Moosday: Petite Moo-ére

Âllo, mes amis…

Tonight, I serve you dee finest of meelks. Whole Meelks, none of dees ‘skeem’ stuff.

Pwwthhha! [spits into hay in disgust]


Got meelk, Jason O.?



  1. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Beautiful big brown loving eyes.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Hard to believe something that wee and cute can grow up into something so incredibly stubborn

  3. OH MY SCIENCE! CUTEST CALF EVER! It looks like it’s ready to play.

  4. Aww, what a cute baby!

    I bet he smells nice too. Baby calves usually do.

  5. Yay for cowz!11!!!1

  6. Artofwar420, best expletive EVAR!

  7. Aww, love these mini cows. They’re always so cute.

  8. Xtineebee says:

    Adorablez, yez yez – but thees one, thees one is not giving us de milk…!

  9. Eeek! How cute! I love the eyes. <3 Little cows are cutest baby animals ever. Right after little kitties. ;)

  10. I knew you’d love this one AmyH!!

  11. Norman?

  12. xiaolongnu says:

    Xtineebee is right. This is a bullock! But a very cute bullock. Sorry, no milk.

  13. metsakins says:

    How did this get before the dogs…hmmm….trying to make all those peeps asking for cows in the dog pix look bad….hmmmmmm

    Where is he, I wanna scratch the leetle head…

  14. cute lil guy.
    needs a noggin-scratchin!

  15. Shannon Johnson says:

    Let me near him. He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. If Jersey cows are the cutest cows ever, then…

    Jersey calves have to be an infinite degree cuter. Just look at this specimen for evidence.

  17. As a resident of the tri-state area, I have ample opportunity to observe Jersey girls. My tip for this guy–there are greener pastures.

    Oops, there I go cow tipping again.

    (PS–Pheas and Artofwar. In any other circumstance, I would agree. But how could you pass up ¨Holy Cow¨ here?)


    What a sweet little baby.

  19. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Mai oui, ah am tres petite, no? But for you, mes amies, ah have ze best creme fraiche, and eet ees as sweet as ah am. If you weesh, ah will even drink some chocolat, so you weel have eenstant lait chocolat! Umm! Delicioux!
    Only ze best for you!

  20. They have big beautiful brown eyes and are very friendly too! I wanna hug thees one!