I fit! What!?


You got a prolayme with me in this lid? [turns over]


Almost… comfortabuhls…


Heeeeeeee! Nice work, Cinder-kitteh and Amanda B.!



  1. HelenWheels says:

    Love the moustache!

  2. Heh. Cats in boxes smaller than them should be a cat-agory… ^.~
    And with the paws, no less.

  3. Should have been, “Love that BLEENING moustache!”

  4. Suda Nim says:

    A Kitler!

    See more kitlers at http://catsthatlooklikehitler.com
    Sieg Miaow!

  5. Oh dear! 😀

    Me too was thinking the moustache, a bit like Chaplin.

  6. Beautiful white fur with that bright green eye. Purrrfect

  7. Natalie says:

    This is why I love cats! Sorry, I mean…kitteh’s

  8. I just know I can make myself fit in this box; roll, shuffle, squirm, ah there we are. That is purrrfect.

  9. Shannon Johnson says:

    i love it. kittie in a box, Gives a whole new meaning to jack in the box.

  10. LOL@Kitler I think since this kitteh is bein’ funny he is a Chaplin Kitteh 🙂

  11. I am utterly seduced.

  12. I cannaw take eet!!!!

  13. See… this is what Cute Overload is ALL about. Great photo quality, great composition, cute, *and* funny. LOVE. IT. (wish I could take credit, heh)

    (well… I did the hovertext, anyway)

  14. Alice Shortcake says:

    “Boxes were so much bigger when I was a kitten” *contorts body into impossibly small knot*

  15. I am at this very moment lookint at LIVE pup tocks as my puppers is laying on me bed all streeeetched out.. and then I get to see headless puppy tocks AND squishemkitteh! I love this site.. just love it.

  16. Meloves all kitters, great and small. And kittehs who smoosh themselves into a way-too-small box are just being furry comedians! 😀

  17. Now this is what I call a cat-tortionist
    (spelling?)!! I really like my cats to be portable so the fold-up kittehs are right up my alley!!

  18. There so much easier to resell in the original box.

  19. It must be soo much more comfortabuhls to sleep in that nice tiny box lid than on the surface of that hard, unforgiving bed.

  20. englishwoman says:

    Nonononono, you can’t see me, I am camouflaged…

  21. The paw looks like it just pulled a come-hither motion… 🙂

  22. I especially love the squooshed kitteh head–just perfect cuteness!

  23. Cats that look like Hitler– in a box!

    Too adorables!

  24. Gahahahaha!!! Silly, awesome, purrfect kitter!!!

  25. lauowolf says:

    Now it’s your turn,
    You get to fit the top on.

  26. Theo, His nose does know it is better.

  27. metsakins says:

    I love cats that do that of course I also love cats that don’t do that

  28. acelightning says:

    I want a box of cat.

  29. That is EXACTLY the sort of thing my cat does! As you might imagine, this makes it difficult for me to package up the stuff I sell on ebay, lol — my kitteh is ALL in the boxes, the bubble wrap, etc….

  30. Michelle says:

    haha scrunching yer paws up makes the rest of you smaller.

    Are those patches of pale blue-grey on his head and tail? Such a pretteh kitteh.

  31. Yitzysmommie says:

    hehehe Steph, you’re right, he is a cat-tortionist. What a pretty kitler!

  32. leah b. says:

    cutie in a box top can I snorgle you for a while call that cat chaplin not hitler he or she looks like it likes to have lots of fun no go away human iwants to go back to sleepies

  33. Rumi–I want some! What is your seller ID? Or should I just check for the items which charge for shipping, handling, and scratching?

  34. Oops, I misread, Rumi. I thought you said your cat was in all the boxes, not ¨all in¨ the boxes!

  35. What is it with 10 lb. kitties and 5 lb. boxes? My own big boy just loves to curl up on the top of stool that is way too small for him to fit on to. He’s more ‘around’ it than ‘on’ it.

