Tisket a Tasket


Um, sender-inner Wendi B. says she was ‘minding her own bizznazz’ when ‘the girl who works next door came over with this basket of puppies.’

SURE, Wendi., and monkeys are gonna fly out of my ‘tocks.


What in the world!? It’s like a medieval monthly payment to the local noble or something… "Please Suh! Accept these puppies for a crust of bread!"


  1. squeeeeeeeee

  2. Renee in Texas says:

    AWWW!!! That’s adorable!

  3. Very well, your offering is acceptable.
    I, Draconis Maximus, shall not burn your village to the bare smoking earth for another month.

  4. the girl in the cube next to mine does not bring in baskets of puppehs. If she did i would fall off my chair onto the floor espec if they were as adorable as these. Love the fluffy fluff and beadie lil eyes, the cutsie noses and the lil fuffy ears!
    What breed if puppeh do you suppose they are???

  5. “and monkeys are gonna fly out of my ‘tocks.”–LOL!!!!That was the funniest thing I’ve read on this sight!!! LOL!!!!

  6. Are those poms? They’re absolutely adorable. I love how they picked out a basket to complement their fur colour.

    And check out that nosicle!

  7. travelling puppy salesmen! They go from village to village with baskets of puppies. And for only a few coppers more, they’ll fix the purr on your old cats. :)

  8. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh great, we go from a sideways pyramid kittenpile, to a minipuppile with not much effort on the back pup cuz he’s a lil too tie tie? Too redonkulous for one day!

  9. Three pups? quick, someone else do an ear count… me-thinks there be 4 pups in this basket!

  10. Oh PLEAAAZZEEE come to MY door with a basket of puppies! My kitties might have a coronary, but they’d get over it. ;-)

  11. ya, Bon’s onto somethin. That isn’t no matching blankie in that basket, is a sqwished pup.

  12. I wish someone would come into my work with a basket of puppers or kittehs or buns or bats or hams or ferrets or something soft and prosh and anerable.

  13. This reminds me of when there was the Anthrax scare and the guy from the band Anthrax was joking that they were going to change their name to “Basket of Puppies.”

  14. Right-o, Claire! 7 ears must mean 4 little cuties in that basket, unless (gasp) the poor lil’ guy in back has 3 ears himself. There MUST be another snorgling under there.

  15. luvinmalssomuch says:

    They left those cuties at the wrong door. I want them.

  16. Theo- LOL I just watched “Dragonslayer” again, with my kiddo who loves D&D… I certainly hope you aren’t going to eat these babehs- or perhaps the winner of the lottery gets a prize? Like being the stars of Reality Casual Friday?

  17. Donutbill says:

    Only $3.99 per bushel. A steal at twice the price!!

  18. This is BEYOND CUTE!!! I actually gasped out loud. Meg has been outdoing herself these days, and for that I am eternally grateful. Long live the C.O.!!!

  19. CBF — wow, I remember that flick. The hero kid went on to play the role of “The Biscuit” on Ally McBeal, years later, if you know who I’m talking about.

  20. hehehe! whew! between this post and the bat post I was worried I was losing my sight Not seeing a bat face there and seeing Four puppehs here. Thanks Claire!

  21. ezreader says:

    We need a new supply, these puppers will do fine. Our policy is to give a shot of espresso and a puppy to each child left unattended at the public library – cuts down on kidlet problems fersure.

  22. Tiny and fluffy and adorable!

    My husband works at a law school and recently one of the professors brought in his puggle and let the nice people in the registrar’s office (where DH works) play with him. Apparently this is a more common occurrence than previously believed?

    We should do a highly scientific survey: CO peeps, have you had workplace snorgling experiences? Please share them. For SCIENCE! ;)

  23. R. Moore says:

    Conversation earlier today~

    Mum: Oh, for my birthday Corey [co-worker of sister] is coming over, too. He has a dog now.
    Me: Big one or little one?
    Mum: Little one. So anyway, he’ll be getting here around nine.
    Me: Is he bringing his dog?

    Is say he bring the dog as a payment for the honor of eating cake with my family.

  24. Your captions are priceless. :)

  25. *steals basket and RUNS LIKE THE WIND*

    (lives happily ever after with pup pups)

  26. AuntieMame says:

    Reminds me of the episode of “Animal Cops: Houston” I watched last night. This lady was fostering some chichi-terrier (terror) mix puppies and she fed them a pan of gruel. When they were finished snarfing it down (wallowing in it like piglets), a couple of them curled up in the pan–in the drippings!–and took a snooze.

  27. OMG I actually said ‘awwww’ out loud when I saw this. I can’t believe how cute cute cute they are! SOOOO fluffy!


  28. Karebear says:

    I’ll trade bread for puppies any day!!!!!

  29. Are those low carb?

  30. Alice Shortcake says:

    A perfect solution to the problems of employee boredom and absenteeism. At least twice a day the nice people at “Squeals on Wheels” would visit the workplace with baskets full of pups, kittehs and other bundles of furry joy and give everyone the opportunity to have a jolly good snorgle.

