Snork snork snork [pacifier sucking sound]

Passie_1_2Eagle-eyed reader [and designer!] Marianne W. sent this gem in.

Turns out pacifiers aren’t just for bébés. New Zealand magazine "Stuff" has reported that two pups, found by the Wellington, NZ, SPCA, had been abandonned and needed some extra comforting. That comfort came in the form of pacifiers, OMG PONIES!11!

Check out the full story

Photos by ANDREW GORRIE/Dominion Post




  1. And then the claws came out…”Back up offa my soogie!”

  2. Just what every bebeh needs!

  3. joodster says:

    binky to the rescue!

  4. two tiny tiny twin nuk suckers!

  5. Opps I mean teeny tiny

  6. kiwicutelover says:

    Yay another kiwi CO post! Those pups are so cute I want to hunt them down and snorgle them immediately…. I wish I could take them home.

  7. I can’t think of a silly hovertext blurb. I can’t think anything but PUPPYYYY!!!!

  8. SeaBreeze says:


    I’m trying to hit the hay here soon, peeps, now I gotta clean off my computer first! =)

    What a sweet cute prosh snorgly pup this is! =)

  9. A New Rule of Cuteness: Comforting the Cuteness is Double the Cute!

    A Whole New Category of Cuteness: Accessories!

    Verily, Behold: The Binky Pup!

  10. The toenails!

  11. yay! counterfeit wrabradores!

  12. The pacies had to be blue, didn’t they? Just the right color to set off that unbelievable fur and eyes.

    Just killed me.

  13. VitaminJ says:

    Dudes, they’re totally gonna need braces when they’re twelve. (in puppy years)

  14. that is a world of moist! look at the nose and water-dreamy eyes. Get me a straight-jacket, I’m about to lose it folks!

  15. I love the paw-mo-cap (paw motion capture 🙂 ) and those tiny curly ears *hug*

  16. I visit this site every single day, and I have to admit that I usually come for Meg’s wit and don’t find most of the photos all that great. But this-this changes my whole world. I mean, this pictures is so cute I might just have to start being nice to everyone I meet and trying to make the world a better place. Thank you, Meg. Job well done.



  18. These puppies suck!

  19. Rats. I was totally about to come and E-mail Meg this when I saw it here. XD Us Kiwi’s totally have the best ideas.

  20. awwwwwww……..
    soo snuggly and cute
    it makes me wish i
    had a puppy <3

  21. Suzy's Mom says:

    This certainly made a wonderful start to my day! A baby puppy and his binky. What could be sweeter than that? I hope the rest of my day-before-the-holiday-weekend goes this great. 🙂

  22. When I was a baby, our family had a Samoyed, and whenever I dropped a pacifier she’d pick it up and put it in her mouth. She wasn’t sucking though. She was chewing it to shreds.

  23. that pup is so quit

  24. metsakins says:

    the 1st pic is cute but the 2nd one with pawsee


    (How am I going to tell boss late for work cause I sploded…)

  25. book_monstercats says:


  26. Um, I think that’s a bear. Those people are going to be soooo surprised when Mr. PuppyBear grows up.

  27. OMG…can you explode AND implode at the same time?

    Great way to start the Friday before a three day weekend.

    I am ded twice over.

    Those EYES, those claws….eeeek.

    It is the end of the world as I know it…and I feel fine.

  28. (prospector voice) Yep, it was back in aught-seven. The Puppeh That Felled CO. Heads were ‘splodin’ from here to Kalamazoo, I reckon. Not one Cuteologist survived. But sometimes, when the wind is just right, you kin still hear a ghostly “Barroooo.”

  29. imyourmotherdamnit says:

    OMG! What pwecious bebehs. I’m suffering from heart stoppage due to excessive adorable-ness. Someone show me a picture of an ugly monkey, stat!

  30. eeeeeeee!!!!! puppeeeeee!!!

    in the second pic, you can see the widdle white spot on his widdle tummeeeee!!!

  31. Theresa says:

    WHEEEEEE! Maggie Simpson puppies! How does anybody abandon such cuteness? That’s super-cuteness!

  32. I wish I would have known about that when my poochie was tiny. She wasn’t abandoned by rejected by her mummy at about 3 weeks. She was such a baby. It was so sad. I really think that would have comforted her.

    This is the sweetest little guy ever.

  33. ThreeCatNight says:

    CO, you are killing me this morning with an overdose of delicious cuteness. And blue pacifiers, no less!
    What a great way to start my weekend!

  34. I would be tewtelly ded ‘cept these puppehs fill my heart with love! Meg, bowls of gratitude.

  35. Does anybody know what kind they are? Kinda look like baby puglets. Poor sugies…I’ll love one for yas.

  36. Sweet Lady says:

    I wonder if the puppy makes pugg-tastic snorting noises through his nose as he nucks his paci…. awwwww, lookies! The pug has a plug!

  37. ebee – the story I read said they they thought they were lab mixes but weren’t sure – they were found in a dumpster 😦

    But yaaay that they were rescued, and I’m sure that all this publicity will have people lined up to adopt them once they are old enough.

  38. Christopher Duvall says:

    that dumpster story made me so sad 😦 At least they are safe now.

  39. Pheas – LOL! If I had been drinking milk, it would’ve blown right out my nose!

  40. beenclawed says:

    tewtally ded from the qte

  41. Very clever, this could have been the solution for this babeh:
    But it would need to be a really big binky!

  42. the dumpster story made me sad too, but think that someone save them and then took the time to give them these oh so cute binkies!

  43. R. Moore says:

    That is the best idea ever. It’s a dream come true for photographers.

  44. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is so sweet. I love that the puppies have something to comfort themselves with.

  45. This is IMPOSSIBLY SUGARY-SWEETLY adorable! SQUEE. Just SQUEE!!!

  46. How could anyone abandon something so cute.

    Thanks for the great pics,

  47. As if puppies weren’t cute enough!

  48. Noelegy says:

    Kong (maker of dog chew toys) makes a “Binky” puppy chew, made from a softer rubber, to soothe a teething puppy’s gums. They come in pink and blue, from teeny tiny all the way up to ginormous breeds. And yes, when the dog has the chew in his mouth, it looks like he or she has a binky. 🙂

    My Rocky has one, but he likes his Nylabone “keys” better.

    These babies are too, too cute.

  49. harleigh says:

    He’s an adorable immortal baby!!!!

  50. New-born????????

  51. He is so so cute! I wish i could have her\him