  36. Why do cats love boxes so much? It’s a mystery. Zak loves to squeeze into an Amazon box to nap too.

  37. A Rule of Cuteness: #34?

    Self inflicted discomfort?

  38. “Or should I just check for the items which charge for shipping, handling, and scratching?” LOL Dale!

    I would never ship my baby kitteh away, but I suspect that anyone who buys stuff from me ends up with a few cat hairs in the box, plus some on the tape, lol!

    Seriously, sometimes I have to shut her up in the bedroom so that I can do the packages in the living room [hardly a punishment for her, lol, as her food, water, litterbox, kitty condo, assorted toys, and a very deep windowsill from which to watch the birdies are all located in the bedroom 🙂 ].

  39. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    He’s thinking “Dang, I hate being in Coach Class”

  40. Oh GOD.
    Such a funny, dear cat!

  41. I love how one of my cats always manages to squeezer herself into a box no matter what the size.

  42. My foam mattress pad had the same problem. Once unpacked, it’s impossible to fit back into the box! AKA ‘Cats expand to fit the space available’- which goes double for cat hairs.(thaid while thpthhing cat hairs out of my cafe au lait au chat)

  43. “cafe au lait au chat” — ROFL! 🙂

  44. Kitteh says, “Jump on in. There’s plenty of room!!”

  45. Rumi- they don’t even like coffee, but they will NOT believe me when I tell them, and they simply have to investigate every cup. And glass.

  46. Sweet Lady says:

    “See mommy? I can still fit in this box… why can’t we keep it?”

    ROFL! I swear, that’s the same look my 6-year old gives me when we’re trying to clean some things out to give to goodwill. It may say it’s a size three, but by golly it still fits meeeeeee!

  47. OMG Love the pink & black nose against that white white fur….*purrring*

  48. ok, who ordered the white cat with green eye over-easy?

  49. Zhandarq says:

    Ray said:
    “What is it with 10 lb. kitties and 5 lb. boxes?”
    –Ray, it’s called a “blivit” — you know, as in 10 lbs of kit in a 5-lb … oh, wait, I’m getting confused with another word that ends in “-it.” Nemmine.

    “Fit wha’?
    Fit neek.”
    [With apologies to Stephen King. ;o)]

  50. a Kitler! <3 it!

  51. Great! Now I have “It’s my cat in a box!” stuff in my head.

  52. Great! Now I have “It’s my cat in a box!” stuck in my head.

  53. This cat is making cats everywhere very proud.

  54. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That li’l black spot on his nose is Nature’s way of saying “Kiss here, please!”

  55. Emzerlini says:

    Wow! I read through all the comments, and not a SINGLE person is offended. I, for one, think this is a travesty! What about the cruelty of that cat’s owners, depriving him of a bed (except the one he’s on) and making him sleep in that tiny little box! For SHAME.

    (however, it is very cyoot.)

  56. Someone’s escaped from the Cirque Du Soleil!!!

    Cinder? His name should have been David Bleen. 😉

  57. Rebecca says:

    This belongs in Cats in Boxes. Totally.

  58. LOL! “David Bleen”?!!?!

  59. Does this make my but look big?

  60. leah b. says:

    this site keeps me sane and the box tops keep this kitteh sane what does everyone else think?

  61. Catrina says:

    Kitteh Yoga… Downward Facing Cat 🙂
    Or sumpthin’

  62. They always try to fit in every box….and you just don’t have the heart to tell them that their booty is hanging out….(sigh)

  63. silleh kitteh!!

    lovely white fluff. beautiful green eye(s)!

  64. ThreeCatNight says:

    As seen on TV:
    “Contorta-Cat: completely portable, fits into almost any size box or storage container, easily folds down into the right compact size. Why travel with bulky cat carriers and suitcases?
    Contorta-Cat is so economical – a real space saver! So order yours today!”
    Testimonial: “We love our Contorta-Cats and wouldn’t go anywhere without them!” — Siegfried and Roy