Climb, my little bat, CLIMB!


Bat: Ehn!

Rrrrrrrrr EHN!

Way to caption it all, Daniel W. 😉



  1. ShelleyTambo says:

    Aww, poor guy.

  2. As a pre-emptive post to those who say bats aren’t cute…enh! OH LOOK AT HIS LITTLE SWEET CLIMBIN FACE!

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    Aww, poor guy.

  4. weensicka says:

    Ahhh! Bats! They are awesome! We once had one attached to our house. He must’ve gotten lost at night and needed a place to crash. Actually, we were worried about him, having never seen a bat on a house in broad daylight, but he was okay. He’d only squirm and move his wee paw a little to block out da sun while he was sleepin’. Ahn!

  5. Never knew a bat could be so cute!

  6. aww…

  7. Wow–what an odd photo op!

  8. Never knew a bat could be so cute!

  9. CatViccER says:

    um… why is he walking? Up stairs no less?? Ehn.

  10. This is almost cute-or-sad. Why is he climbing instead of flying? Are his wings hurt? D: Though I’m a little concerned, I still find this absolutely adorable!

  11. Aw, his little ears are so cute! I like bats.

  12. As a pre-emptive post to those who say bats aren’t cute…enh! OH LOOK AT HIS LITTLE SWEET CLIMBIN FACE!

  13. Sillies! Those aren’t stairs. Mr. Batty McFlappersons is climbing up to bed inside the slats of someone’s roof vent.

  14. Theresa says:

    When I saw the bats in the Bronx zoo (they have a BIG bat exhib), the sweetest thing was the mom-bats (rhymes with wombats) holding their bebehs in their wings while hanging upside down.

  15. Well Yes it is a cute picture and bats are ultra cool but His sweet Climbing Face???? Have I lost my mind? I am looking at the back of him. Maybe I am missing a picture here? A CO extreme close up perhaps?

  16. Aw, his little ears are so cute! I like bats.

  17. I love kittehs and puppehs and buns and hedgies etc. but it is so delightful to see something non-traditionally cute! He definitely looks like he’s headed somewhere. I don’t know much about bats and hope he is ok. He’s definitely CUTE!

  18. Oh, and I forgot to say, “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” I lof bats and all their leathery, flying, squish-faced, flappiness.

  19. >

  20. Ditto annie!
    I don’t see a face either and would LOVE a C.O.X.C.U.
    I want to see hees leetle claws!

  21. Annie – you are right, that’s not his face.

    I heart bats! This little guy is such a doll. Look at his triangular earage.

    oh and for those asking – he is probably fine. bats do climb. I also concur with Redzilla that those aren’t stairs, it’s vent. Mmmm…what a delicious hiding place – lots of unsuspecting bugs!

  22. seriously.. the most ehn moment ever! Ehn!

  23. Is it just my imagination – or are there other bats in the background? I thought I saw a little bat face the next step/slat up.

  24. Bats are awesome. They can be a little awkward if they get trapped in one of the cabins at your summer camp, ’cause it’s bloody difficult to catch one without injuring it… but they eat mosquitoes right out of the air. LOTS of them. And little brown bats (like the ones I’m talking about) look like little leathery-winged mice, up close. Too bad we don’t have a COXCU here.

  25. Phee — your eyes do not deceive you.

  26. DLT: ^2

  27. Oh My GAWD. First.. yes yes somebody please get us a C.O.X.C.U. That was the FIRST thing I thought. The second was, I LOVE BATS. I always have. I don’t know why. I dig the way they fly through the air at night and it’s all wonky and uppity down side to side.. it’s never in a straight line like a bird. You KNOW it’s a bat by it’s flight pattern. And thier little ‘feet’ amaze me.

  28. 1. Bats are great! More bats! Yay for bats! Like little goth hamsters fluttering about. Love them.

    2. Yes, they climb. More efficient for short distances.

    3. Besides, his WINGS are like a SHIELD OF STEEL!

    (Having just shamelessly shown my age, I am off now to hang upside-down from the ceiling with the sloths and the kinkajous and the other practitioners of 180-degree adorability.)

  29. I adore bats! Such oddly cute little creatures.

  30. Agh, are comments working for me yet? D:

    Anyways, Phee. I noticed that too. It makes this picture 100x cuter!

    Here’s a brightened version to see the bats behind the stairs easier:

  31. omg, Kaye! Thank you! I did not see the others *at*all* until you added the brightened picture!

  32. Anyone else’s first impulse to pick him up and place him gently on the top step?

    Those spread toesies are killer.

