This kitteh is an unbelievably prosh specimen. Please note the tailio"saying heylerhe" the ears picking up left and right signals, the[possibly flexing!] pawsitude—puhlease.

Perhaps the cutest kitten in the world., originally uploaded by Clevergrrl.



  1. soooooo cute, yet so odd.

  2. Tewtally worth getting the faceprints on my monitor as I attempted a cybersnorgle. Squee!

  3. awww! He is all do you have some snorgles for me eh?

  4. I have just GOT to say “heylerhe” more often. Not sure I’d pronounce it right though.

  5. What does “heylerhe” mean? Please someone tell me–it’s not in the CO glossary.

  6. I love the ears. And the word “heylerhe.”

    P.S. To who asked, it means “hello,” just said crazy.

  7. awwww, kitten’s still in what we call “happy bunghole stage” where they are extremely happy to lift their tails and show everyone their butts. we also call when they “knead” “making kitty biscuits,” or just plain “kitty biscuits”

  8. jazmella says:

    Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. What the–that is–oh my–I’m going to faint!! Awww!! Awww!! Oh my!! What the–!!

  9. omgz kittehs. i would like five please. for heaps of snorgling although that may require heaps of chlortrimeton.

  10. R. Moore says:

    My face physically contorted when I saw this. It must break some law of nature to be that cute.

  11. Somebody pick up that poor baby kitty! He totally wants to be carried!

  12. This little guy is so cute, yet so crazy. I can just imagine the high, squeaky, crazed, something-of-yours-will-soon-meet-a-toothy-death mew.

  13. I…want…right…now…

    *helpless reach*

    *sploosh* (melting into a puddle of goo)

  14. I Totally agree with grau. this kitty Needs to be carried!!! (and cuddled and snorgled to bits!)
    (i just wanna pick him up n rub noses with him -or her- and kiss those teeny little toesies!)

  15. fish eye no miko says:

    Sooooo cute! And that little spot on its nose… I’m not sure if if’s a spot of black coloring or a little smudge of mud, but it’s cute!

  16. TracyFlick says:

    It looks meager.

  17. So sad 😦

  18. SeaBreeze says:

    ok, I’m done with this photo shoot. Can we go back home, pleeeeeeeeeeease?

    That will be all.

  20. acelightning says:

    AWWWWWWW! What an adorable baby! She’s so tiny, she’s only just barely learned how to walk. The baby-blue eyes are saying “Please love me – you can see how adorable I am!”, while the tail held proudly straight up proclaims her readiness to explore the world. And, yes, if you listen very closely to your screen (heh), you can hear tiny kitten meeps…

  21. This pic is gonna get me in big trouble with my hubby. Makes me wanna new baby kitty soooo bad!!!!

  22. metsakins says:

    how could anyone have put him down long enuff to take the picture

    thats the type you just carry under your arm where ever u go

  23. ouch, that hurts with its cuteness.

  24. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Tuxbabe with foreleg spotting alert!!

  25. Brianna says:

    Awwww, I want it soo bad, so cute, so cuddly ::melt::

  26. I squee’d out loud on this one. The cute factor here is off the charts! It makes my heart hurt! Can I have him/her, please???

  27. I must PRESS my face into yours!
    What an insanely cute picture (and I love tiny smudgy chin!)

  28. fluidstatic says:

    I must snorgle eet! *makes little purring and clicking noises to tempt it closer*

  29. Thanks for the definition, Eliza.

  30. this kitten has no idea how cute it is.

  31. Juniper Jupiter says:

    OMGOMGOMG!!! The lil smudge on her nose! And for pete’s sake someone help her get the eyegoobas!! Oh, I’ll get it!! I’ll save the kitteh, provided my head don’t asplode from the overload that is cuteness! (the eyegoobas!!) SQUEE!!!!

  32. useta hada kitteh says:

    I *think* that the flatted earsies mean he wants to be a airioplane, and is tryin’ reeeeely hard to fly, just by levikittehtation. Not easy for someone that small, but the cute *has* to help.

