C.O.X.C.U.: Muzzlepooooooow-che

Please check out this ANERABLE portraitof "Maria" the ham, and her picture-perfect muzzlepow-che. It’s like aperfectly executed ‘C.O.X.C.U.!’

Maria close-up, originally uploaded by jpockele.



  1. Hamsterino!

  2. woah.

  3. oh my.
    that nose.
    oh, my.

  4. Oh Sweet Lord! How can I witness such cuteness and live?!?!?!?!?!? Smooch!

  5. Um, and the BEF?? C’moonnn.

  6. I looked at the picture and suddenly imaged Maria popping up out of nowhere, going “did someone say hamster burger????” *twitch nose*

    you know the burgers, i’m just too lazy to look them up for you.

  7. She looks oddly thoughtful.

  8. I’ve been watching a PBS series on the face, and one episode focused on people trying to “make it” in the movies. One of the secrets of a good head shot for an aspiring actor is to have the photographer focus on the eyes, such that the ears of the person go out-of-focus.

    Photog Pockele has done an excellent job in doing just that, and Maria has all the makings of a (very small and furry) star!

  9. That’s like hammie perfection, right there.

  10. fish eye no miko says:

    Are you trying to kill us? between this and that kitty you posted, I think you are!

  11. Oh “Maria”, i like that nose.


  13. SeaBreeze says:

    Whiskers!! Whiskerswhiskerswhiskers Whiskers!!!

  14. I am so in LOOOOOVVVVEE! Must…snorgle…now…

  15. Ham Ham with beautiful beady eye goodness!! I want! I really, really want!! But I haz kitteh and am afraid they won’t live in harmony.

  16. metsakins says:

    2 cute 4 words this is another one I could have used an inhaler for

  17. michellemybelle says:

    Maria’s lovely face inspired me to check in on Matijs over on HamsterTracker – he’s getting ready for Lucy 3.0. There are new hamster tracker pics, and lots of unpublished photos of Lucy. How adorable! Can’t wait for #3!

  18. AuntieMame says:

    The muzzlepuff is awesome, but I’m in love with the wee little nosicle. And the WHISKERS!

  19. R. Moore says:

    Wow. I want one!

    In other news, I got an A in the English class I was worried about! I might be able to get a Master’s from Cambridge after all! Squeeee!

  20. Kathy C says:

    Oh Maria! You are the picture of hamster perfection!

    sas & others – I has hams and cats an’ cats are just not allowed in ham room. All is well, and no one gets kronsched (if you can have a dedicated ham room).

    I’m going to gaze at Maria some more. So CUTE!

  21. Jean L. says:

    Am I nuts? When I click on CO and it
    starts to load, I swear I get a quick glance, right behind the Gracie ad, of
    a wee floating creature wearing — SHORTS?

    HMM. Maybe not.

    Jean L.

  22. She really does look thoughtful, doesn’t she?

  23. fish eye no miko says:

    Jean L. asked: “Am I nuts? When I click on CO and it
    starts to load, I swear I get a quick glance, right behind the Gracie ad, of
    a wee floating creature wearing — SHORTS?”

    Yes, you do! Hammies in shorts!
    And if you right-click and select, “View Background image” and you can see it for as long as you like… I think you can even save it to your hard drive. ^_^

  24. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Maria clearly knows how gorgeous she is!

  25. Despite the name, this adorable little ham is a boy. He was named before they knew what sex he was…lol. SO cute!!

  26. Beautiful!

  27. Just read comment by Shaz-so then:

  28. How about Mr. Maria, or Don Maria?

  29. metsakins says:

    R. Moore

    YAY for you

  30. You can almost see those whiskees twitching a mile a minute…

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  32. I die everytime I see a Hammy. My knees go weak for such cuteness!

  33. This is blasphemy for a kitty lover but that fuzzy boy has THE sweetest face ever. *kisses*

  34. VitaminJ says:

    aw. her ears are lined with mother of pearl. sweetie.

  35. Tina Rhea says:

    The BEF is almost overwhelming….

    I am going into bunny withdrawl– I do catsitting with occasional other critters, and a houseful of six bunnies that I’ve been caring for (all with Lord of the Rings names) are moving to North Carolina and I’ll never see them again. Live long and be happy, Boromir, Faramir, Rosie, Arwen, Bombur and Grond!

  36. R.Moore Congrats on a excellent Grade

    what a sweet muzzlepuff face wioth adorable BEF going on.

  37. The cute rays being emitted by this picture are measurable on other planets.

  38. AVE MARIA!


    LOVE this pic. Great BEF, prosh whiskers, and great chubbitude.

  39. R. Moore says:

    Thank you! I have major grade phobias, and ridiculously high standards. Hence the Cambridge thing. That or St Andrews… Either way, I had to go and set my hart on some of the toughest schools in the UK.

    This A, though, really meant a lot to me. I had to rewrite a paper for the fist time to keep up my grade as the instructor is pretty tough. But he preps you for bigger and better things… Like ridiculously tough grad schools.

    Anyhow, enough about my school woes!

  40. I’m pretty new around here, and urbandictionary is failing me. What do C.O.X.C.U. and BEF stand for? Cute Overload eXceptionally Cute… Uniform? Big Eared Freak? Someone help me out please 🙂

  41. The BeadyEyeFactor(BEF) is great. When you snorgle a Hammy, is there anything left??

  42. Jupiter Star says:

    Homigod NOSE! Leetle velvety nosey-nose! I so want one!

  43. Jupiter Star says:

    Oh, and Carol: COXCU stands for Cute Overload Extreme Close Up, and BEF=Beady Eye Factor ^_^.

  44. A cute mouse? Well truth is I didn’t expect to see that :p

  45. How cute!

  46. I can just imagine that tiny nose wrigglin.. soo adorable

  47. Brethil says:

    Charming, quite charming. Ya gotta love the leetle wheeeskeers on this one.

    On a side note – MY name is Maria, so reading through the comments was somewhat Reality-Casual Monday ;O) Purrfect way to start the week.

  48. Maria shouts “Muzzlepuff”!
    Maria shouts “BEF”!
    Maria merely whispers, “nosicle”…..

    aaaaaaaaaah!!!! Qte!

  49. Yitzysmommie says:

    OY! I find myself wanting to kees a hamster. Yikes, don’t anyone tell Yitzy or I’ll lose his puddy tat respects.
    This is a wunnerful pic.

  50. Thanks Skul and Jupiter Star. That is a fab pic indeed ^-^

  51. metsakins says:

    Carol – on the side bar under more more more is a link to the glossary

  52. Not only is that the most snorglable face I ever to wake up to (sorry, husband!), but now I finally know how to pronounce “muzzlepouche”. (Had been saying it a la francaise, with a poosh! on the end.)

  53. Julia,that’s the way I’ve been pronouncing it! poosh!

  54. TracyFlick says:

    It looks astounded.

  55. Look at the size of his mouth.

  56. Muffles says:

    Wiskas! Wiskas! Wiskas! Wiskas! Wiskas! Wiskas! Wiskas! Wiskas! Wiskas! Luv dem Wiskas!

  57. Can you get any closer?????????

  58. Soooo cute, Soooo close!!