  33. gloom raider says:

    Yay! My love for bats knows few bounds–I even got a bat tattoo. So cute! And good with the feets as well as the wings…

  34. Yes: further proof that this site is the final bat-sion of The Cute.

  35. I LOVE BATS! Such little fuzzy, leathery cuteness! Sure wish I could make one a pet. How cool would that be?

  36. Lizzums says:

    I would pick him (her?) up vewwy gently and place him on the ramp so climbing would be easier.

  37. dear god. I really can’t control myself on this one. How cute can that little bat be?!?

  38. hims workin so hard to gets into hims house. ehn!

  39. In theaters this summer…

    “Batman: The *Really* Early Years”

  40. I sorta had a pet bat once. I was spending the summer at my cottage one year while there were some renovations being done on my uncle’s cottage. When they tore the roof off, the sky was filled with hundreds of the little guys. Anyway, one of them got a little disoriented in the daylight and flew right toward me and landed at my feet. Being about 10 years old and loving every animal I came into contact with, I picked him right up. He curled up in my hand and fell asleep. I put him in a shoebox on the porch and watched him all day (they don’t do much when they’re sleeping). A few hours later when it got dark he woke up and flew away! Yay for little battie, sad for 10 year old me.

  41. go lil fella!
    he is workin awfully hard.

  42. Caroline says:


  43. miranda says:

    i’m pretty sure hers a wittle bat-lerina just stretching at her barre.

  44. I’ll bet that if you could see his face, his tongue would be hanging out one side of his mouth.

  45. I think we need to see a C.O.X.C.U. of those splayed bat toes. C’mon, give it up.

  46. Suda Nim says:

    I’ve been to the Congress Street Bridge in Austin to see the bats come out at twilight.
    Wow. Just wow.

    History: Many years ago, they redid the bridge, including longitudinal expansion joints. Turned out these were just the right width for bats. An estimated 1.5 million bats moved in, creating the world’s largest urban bat colony.

    The city for a while was unwisely looking to exterminate the bats, but cooler heads prevailed because (a) they eat an *amazing* amount of mosquitos each night, and (b) they’ve become a major tourist attraction.

    TxDOT now specifically designs some bridges and overpasses to attract even more bats.

    One of many YouTube videos is at

  47. R. Moore says:

    Eee! I LURV bats!

    I heard once that bats can eat 400 mosquitoes an hour. Per bat. That sounds a bit high, but I’ll go for it 🙂

    And I’m quite proud of myself; even reading Dracula I still go “awwww” at batties.

  48. Oh my god, look at the prosh little hands! And the one on the bottom stair is just too much!


  49. Loris – little goth hamsters? I laughed my head off. So true.

    Caroline – SHIKAKA!!! Biggest LOL of the day to you two.

    Sweet batlingtons. I kees you.

  50. Aw, I love Stellaluna. Bought the stuffed doll, the whole thing.

    I’m usually not into buttocks but I wanna see this little guy/girl’s butt hanging down while they’re climbing *so* hard.

    Those ears remind me of my siamese’s, so gnaw-able.

  51. I love bats. I had found some wonderful pix of a release of a bat who had been rescued, he looks so happy! 🙂

    I am so thankful to people who rescue and care for tiny spooky creatures.

  52. I lof him! I would love to see the bats in Austin. Also on my list of things to see/do is watch the bats leave and enter Carlsbad Caverns.

  53. in spite of a few traumatizing childhood experiences with bats getting into the house, i steel luf theym! cute, furry little mosquito eating flying rodents! <3

  54. My-Kat-My-Mews says:

    Bats! I so love bats! I once had a neighbor who rehabbed bats, I pestered the poor guy ’til he finally gave in and let me peek in at them. So prosh!

    Cheyenne- excellent story! ^0^

  55. To the bat cave!

  56. I would believe the 400 mosquitos per hour. They are amazing bug-eaters. When I lived in Japan I had a very modest bat colony in my porch eaves, and I NEVER once got bitten by a mosqito, even though my balcony overlooked rice fields. In fact, I never saw a flying bug of any kind near my apartment.

  57. Oh! Batty O’Batson! I love that he’s trying the get to the other batties. Hee! Bats! Little brown bat, little brown bat.

  58. BenPanced says:

    Yeah, that’s a vent of some sort. The bat to slat (heh) size ratio is too small.

    And it’s still a rather funny picture.

  59. Suda Nim says:

    When camping, we also went “bat-fishing” by throwing teeny-tiny pebbles up in the air. These attract bats, and allowed us to get some cool photos.

    We didn’t do it for very long, so the bats could return to their business of eating real bugs instead of being teased by inedible airborne rocks. So no nuffs, please.