  33. There is something Yoda-esque about kitteh’s ears.

  34. Awwwwww! The Purrfect Kitten.

  35. Cathryn Bauer says:

    I bet that kitten’s paws only touched ground long enough for the picture to be taken.

  36. Har har, LOVE this kitty. 🙂 And “heylerhe” is my freakin new word, ty CO. ;P

  37. SQUEEEE!

    *beeps the widdle nose*

  38. Too Many Maureens says:

    “Happy bunghole stage” has me positively in *stitches*.

    She looks like she’s in the “mm” stages of a gut-wrenching “mmmyerhe!”

  39. This is so not important but I’m having trouble hearing in my head what Meg is saying with “heylerhe”. I mean I know it means “hellooo” (right?) but I can’t hear the way it’s supposed to sound. How about another audio thing like the “I ate too moishe” song (which I still sing to myself on occasion…)? Remember the song?

    That way we’d all know exactly what the kittens were saying. Meg could just say “heylerhe” over and over–or better yet, sing it!!

  40. Yitzysmommie says:

    I saw this kitteh last night and was stunned into silence by the Qte. And then I looked at the other pix in the set and fell in love with the kittens on Grandpa pix. AAAAAHHHHH, too anerable for words.

  41. Theresa says:

    Airplane ears!

  42. englishwoman says:



    I’m not sure, but to me it’s always looked like it’s supposed to be pronouced ‘HairLair’, kinda like a pedigree englishperson would say it (i.e. posh, not a common-or-garden-variety mongrel like me). Can’t think of a specific example from TV, but think Stephen Fry in just about anything he’s ever been in.

  43. to cute I love black and white kitteh, they are one of n=my favorite colors of kitteh, may I snorgle yous for hours liitle one please……

  44. i think that this cat wants to be in the picture business! <3 catsss.

  45. Englishwoman – Thanks! “HairLair” works for me. I’m throwing in a little nasal, just for effect…

  46. Wingnut kitten. Though ears are happier when they’re higher.

  47. Martha in Washington says:

    Why oh why isn’t that kitten MINE!!

    Altho…my hubby is going to sea soon *rubbing hands together gleefully and plotting* HeeHeeHee!!

    P.S. If anyone wants to see my lil Peanut, visit my MySpace page:

  49. Shannon says:

    I just love the last two pics. How can you go wrong with just little bebbehs?? no controversry – just undeniable cuteness!

  50. Rosie your whole happy bunghole thing is something i affectionately refer to as “elevator Butt” you push the right button and the bum comes up to greet you. and i’m glad im not the only person who says “biscuits”. i tend to make confused people think i have pastry-prodigal felines when i say that… dis kitten looks like she’s about to snorft in your face. yknow, when you smoosh up against their noscicle and they get so excited they snorft and spread the…love.

  51. he looks like a little boy in his new outfit who played in a mud puddle and got caught by Mom. But Mom I fell in the puddle accidentally Really I did.

  52. kit kat says:

    CUTE yet creepy. defenetly not the worlds cutest kitteh. duz eniwun agree with moi?

  53. kit kat says:

    CUTE yet creepy. defenetly not the worlds cutest kitteh. duz eniwun agree with moi?

  54. OMG, AAAAAAAAA!!!!

    too cuuutteeee!!!!!

  55. “Are you my mother?”

  56. His little frowny-mouth is what really does it for me – makes him look kind of perplexed.

  57. His little frowny-mouth is what really does it for me – makes him look kind of perplexed.

  58. ThreeCatNight says:

    Cutest, most delishest, and most kissable and snorgly kitten I’ve seen here yet, with those baby-blues! Arggh! (falls over)
    I want to go home and cuddle all three of them now!

  59. I just came over from Cheezburger, and all I heard in my head when I saw him was “HEY! Whatchoo doin’ wif ma cheezburger!”

  60. Adorable, but check out this spazzy kitty: It will definitely make you laugh, and maybe adopt.