Remembering Memorial Day

Listen, we know you could swat us with a paw in .02 seconds, but we have strict orders to watch the Fancy Feast until dinner tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

[gets swatted across the room]


 Guard duty, originally uploaded by


Army men revenge
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  1. Not That Bleen The Other Bleen says:

    Sergeant Bleen reporting for duty!

  2. SlaveToThreeFelines says:

    Awww. My hooligans wouldn’t even leave them there long enough to take the picture. Of course, they ARE SPOILED HOOLIGANS.

  3. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    It’s the Tomb of the Unknown Chicken (in Gravy).

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    The title is redundant. It’s called Memorial Day because we’re remembering. Remember when we remembered? No – that’s just remembering.

  5. R. Moore says:

    Good of you to admit yourself, Anonymous Coward 🙂

    Makes the comment far more pleasing.

  6. R. Moore says:

    Also, strangely enough, the fur in the second photo looks just like my late pup, Mary.

    (Whenever I say her name was Mary I always feel the need to explain that I did not name her!)

  7. metsakins says:

    what wrong with mary.

    I have a cat named solomon.

  8. R. Moore — using “Anonymous Coward” as a screen name is actually a Slashdot-ism, and not necessarily a personal philosophy.

  9. SeaBreeze says:

    “Team 1 to team 2, over.”

    “Team 2 here, over.”

    “You are ordered to the frontline … er, fe-line, copy Team 1.”

    “To the fe-line, over.”

  10. Ha! I know Theo’s the culprit behind the hovertext … I can hear him saying it!

  11. Too funny and I love the hover text too.

    My cat would carry the two army guys off to some undisclosed location. where I can step on them in bare feet.

  12. R. Moore says:

    Ah, I see, Theo. (blushes)

    And regarding the name, I though it indelicate as she was originally going to be a breeding dog before she was rescued. My devout Catholic adopted-grandmama was horrified, and always called her “Maggie.”

  13. R. Moore says:


    (blushes again)

    No more Jane Austen fests for me! I got all in a huff for watching the Biography special on her. Their facts were somewhat skewed…

  14. zosterops says:

    damn, that was funny.

  15. metsakins says:

    R. – Oh I see. Its sacrilegious. I didn’t realize. Thanks for the info.

  16. jennifuh says:

    I love how the pic of the cat on the Fancy Feast can is like, “Save me!”

  17. mervtheflamingo says:

    My comment was erased, and was not offensive, rude or anything? Why?!?

  18. Merv, are you sure it posted? Sometimes I’ll submit a comment and not notice that it’s asking for the anti-spam verification before it will go through.

    And I love the idea of a flamingo named Merv. 🙂

  19. beenclawed says:

    Well, seeing as my name is Mary, I like the name a lot 🙂 Also, when I worked as a vet tech I met lots of dogs named Mary. Whatevs.

    This post reminds me of Toy Story when the soldiers did reconnaissance on what new toys the boy was getting for his birthday. Very funnys scene!

  20. R. Moore says:

    Maybe the famous Catholic Guilt has rubbed off on me… My mum is Catholic, but I’m not. Clearly my grandparents very much are.

    It seems less shocking nowadays, but it’s still an automatic impulse to explain… But then I also explain why the cat is named Armani, another was Newton, the rat is Boris, the other cat is also Boris…