  60. NOT CUTE. Bats are my only true phobia, and they freak me out beyond description. Bat-lovers out there, please feel free to come by my apartment and collect all the bats for your personal enjoyment.

  61. I actually live in Austin, so I’ve seen the bats many many times. Sometimes you’ll run into a few of them flying around odd parts of town, considering that they “live” downtown!

    True story – when I was a student at UT, we used to get emails telling us not to touch any dead bats (as they are notorious rabies carriers)… apparently being a student at one of the top tier universities doesn’t mean you have common sense 😛

  62. Shannon Johnson says:

    I should say, first off, I am not used to bats, but seing one in a picture like that, gives me a whole new perspective on bats

  63. eeek! eek eek eeeeek!

    i can’t beleaf it! the second cutest widdle batty i’ve ever seen!

    cutest? a little brown bat crawled under the blinds of our greenhouse, so we could see him sleeping through the glass. picture it folks: sleeping all day for your viewing pleasure, and i even saw him yawn, smack his lips namn namn namn, then after a quick belly scratch fall back asleep.

    i am asploding again just thinking of it. you would have all seriously died.

  64. Sweet Lady says:

    Nadarine… bats are awesome! I live in the south where the the bugs are… to say the least, GIGANTIC. The bats chomp chomp chomp their way through the bugs and ahhhh, I don’t get bit quite so bad!

  65. That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  66. miranda says:

    and the bat’s all, shoooo, i sure am glad no one’s around to see this…

    not knowing there are hundreds of cuteoverloaders drooling over its teeny outstretched fan toes

  67. fish eye no miko says:

    rabble: “sleeping all day for your viewing pleasure, and i even saw him yawn, smack his lips namn namn namn, then after a quick belly scratch fall back asleep.”

    SQUEEEEEE!! For some reason, imagining the belly scratch is what really did me in…
    /is ded from the qute!

  68. fish eye no miko says:

    Yayz! As much as I love kitties and puppies and stuff, it’s ALWAYS nice to see unusual animals here. The Cute comes in many forms, and all of those forms should be celebrated. ^_^

  69. falloch says:

    If you get a bat in your bedroom or elsewhere in the house, get a pillow case or a folded bedsheet and try and swamp them in the pillowcase, then open up the window, open up the pillowcase, and let the bat fly free! Don’t try and hold them by a wing -they don’t like it. Even experienced bat handlers will only try to get hold of a bat when its wings are folded and they can be held ‘closed up’. Bats are lovely, and eat loads of bitey flying bugs that make summers miserable! And their little faces are so ugly, they’re gorgeous.

  70. Kimberly says:

    I too have seen the bats in Austin! What a spectacular vision. To keep them as a tourist attraction was the smartest decision the city could have made.

    Bats are so adorable!

  71. Michelle says:

    Bats need to climb. Unlike birds, they cannot start flapping to get airborne. They need to get high enough to drop at least a few feet to catch some air and fly. So when you see a bat on the ground, or climbing up, don’t assume they’re sick or wounded because they don’t fly. Leave them be so they can climb to their escape.

    ::dies from the cuteness::

  72. I LOVE heem!!! Look at the leetle feets!!! The leetle ehn-ing tocks!!!


  73. …actually, on closer inspection I love his leetle tock FLAPS!

  74. Tina Rhea says:

    Someone asked me what her parents should do about bats flying over the swimming pool and patio in the evening. I said they should applaud the flying bug-zappers. (Those electric ones kill the wrong bugs anyway.)

    In Costa Rica we saw fishing bats trolling the surface of the water in the lights, and another species that nips big leaves along the spines so they fold over and make batty rain shelters. Yeah bats!

    This little one doesn’t have much in the way of ‘tocks, but they’re cute anyway.

  75. one of the erins says:

    so instead of buttocks they’re battocks?

  76. AlbertaGirl says:

    Hooray! I love the wee batties (and the big ones too). Did you know a bat can eat up to 6000 mosquitoes in one night? For that reason alone, I love bats… but who can resist those little bat faces? Soooo cute!

  77. yankeebird says:

    Oh my, look at all the bat fans! I’d never have guessed.

    I’m personally not a bat person. A few years back, after a trip through a very foresty area, I noticed a large tree leaf sticking out the front grill of my car. I pulled on it to remove it, only it was a leathery bat wing and I pulled a bat out. I dropped the thing on the ground and ran. The thing didn’t even wake up.

    I still shudder when I think of how it felt. I thought it was just an old dry leaf. Ugh.

  78. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    YAHHHH!! *Happy Dance for the Underdog CUTE**

    I LOVE bats and it’s all been said, why this is a GREAT picture and why batties are such great creatures. Nuf said.

