That’s what I’m ‘tockin’ about

Rear, originally uploaded by m4de.

[Wagging tail] 

Oh, and LOVE the knobbular ankle action.



  1. Ponygirl says:

    I want to pinch!

  2. Margaret says:

    Dear eight pound six ounce gold diaper wearing Baby Jesus we thank you for these tocks.

  3. LOVE IT! what a great shot!

  4. I want to tickle the soles of his feet!!!

  5. Jack!

  6. Isn’t that the picture in the dictionary under “Tocks”??

  7. acelightning says:

    Not to be a Nuff or nuffin’, but I just don’t personally find a dog’s hiney all that cute…

  8. Michelle says:

    sigh. tail nubbin.


  9. hmmm… cute, not cute. Its a fine line. Not sure about this one.

  10. Oi! I was here barely 2 hours ago and you have a new get-up!

    It’s much more readable now, but I liked the white background better, it really set off the pics. And the earlier font was better too … kinda gave C.O. it’s distinct identity.

    Maybe you could use the same font you used previously (with the “star” bullet), but in the new dark blue? Just a suggestion.

  11. I believe this pup is related to the clown fish (you know, the “Nemo” breed).


  12. Cute. Not even close to any fine line. But should this perhaps go under ¨Free SchWAG¨?

  13. Holy Paws ! I’m very honored ^^ long life and thanks for all the cute.

  14. Holy panda on CO \o/

    … YAY !

  15. oooh! Tock-shot and look at the thigh muscles!

  16. Beautiful blog… I may not have time to take care of a pet, yet I love animals / they look so cute in pictures too -I wonder what their secret is :p

  17. metsakins says:

    you can almost see the tail wagging.

    “Hmm what’s going on over there?”

  18. OMGoodness! Look at those nibble-able knees!!

  19. Jack Russell ‘tocks! *squeal*

  20. Shannon Johnson says:

    So Cute. Nice play on words.

  21. Such spectockular ‘tocks!

  22. Animals and their booties may not be all that cute to many — I see why they may not be. However, check out the tail and the sheer roundness of the ‘tocks! That’s just begging for a treat.

  23. OK now humor me for a moment. If you cock your head baroo-style slightly to the left, do you see the shape of a puppy dog head (In the brown fur)? Granted, the tail would kind of be coming out of the puppy’s eye. And above that, a little MSN chat icon? The head is the round part? Anybody?

  24. R. Moore says:

    Check out the other puppy pictures on the flickr account. ADORABLE.

  25. hrh.squeak says:

    Ring Around the Tailio!

    I wanna play wif him till one of us falls over asleep in our tracks.

  26. ROFL @ Dale. Free schWAG! Yeah!

    No question, this is cute!

  27. bah humbug to those who say this is not cute. any photo, from any angle, of a jack russell is instant cute. this one is totally adorable 🙂

  28. Okay I am not familiar with this breed but those in the know are those PUPPY tocks? They look like it to me.

  29. Subhangi — just noticed your comment here… and, wha huh??? No change here, still got the white, still have the star bullets, same look in both FireFox and IE, no trace of the “dark blue”. I think you may have some sort of issue on your end. Try a different browser, or maybe just try emptying your cache & reloading the page (it’s usually Ctrl-Shift-F5).

  30. The “hovertext” when you hover your mouse over the photo says “asscension”, ROFL! 🙂

  31. Is this tail docking?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but seeing a dog with a mutilated tail isn’t cute or funny.
    Cute Overload should not show pictures of animals which have gone under the knife to satisfy “human beauty needs” or atleast tell people about the pain it causes for the animals.

    please see the link:

  32. Oh I don’t like to see docked tails at all 😦 Nasty thing to do to a dawgie.

  33. Great! A new Tockstar for my collection. *starting over since I lost my other ones on the bat pic*

  34. Tiffany says:

    Those are some muscular puptocks.

  35. there needs to be a tocks category!