Rule of Cuteness #33: Your tail says ‘Yes’ but your ears say “nyerhe”

Your tail is all: "Herylerhe, what’s happeningk?"
And your ears are all flat and not listening.

Anabells Kitten at 8 Weeks, originally uploaded by endbradley.



  1. Aww! So soft looking and beautiful blue eyes! You make this man go “aww”.. haha.

  2. The tail is all “What is this?”, but the ears are, “What is THIS?!”

    Too cute. 😀

  3. Omg, that make me want to say OMG PONIES!!!!!1

  4. Wow, that make me want to say OMG PONIES!!!!!1
    tee hee 🙂

  5. I need that kitten.

  6. Samantha says:

    I do believe this kitteh also employs the sleepy eyes rule of cuteness, non?

  7. lauowolf says:

    He’s got one ear checking out behind him, and one ear listening in front.
    Everything’s covered.

  8. This picture came with an audible sigh of satisfaction 🙂 That is kitten perfection.

  9. I was strollin’ through the grass one day
    In the merry merry month of May
    I was taken by surprise
    By a pair of bright blue eyes
    And a tail and ears all facing different ways!

  10. want, want, WANT!!!!!!

  11. hrh.squeak says:

    Disapproving kitteh! O kitteh, do not disapprove of me, I will snorgle you and scritch behind your ears and kiss your fuzzy tummy . . . .

  12. Shannon Johnson says:

    I want the kitty. I want the kitty.

  13. Meohrle?

    I wish to pluck this kitten off the splendiferous grass and snorgle and scritch and pet and loooof her!

    *chases cutely after kitteh*

  14. Lauri, Very Nice! 😀

  15. SeaBreeze says:

    Oo whoo! Not just a little ketten here, but a young lady cat! At least, that’s what her prosh body language is saying! =)

  16. metsakins says:


  17. acelightning says:

    Awwww, what a little sweetheart! Still dubious about this whole “world” thing, but determined to explore…

  18. SixFootJen says:

    There’s sump’n about critters on grass. Sigh…

  19. Oooooooh… you’re gonna want to see this one, too…
    (she looks like a younger version of Rikki)
    (so fast they grow)

  20. Can’t…resist…cuteness…too..cute…

  21. Nicolletta says:

    Itty bitty pretty kitty!

  22. The kitten is cute, but I have my doubts about this new Rule of Cuteness. I wouldn’t have noticed any conflicting body signals, and I don’t see them making the kitten any cuter. Besides, how often will the rule apply, anyway?

  23. Deckard, The tail raised and curled and how she is walking is how most cats approach their human slave. But flatened ears signal something the kitty doesn’t like or is unfamiliar with is off to the side there. so yes two signals going on.

  24. Sorry, but 3/10 on the cute scale 😦

  25. acelightning says:

    Deckard Canine – Most animals have a somewhat limited number of body-language signals that we humans can recognize, like tail position or ear position. But an animal’s emotions and thoughts are far more complex, so they have to employ combinations of signals that seem contradictory to us. Thus, the tail position signifying “Hi, what’s up?” plus the ear position signifying “Uh-oh… what’s that?” plus the facial expression signifying “I’m not sure…” add up to a look which we find funny, and therefore cute. Especially on a very young kitten.

    (P.S. – I *knew* I’d seen you here… hi!)

  26. Is snorglelicious a word? If not, I just created it.

  27. leah b. says:

    I think this kitty is saying I know I am gonna start something that is out of my control, like humans arguing about how adorable I am and what I am saying in this here pic, chill peeps

  28. Aw jeez louise, peeps. It’s early in the a.m, don’t pick apart the cuteness! JNO, your cuteness scale is unflinchingly rigid 😦

    The cat is cute. End of storyyyyy (…unless it’s the neverending story, then what can ya do? Nothing, that’s what).

  29. I can always rely on Cute Overload to make me smile even on down days. Thanks 🙂

  30. StormCat says:

    It looks to me like she’s just about to get into “pounce” mode… She’s just seen something off behind the camera, and she’s just seconds from crouching with those big eyes and tail a’goin’, then “SPRONG” off she’ll go… That’s what I think anyway… And to me, bebbeh kitteh’s pouncing is even cuter!!

  31. Very cute kitty kat! Kind of confused by the mixture of yes and no, but hey, that little kittle is snorglelicious! Sorry, kind of stole your word but its the only word to describe the cat,you see? :p

  32. Tis a supermodel on the Catwalk!

  33. this kitten is too cute, and too beautiful.
    that being said, i kind of have to agree with deckard in the sense that as cute as this is, it is too obscure of a rule of cuteness to really get used all that often i’m guessing.
    point being, kitty=adorable, new rule of cuteness=a bit of a stretch

  34. picture = not as cute as teeny-weeny poem describing the picture

  35. anomalous4 says:

    Theo, I’m with you. That one’s even kee-y00000000000ter!

  36. “Herylerhe”? lol ;D

  37. TracyFlick says:

    It looks dainty.



  40. This photo seems a bit Cute Overgrown to me…

  41. You’re welcome to come help with the mowing, Aubs.

  42. Patricia Wilson says:

    When he is older – this one is going to be a little scrapper !! he will rule the roost – he looks to be a little tough guy

  43. Patricia Wilson says:

    When he is older – this one is going to be a little scrapper !! he will rule the roost – he looks to be a little tough guy

  44. kit kat says:

    METHINKS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Sorry, Meg, this isn’t really a good cuteness rule.