    Megs, I still think you should have posted that great picture of the cute, fuzzy widdle babeh spider Jade Walker sent you! All of us over at Ugly Overload think that was very unjust of you. :p 😉


  79. OMG, that is adorable!!

  80. He’s just the cutest thing! If you’re ever in Tucson, Arizona, there’s a bridge on North Campbell Road that goes over the Rillito River (which is dry most of the year). They have a small bat colony there. If you go there, there’s not a lot of parking close by. You can park at St Phillips plaza and walk down Campbell to the river park, or you can go one street east or west and park and then walk down the river park to see them. It’s awesome! You take a picnic or some cold drinks and just sit there in the park and wait and then all the sudden WOOOSH! Bats in your belfry!

    Yeah, I’m a big fan of the flying gothy hamster dudes….

  81. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    I once had a “family” of seven little bats in the rafters of our garage, directly over my stained glass work area. Didn’t know they were there, until the day a hailstorm spooked one of them, and sent it !!!VERY LOW!!! over my spooked head. I eventually got used to the idea of sharing my work space, and named them for the Seven Dwarfs-hoping they would all stay Sleepy! Got photos around here somewheres…….

  82. Martha in Washington says:

    Suda Nim-we used to do the same thing with the bats that lived on our farm. They are such neat animals! the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma has a fruit bat exhibit and they are so much fun to watch.

  83. Suda Nim says:

    “Flying gothy hamster dudes!” *Snork*

  84. The bat is really cute. But is it light outside? Could the poor fellow have rabies? They’re nocturnal, no? I always get nervous when I see nocturnal critters out and about during the day. But he is really frickin’ cute! The little fella.

  85. I <3 bats.
    Bats <3 bugs.

  86. hautemustard says:

    I can just hear his little nails going “scritch, scritch”. Thank goodness for bats or we’d be up to necks in bug juice (not so cute). Viva “El Batty”. Go non-traditional and put up a batbox instead of a birdhouse. We need to encourage the little guys.

  87. Suzy's Mom says:

    Slug, I think the pic is light from the flash, not daylight.

  88. Suzy's Mom says:

    Slug, I think the pic is light from the flash, not daylight.

  89. Suzy's Mom says:

    Slug, I think the pic is light from the flash, not daylight.

  90. Suzy's Mom says:

    Slug, I think the pic is light from the flash, not daylight.

  91. Suzy's Mom says:

    Slug, I think the pic is light from the flash, not daylight.

  92. Suzy's Mom says:

    Slug, I think the pic is light from the flash, not daylight.

  93. imyourmotherdamnit says:

    OMG! Oh how I love a bat! I remember when I was a little girl, and I was walking through the park with my momma, and I saw this injured bat on the ground and picked it up. My mother freaked! She was pretty sure I had the rabies, just from touching the cute lil batty. Now, here I sit, rabies free, but maybe a little batty myself. Love those behbeh bats, man, they’re like ultra aerodynamic flying mice. Yay! The end.

  94. love love love love love love love love love

  95. Battocks! Love it!

    Ah another Tock Star for my collection *runs up & stuffs into box with previous tockstars of CO & runs away*

  96. Battocks! Love it!

    Ah another Tock Star for my collection *runs up & stuffs into box with previous tockstars of CO & runs away*

  97. Aaaak Tripped up by a double post! My box of tock stars has tipped over they’re getting awwayyyy!

  98. fawn lust says:


  99. W00T for batties! I’ve had lots of interesting experiences with them …

    Long ago when I was a kid, I was exploring a cave and a bat pooped on my head.

    Then a couple of months ago, I rescued a baby bat that was flying in circles in the bathroom and couldn’t get out.

    Even now when dusk sets in, we’ve got bats flying all over the campus. Some fly REALLY low (makes me kinda nervous ….)

  100. zosterops says:

    when working at a jungle lodge in peru I once pried one of the bats living in our dormitory from the fangs of a cat some idiot had brought into the rainforest to eat the mice. while the cat was running amok outside, trying to claw its way back into the hut and its winged snack, the bat -which had literally shit itself, poor thing- was lying on its back, wings spread wide, staring straight up and gasping for air. Bending over it and watching the heaving chest I felt I could hear it think “oh my god!!! a cat… that was a cat. oh my… it had me in its teeth… a cat!!! oh my..”
    After somewhat stupidly telling it that the cat was gone and it was safe, I picked it up and let it flap to the ceiling, where it hung for another 60 minutes grooming its fur and checking its outspread wings very thoroughly for damage and getting over the shock. although the cat had punctured one of the wings it didnt seem to have dificulties flying and finally took off. the cat, needless to say, never talked to me again.


    check out the little ones up close! like little fuzzy wolf faces… so cute

  102. I was sure these comments would be “why is this pic here? Not cute!” I couldn’t be more thrilled with all of the bat lovers looking in!! I adore bats. Did anyone read the article a couple of years ago about a woman in a small town who found an injured bat, nursed it back to health and carried it with her wherever she went in her shirt? It would hang from her bra or nestle itself in her rather ample bosom, and when she’d talk to people on the street the bat would crawl out to say hello. I want to be that woman. (First I have to get an ample bosom.)

