck are entitled to their opinion…i just hope nobody tells the little dogs they’re little, because they sure don’t think so!

  53. Kaitlynn says:

    arghhhhhh why we talking bout pirates when it suppose to be mooosday or something like that

  54. Cute-iny On The Bounty!

  55. merv, I find it disturbing and incredibly tasteless. If it’s still there tomorrow, I will write to Court TV to complain.

  56. metsakins says:

    merv I thought it was real at first 2!

  57. I thought the “Help find him” ad was real too! That is just horrible… I will write to Court TV too!

    But on a much happier note- Arrr, that Pom Pirate is all types of Crazy Qt!!

  58. *Snicker*!!!
    I actually snorted out loud! No big deal, except for the fact I’m in class right now…oopsie!

  59. oaklandcat says:

    Jaye your link was hilarious!!!
    No one commented ??


    just in case.

  60. Hmm yes, interesting link there. That explains a lot actually 😉

    The Pom looks so proud of himself! Much cuter than Johnny Depp (ducks from shower of sharp implements)

  61. The instant I saw this little guy I giggled! Great Picture

  62. fish eye no miko says:

    The ad is fake? Pardon my French, but: Those fucking bastards. That’s just… Jesus… Is there anyway the CO staff can get rid of it? I’m not sure how much control a Site has over their ads, but, if possible, this ad should get Court TV banned from ever advertising here again.
    /end threadjack.

  63. Yaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Har a’starboard! Bring out the rum!
    Let out the dogs, ye scurvy scum!
    Haul up the ropes! Raise the flagon!
    Bring in the wenches on a gold-wheeled wagon!

  64. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Avast there you swabs, we be sailing on the noon tide.

  65. 19 september is my birthday. :]

  66. He has a happy face for a peg-leg.

  67. so…that add is neither real nor a joke? hmm. that puts it in a category my brain cannot process.

  68. lol, dammit, you all went and made me read that stupid fake kidnapping ad… I do not watch tv, or click on ads… but I *caved* this time because of you all! *caved!* I hope you’re all happy now…

  69. omg this cuteness is above and beyond redonculousness!! eek! too silly and cute!

  70. Here is a place to contact Court TV about their online content:


  71. metsakins says:

    Jaye – I loved your link as well.
    (Unfortunately when I started to look at it the boss wanted me to work so I couldn’t comment. The nerve)

    I read it last night. I explains a lot about the toddler next door and her wanting to come over to see my cats! I should have known.

  72. Arrrrrrrrf!

  73. metsakins says:

    Pheas- thanks for the link. I put my 2 cents in. Very offensive and disturbing.

  74. We be pirates on this here site overloaded with the cuteness of our pirate Captain Meg and her first mate Theo. We be sailing the seas of cute overload lookin for Booty. What Booty you may be askin, and I would be tellin you that it be pictures, Pictures of cuteness. I know ye don’t think that be very pirate like but I am here to tell you scurvey dogs it is! now get swabbin the decks and send them in to meg. Or I Red Beard the Pom Pirate will be hauntin yer dreams. With me cutlass and me peg leg.

  75. Brethil says:

    Ahoy mateys, cuteness ahead!

    I so want to love this lil feller but EVERY Pom I have ever met has been strung high like a kite, little furry bundle of nerves and NOISE. So many ppl treat these widdle fuzzballs like toys and not dogs, which of course wreaks havoc on the dog’s psyche. But are Pom’s naturally somewhat nervous and insecure and thus tend to overcompensate? Just curious…

    …or maybe I should just stop thinking and snorgle the delish fluffy spot juuuuust between his ears… 😉

  76. This lil’ pirate don’t look scurvy a’tall! He looks in fine fuuuuuurocious form!


  77. Brethil, I think it is because people don’t treat them like dogs. we had one and he was not like that at all. Could be breeding too. My grandfather was a breeder and always tried to make sure Dam and Sire had a good personality themselves.

  78. Brethil says:

    annie – good to hear about decent breeders! 😉 Aren’t dog of this size even referred to as “toy dogs” in some semi-official circles? Like, WTF??? Anyways, Captain McPuppersons here sure seems to be big on personality. Can’t help picturing in my mind’s eye the adventures that led to his/her FOOT BEING STUCK IN A TP ROLL. Geesh, bounce around much? 😀

  79. Brethil, I know! His whole body language is I am here lets go find an adventure. I love it. I suspect someone put it on as a gag. My husbands favorite thing is to do stuff like that to babies and animals. Our daughters both got the stack rings put on ankles and arms and the cat got stack rings once too. Not to mention pony tail holders etc. I don’t think he ever thought of a TP roll. Too bad! the cat would have been funny with that on his leg for a minute. He would of had that whole how dare you disapproving look on his face as he pulled it off and stomped off in catly disgust.

  80. Arr, if only this mini-matey had been in that latest Pirates flick, the show might’ve been saved. Arrr.

  81. Tor — yeah, I’d pay good money to see Capt. Pirate Pom tear the un-living crap out of Jack the Zombie Monkey. (next up: Jar Jar)

  82. how cute is he? just the cutest pom ever.

  83. mervtheflamingo says:

    [singing] “we caan change the world [or at least its advertisements”

    I meant to say before, I *never* squeal at photos, but this one made me do it. (and I work in a library!)

  84. http://www.icanhascheezburger.com/2007/05/28/myarr/#comments
    ARRRR me hearties it’s Pirate Kittah

  85. Kisses and a tummy tickle to sweetie one!!

  86. Hey Meg, If you read this thanks for Red Beard the Pom Pirate He is so much fun! I love talking like a pirate.

  87. O.M.G.

    “Avast, ye kibbles!” just cracks me up. I’ve been repeating that line over and over yesterday like a moron.

    Avast, ye kibbles!

    Damn you, CuteOverload! (for the n’th time …)

  88. lunasea says:

    Don’t you mean POM PIRATE?

  89. lunasea – (groan) lol!

  90. RumTumTigger says:

    well this is about the funniest thing i’ve seen in awhile!

  91. OMG… that is the cutest thing ever. I was speechless. Soo cute! =D And yes, I found that ad to be offensive. What’s the point of that sort of thing? :<

  92. This little swashbuckler needs a little parrot on his shoulder! avast.

  93. fish eye no miko says:

    “Argh, me buckos! Swab the poop-deck! Hoist the main–hey! Stop petting me! And stop talking to me in baby talk! I’m the captain! Take me seriously, dammit!”

  94. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.
    We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, and loot,
    Drink up, me ‘earties, yo ho.
    We kidnap and ravage and don’t give a hoot,
    Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.

  95. Brighton says:

    What really makes this photo is how vacant and cheerful it looks dispite it’s ridiculous situation.