  31. I want to stick my face in the baskey and get a billion pupper kisses. mmmmm pupper breffs.

  32. Shannon Johnson says:

    So Cute! Gimme, Gimme I want the puppehs

  33. Sweet Lady says:

    There are four puppies in that pic! See the extra ear by the one snoozing in the back? He’s napping on top of one of his brothers or sisters….


  34. sundriedbagel says:

    AWWWWWW – soooooooo *CUTE*. :D

  35. Ponygirl says:

    I think there is a 4th puppy in that basket because in the upper left corner of the basket there is a random ear, So unless that top puppy is a little three eared freak puppy (stil cute!) than there is a forth waiting to jump out and strike.

  36. clearly these cuties need to be carried everywhere not only to maintain the perfect fur, but limit the general population from exposure to such high levels of qte

  37. fish eye no miko says:

    Theo said (re:_Dragonslayer_]: “CBF — wow, I remember that flick. The hero kid went on to play the role of “The Biscuit” on Ally McBeal, years later, if you know who I’m talking about.

    Peter MacNicol. he was also in _Ghostbusters II_.
    /I’m a font of useless information.

  38. Theresa says:

    “Squeals on wheels”! Snort!

  39. Yitzysmommie says:

    A Tisket, A Tasket, A Basket Full of Pommie Puppies! My work partner said she will NOT bring me a basket full of puppies, I don’t need them (I do have 3 doggies, including a Pom).
    And I don’t know whether I should be envisioning Meg or Teho with monkeys flying out of his or her ‘tocks. So confuzed!

  40. ………………
    Oh god..so cute..I’m..dying..

  41. oaklandcat says:

    OMG “Squeals on Wheels” is a fantastic idea! I’d never call in sick again!

  42. Heavens! If someone came around with a basketful of pups I would just be a huge blob on the floor!

  43. my cat is a sphere says:

    Next year I get to work in an office with a woman who brings her puppeh in every day.
    I so can’t wait.

    You know how for a while there was this thing of giving people tarted up baskets of muffins, like, we all live on the martha stewart farm or something?
    I like basket o puppehs better.
    And I wish I lived on a real farm.

  44. Looks like a basket full of Snuggle bears.

  45. Squeals on Wheels = Port-a-Snorg. Get with the glossary, people!
    p.s. could there be more kittenish puppies than these? I don’t think so.

  46. They almost don’t even look like dogs… they’re some new hyper-species of cute babies!

  47. Be sure to get pics of the ‘tocks derived monkeys…

  48. Dancetomato says:

    That should be a rule: Anything in a basket is cute. Multiples of that thing in a basket is cuter.

  49. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    I used to work straight weekends at Owensboro Merciless Hospital (uhmmm, actually Owensboro Medical Health system, since the merger, and they abandoned all Mercy….but, I digress). Working weekends meant I got to see the cutie doggy and kitties that folks would try to “smuggle” in for visits. They always expect me to come across all Starchy Nurse Rachet when my fuzz-sensor beeps, alerting me to the presence of CUTE. And I’m inevitably reduced to squeeing mush, wanting to snorgle their “contraband”!

  50. very cute!!

  51. Aww I just keep coming back to look at the puppies they are so fluffa licious.

  52. addictedtocuteness says:

    remember the part of bruce almighty where the monkey climbs out the guy’s pants? just make sure that wendi can’t make that happen to you too, meg!

  53. addictedtocuteness says:

    the pups are very cute, btw!

  54. I WANT EET!!!

    *snatches basket from AuntieMame and runs*

  55. Yipes! I meant to snatch it from Maymee, not Auntiemame.

    (It’s Saturday and I’m AT WORK. I beg forgiveness.)

  56. Christine H says:

    Workplace snorgles are wonderful. I work at a Pizza Hut takeout counter, and every once in awhile, someone will come in with an adorable fluffy dog. There was one person who came in twice and brought a little white fluffy puppy with LITTLE RED BOOTS. SO CUTE. Then there were these two women who brought THREE identical little white fluffball dogs…so adorable!

  57. I’m still not grasping where the fourth pup is–are we sure that sleeping pup’s not sporting a little antler? Like a cuter version of a jackalope?

  58. OMG!!! I want to stuff my face in that basket and snorgle every one of those little flufferkins until I can’t snorgle anymore!!!

  59. Teresa :o) says:

    OMGoshhhhhh…..too CUTE!!!!!!!!! :)

  60. They look like teddy bear hamsters almost. But the fact that they aren’t and are actually pups make them even more cuter!

  61. Brethil says:

    Am sooo jealous of my hubby’s new firm – not only does the office look and feel like someone’s favorite auntie’s house, the boss brings her three doggies to work for all to enjoy.

    Three dogs, eight breeds, total cuteness. Espesh the wiener dog-ish little princess that has completely adopted my hubby – she actually sleeps under his desk and sulks if he doesn’t give her a bellyrub first thing in the morning. WANT!

  62. Does anyone else see an extra ear in that basket? I think it’s four pups…?