  103. (I want to be that bat.)

  104. Just thinking, this pic could easily have made it onto It’s a great site and sometimes there’s a very fine line between “cute” and “ugly”. All in the eye of the beholder….

  105. little batula is so super-cute. even my mom was overcome when she saw his wee little paws a-climbin’ just hoping he’s not injured… 😦

  106. book_monstercats says:

    Eeek! He’s going beddy-byes. Has he got his teddy clasped under his little leathery wing?

  107. NYMichele says:

    Bats. Bats are the best. Thank you for making my weekend!

  108. Suda Nim says:

    My other bat experience:

    My mom & I were having dinner at a restuarant on the San Antonio Riverwalk. The restaurant had an old-fashioned arched Spanish tile roof, and we were seated in a convex corner (make sense?) right where the roof overhang.

    A little before twilight, something whizzed by, then again and again. Turns out Mexican free-tailed bats had colonized the spaces under the tile.

    We were mere inches away, and could see their faces clearly as they used their shoulders to “ehn-ehn-ehn”-crawl from the tile, then drop down before reaching airspeed to fly off.

    We didn’t bring it to the manager’s attention. We didn’t want them to get any wrongheaded ideas about removing the bats. And it was an ideal location for them, as bast like to live near water where bugs congregate.

    Der widdle faces! Der widdle flexing shoulders!

  109. Suda Nim says:

    Oops. “Overhung.” Which is not the same as “hungover.”

  110. …or “well hung”

  111. R. Moore says:

    Tsk tsk, Theo!

    Also, if anyone does find a bat, the pillow case thing works but you have to be careful. They have very delicate little bodies. And if you have physical contact with an injured or sick bat and take it to a wildlife rehabber they have to test it for rabies (which, sadly, requires killing the bat) and you have to be vaccinated. So admire them from afar, and for heaven’s sake, use a towel or something to help them out.

  112. batwhisperer says:

    It’s so great to finally see a bat pic here on Cute Overload! And its great to see all of the positive comments posted about them!
    The are truly little cuties with an undeserved bad rep!
    I loves my babies!

  113. Unlike the rest of you, I’m freakin traumatized. Bats – not my bag at all.

  114. I guess bats fall under the “just cant be cute” category

  115. I think most people consider foxes cute and their is a foxbat. In the US we have big and little brown bats that look similar like a dog. But most is in the eye of the beholder. Several good sites are BCI and
    Bat world Sactuary mine is an educational site with 1000’s of links and pictures of every bat in the world around 1400 species of bat. Mine is listed below. All bats are beutiful in the work they do from pollination to isect control. We would have a very different world without them and not for the better.

    Bruce Taylor Tulsa Director FEWERR (501c3) – the Foundation for Environmental & Wildlife – Education, Research & Rehab (lic OK wildlife rehabber spec. bats )

  116. Teresa :o) says:

    Awwwwwwww…poor wittle bitty bat… 🙂

  117. zosterops says:

    I just remembered that I read that 25 % of all mammal species are bats – that’s an unexpected amount, don’t you think?

  118. bucky spalding says:

    Ehn….ehn….must…make…it….Ehn…to den to watch Batman….ehn….
    save some Doritos for me gaiz.

  119. Sez Shares says:

    Love me some Bats! When I first came to Sydney a few years ago I couldn’t get over how wonderful it was to see them flitting along at sunset. The Bats here are the Flying Fox species and talk about cute! They’re like little dogs with wings!

  120. So cute! I hope he’s not hurt though.

  121. Last one up the vent in gym class–go, battie, go!


  122. eikoleigh says:

    so glad to see that 99% of the comments here are positive and that most folks appreciate the contribution that bats make to all of us who can be bothered by night bugs (yuck~!)….bats rock!

    and darn tootin’ cute to boot!

  123. Jen in California says:

    Yay for bats!!!

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who finds them impossibly anerable!

    Kyoto, Japan is another great bat-watching place. Check the main bridges over the river in the summer at dusk!


    I luv the unusual animals just as much as the standard kittehs. Thanks!!!