Listen up, Girls, Etiquette Pup Here

Listen Dahlings, [shines nails on black sweater] Tomorrow is officiallyPOST-Memorial Day, and you know what that means—you can wear your whitepaws until Labor Day. And your linen coats too.

Ah-huhn. [Brushes back ears/hair]

Here’s looking at you, Chocola!, originally uploaded by tanakawho.



  1. Suzy's Mom says:

    Thank you Etiquette Pup. Whaat would we do without you?

  2. She probably possesses better etiquette than most humans.

  3. Looks like she has ponytails…or is that puppytails?

  4. OMG!!1!! The fluffitude…ded….(oh and her earnest little facial expression – too cute)

  5. R. Moore says:

    Slow here today, isn’t it? Maybe I’m the only one without a life and in love with air conditioning… I did the outside thing already today 😛 😛 😛

    I AM wearing white shoes, though.

  6. She’s so clean, she looks like she never touches the ground.

  7. oaklandcat says:

    Is that a polkadot leash?!?

  8. Okie of course it is a polk-a-dot leash no Fashionista pup would be caught outside with out one.

  9. AWW. she looks like my pupperz. and prolly has the same “dainty paws” thing that mine has.

  10. Peg of Tilling says:

    From the steely glare I think she knows I’ve worn linen already this year…

  11. cboone21 says:

    Looks like Angela from “The Office”

  12. Her eyes are liquid pools, people. Seriously — LIQUID POOLS, I say! Worthy of a Shakespearean sonnet.

    Plus the whole little face really does me in — what a sweet expression!

  13. Valeria says:

    I’m sure it was the excitement of being featured on Cuteoverload, but The Etiquitte Pup forgot to mention that one NEVER wears white to a wedding (no one should compete with the bride), or black to a wedding, (because that would be morbid.)

  14. The leash? It’s LaPaw, SweetieDarling, LaPAW.

  15. Good heavens, that dog is more put together than I am most days!

    And where can I get that sweater pattern to knit one for my little Violet pup?

  16. acelightning says:

    Girlfriend, you’re perfectly right, of course… but… I don’t quite know how to tell you this *tactfully*, luv… er, your mascara is *seriously* running. And that does _nothing_ for your credibility as a fashionista, darling…

  17. Awwwww. I LOVE the ponytails!

  18. Probably THE most retro-fashionable dog I have ever seen. :]

  19. Ewww, its so ugly. It’s fur is dyed brownish around its eyes because of mucus! Isn’t this meant to be ‘cute’ overload?

  20. belphebe says:

    Oh look! The nuffs have woken up! And they hate puppies. Poor nuffs. Only seeing the negative, never the positive.

    I think Chocola is absolutely adorable with her black sweater and polka-dot leash.

  21. Fido (not my real name) says:

    Dear Ms. Etiquette Hound,

    I have an etiquette question which has been bothering me for several years. When I am pooping, is it correct to face away from my human so I don´t have to acknowledge her slightly bizarre attention to my absolutions, or to maintain eye contact and act like nothing odd is happening.

    Many thanks,

    Fido (not my real name)

  22. BrianMPLS says:

    My first thought: “why are her eyes bleeding?”
    My second thought: “zombie!!”

  23. Gillian says:

    I wonder what Miss Etiquette Pup would have to say about the fact that I wear flip flops all year round…

    She is most definitely prosh.

  24. Freaky eyes, but her (at least I hope its a her, cos otherwise it looks *very* camp ^_^) ears look like pigtails 😀

  25. Suzy's Mom says:

    Robyn, remember what Thumper’s mom says, “If you can’t say somethin’ nice….don’t say nothin’ at all.”

  26. Alice Shortcake says:

    Sorry, Etiquette Pup, but I’ve already worn linen – is “global warming” an adequate excuse?

  27. foxy bingo says:

    Me likes the lil hairy feets

  28. heidilynn says:

    OK, is it my imagination, or does Etiquette Pup look sorta’ like Joan Rivers? Maybe it’s the ears-look-like-hair thing…maybe it’s the eyes open waaaay too wide…

  29. Meanwhile says:

    Etiquette Pup, you need to go back to etiquette school. You are allowed to wear white shoes starting on EASTER, which was weeks and weeks ago.

  30. Like OMG! Totally, Girlfriend! Pick me up in a hour and we’ll do lunch and shop! Laters!

    What a cute intense face.

  31. Nope, “Meanwhile”, Etiquette Pup is quite right: white shoes may only be worn from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Although you may begin to wear your pastels and black patent-leather on Easter.

    My questions is, which Memorial Day? The federally-created Monday holiday? Or the REAL Memorial Day (May 31st), which happens to be 2 days from now?

  32. StormCat says:

    I bet this little dahlin’ has her toenails painted too!!!

  33. Justine says:

    Ugh. Poodles are fugly.

  34. ThreeCatNight says:

    The Joan Rivers of the dog world. All that’s missing is the requisite nail polish, and garish costume jewelry.
    “Hey, can we bark here? Catch my latest collection on QVC!”

  35. Dear Etiquette Pup!

    Since today is Moosday I was wondering if you would give your blessing to these shoes:

    Please, answer soon.

  36. Thanks, Meg and Theo. You’ve outdone yourselves lately.

  37. dear etiquette pup… what if your country doesn’t has memorial day at all… nor labor day? can you still wear white shoes?

  38. excellent picture. that polkadot leash is quite the accessory.